ROH TV report - First show from Manhattan Center

By Dave Musgrave

4/13/2013 ROH TV Report

The show opens with highlight footage of Jay Briscoe winning the ROH World Title from Kevin Steen at Supercard Of Honor VII.

Kevin Kelly introduces the show from the Manhattan Center in New York City. The ring is surrounded by the ROH roster as ROH match-maker Nigel McGuinness is in the ring. Nigel says that this is Ring Of Honor and that today is the dawn of a new era as after a year of the ROH Title being held hostage by SCUM, finally honor has been restored. Nigel says honor lives and that it is a pleasure to introduce new ROH Champion Jay Briscoe who comes to the ring with the title. The fans start chanting “Man Up” as Jay takes the microphone and says he really appreciates it and that people did not give up on ROH. Jay says that a lot of people said it was their dream to be the world champion but he was always happy just being a part of the best damn wrestling company in the world. Jay says it was about a year ago that Kevin Steen beat Davey Richards and it looked like the company was going downhill as Kevin Steen joined up with Steve Corino and SCUM and the whole prestige of the company seemed like it was going down. Jay says that he is usually a tag team wrestler but desperate times call for desperate measures so being the pioneer of the company he took it upon himself to handle business. Jay says “Ladies and gentlemen you are looking at the new ROH champ” as the fans start chanting “You Deserve It”. Jay says that he sees all these guys around the ring and he has the utmost respect for them all but he is going to have to start defending it at some point and any of them that want to come take it “better bring yo ass” because he just won the belt and doesn’t plan on losing it anytime soon. Adam Cole enters the ring and says that he knows a lot of people have congratulated Jay already but he wanted to be the first one to say publically thank you and congratulations on beating Kevin Steen for the ROH Championship. Cole shakes hands with Jay and says as much as he can appreciate day one and Jay being a forebear of the company, ROH has always been and always will be based on the future of pro wrestling and Jay is looking at the future of pro wrestling. Cole says that with all due respect, in Toronto Jay’s championship reign will be very short-lived as Cole is taking the championship from him. Cole then leaves the ring. Jay says “Adam Cole, that’s some mighty big balls you got there boy.” Jay says he respects that and in Toronto Cole is going to get his ass whipped.

Kelly previews that up next Eddie Edwards will face Bobby Fish. An interview is shown with ROH Tag Team Champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly and Fish says that he and Edwards approach an ROH first tonight when they go head-to-head in an ROH ring. Fish says that they are mere weeks away from getting on a plane and going to Japan where they will be expected to function as a unit but as far as he’s concerned that just makes things much more interesting. Fish tells Edwards to do himself a favor, do Fish a favor and do Japan a favor and prepare himself because he refuses to hold anything back.

After a commercial break Eddie Edwards is interviewed and says that Fish is a man he knows very well as they’ve tagged in Japan and wrestled all over the states but this is their first singles match in ROH. Edwards says that tonight it is about one thing, what happens in that ring and tonight Eddie Edwards will come out on top.

s. Fish comes to the ring with Kyle O’ Reilly followed by Edwards as Davey Richards joins the commentary table. Fish and Edwards shake hands to start and tie up and exchange holds. They criss-cross and Fish misses a dropkick but avoids a second rope moonsault by Edwards. They trade headlocks and end up at a stalemate. They go for a test of strength but Fish kicks Edwards in the gut and hits him with kicks. Edwards fights back with chops. Fish whips Edwards into the ropes but Edwards kicks Fish’s knee out and hits a running kick before taking Fish into the corner and chopping him. They trade elbows and Edwards grinds his boot into Fish’s face in the corner. Edwards chops Fish as the fans chant “We want chops” and Fish goes to the floor. Edwards follows him and chops him all around ringside. They go back inside and Fish cuts off Edwards with a kick to the gut. Fish goes for a back suplex but Edwards floats over and hits Fish with an enzuiguri. Fish punches Edwards in the gut and kicks him in the knee before taking him down with a kick to the chest. The show goes to commercials and after the break Fish Irish Whips Edwards into the corner and runs his knee into Edwards’ stomach. They trade strikes on their feet leading to Edwards booting Fish in the face. Fish backdrops Edwards to the apron and kicks him but Edwards avoids a charge from Fish who goes to the floor. Edwards kicks Fish and then hits him with a moonsault but smashes his shin on the ring barrier. Fish returns to the ring where Edwards hits him with a missile dropkick and then lays into him with chops. Fish kicks a charging Edwards in the face but Edwards kicks him in return and delivers a backpack stunner. Fish goes for a pin but rolls over into an Achilles lock. Fish fights him off but Edwards rolls him up. Fish gets to his feet and kicks Edwards and gives him a dragon-screw leg-whip. Edwards gives Fish a back elbow followed by the Boston Knee Party from the second rope. Edwards hits a superkick but Fish responds with a falcon arrow and then a Saito suplex for a two-count. Fish goes to the top rope but Edwards avoids a double-stomp. Fish attempts a German suplex but Edwards lands on his feet and hits a lariat. Edwards gives Fish a tiger suplex and attempts a pin. Edwards goes to the top rope and Fish runs in and elbows him in the head. Fish goes to the second rope and attempts a superplex but Edwards knocks him off with a headbutt followed by a double-stomp. Edwards attempts to pick up Fish who gets a double-leg takedown and rolls over to cover Edwards for a three-count and win the match.

After a commercial break Alabama Attitude of Mike Posey and Corey Hollis come to the ring followed by their opponents QT Marshall and RD Evans. Posey and Hollis offer a handshake but Evans takes the microphone instead and says that at Supercard Of Honor he was tasked with finding the perfect tag team partner for Marshall. Evans says that perfect is something you can’t force and you can’t force a ketchup and peanut butter sandwich to taste good. Evans says that is why he feels so fortunate that they gelled as he is the jelly to Marshall’s peanut butter. Evans introduces himself and Marshall as the new perfect tag team in ROH. The two teams then shake hands and Marshall starts off with Hollis and hits him with knees and elbows. Hollis fights back and attempts a roll-up unsuccessfully but then hits a dropkick. Evans tags in and Marshall drives Hollis into the mat. Evans bullies Hollis and kicks him but Hollis takes him down with a headscissors and follows up with a low dropkick. Posey tags in and hits a springboard legdrop on a downed Evans. Posey snapmares Evans and tags in Hollis who hits a knee-drop from the second rope. Hollis tags in Posey and whips him shoulder-first into Evans’s gut and hits a running elbow to Evans’ head. Posey rolls up Evans in a small package but Evans kicks out. Evans pushes Posey into Marshall’s knee but Posey catches the knee and knocks Marshall onto the floor. Evans pushes Posey out of the ring where Marshall picks him up and throws him back-first into the ring-post. Marshall rolls Posey back inside where Evans gives him a butterfly suplex. Evans flexes and then does two push-ups. Evans picks up Posey and pushes him into the ropes and hits Posey’s back with his elbow. Marshall tags in and puts Posey in a backbreaker and Evans gives him a rolling neckbreaker. Marshall gets a two-count and then ties up Posey in a full nelson. Posey fights out with elbows and gives Marshall an armdrag. Marshall knees Posey in the gut and gives him a pumphandle suplex. Kelly says on commentary that Caleb Seltzer was injured at Supercard Of Honor and that over the next few weeks ROH will be auditioning different color commentators. Evans tags in and kicks Posey in the head. Posey then avoids another kick and tags in Hollis who goes to the top rope and jumps over Evans and then runs to the opposite corner and elbows Marshall off the apron. Hollis hits Evans with a forearm from the second rope followed by two clotheslines. Hollis runs his shoulder into Evans’ stomach in the corner and then hits a vertical suplex. Marshall comes in and Hollis this him with a knee-lift. Hollis slams Evans to the mat and covers him but gets out of the way and Marshall hits Evans with an elbow-drop. Hollis hits Marshall with a back elbow but Marshall hits him with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Posey comes in with a legdrop. Posey slides out of the ring and kicks Marshall in the face in the same motion. Hollis then goes to the top rope but Evans knocks his legs out and crotches him on the top rope. Evans gives him a headbutt but Hollis drives Evans’ head into the turnbuckle and then sunset flips into a powerbomb. Posey delivers a top rope leg-drop but Marshall breaks up the pin. Marshall delivers “God’s Gift” (over-the-shoulder backbreaker into a face-first slam) and Evans steals the pin to win the match.

After a commercial break the participants in the five-way scramble for a shot at the ROH TV Title come to the ring starting with Mike Mondo. Roderick Strong cut him off and takes the microphone complaining that Nigel McGuinness is giving out title shots to anyone but not to him, Mr. Ring Of Honor Roderick Strong. He says that he has been in the company a very long time and done everything they’ve wanted and all he has wanted is a chance. He says he is not here to run down Mondo and that he respects Mondo’s passion for the business. Strong says that as much as Mondo tries to be accepted by the ROH fans he will realize that he just does not belong here. Mondo and Strong start brawling with officials trying to break them up as the show goes to commercials. After the break Mark Briscoe enters the ring where Caprice Coleman, Cedric Alexander and Mondo have already entered. BJ Whitmer then comes to the ring as the fifth participant and Kelly notes these are the same five men who defended ROH against SCUM at Supercard Of Honor. Whitmer and Biscoe start and tie up with and hit each other with shoulder-blocks. Kelly notes that the winner of the match will get a title shot at Border Wars in Toronto against the winner of next week’s match between champion Matt Taven and challenger ACH. Briscoe and Whitmer trade armdrags and they tag in regular tag partners Coleman and Alexander who criss-cross leading to Coleman hitting an armdrag. They trade roll-ups and come to a stalemate as Mondo runs in but gets hit with double elbows. Alexander charges Mondo and goes over the top rope making Mondo the legal man. Mondo then hits Coleman with armdrags and punches. Mondo hits an elbow to Coleman who rolls out of the ring. Whitmer enters and trades chops with Mondo. Mondo whips Whitmer into the corner where Whitmer avoids a charging Mondo and hits him with chops. Whitmer knocks Mondo outside and hits him with a tope suicida. Alexander enters the ring as the legal man against Briscoe but hits a tope con giro on both Whitmer and Mondo. Coleman whips Briscoe into the ropes and gives him a kick to the face and an STO before hitting a springboard plancha onto Mondo, Alexander and Whitmer. Mondo climbs to the top rope and hits a moonsault onto all four men on the floor. Mondo celebrates outside the ring but Briscoe dropkicks him through the second rope. Briscoe rolls Mondo inside and hits him with a rolling Death Valley Driver and then a dragon suplex. Coleman enters and misses a dropkick on Briscoe in the corner. Coleman punches Briscoe in the corner and then hits him with his series of three northern lights suplexes. Whitmer enters and hits a fisherman’s buster followed by a bridging fisherman’s suplex for a two-count. Mondo punches Whitmer and then drives his face into the mat.   Alexander picks up Mondo for a back suplex but falls back and drops Mondo’s back across his knees for a two-count. Alexander then dropkicks Mondo in the corner and takes him to the top rope and gives him a superplex. Briscoe cuts off Alexander with a top rope elbow-drop and gets the three-count to win the match and earn the TV title shot at Border Wars. Mark’s brother Jay then comes to the ring with the ROH title and they celebrate. Briscoe shakes hands with all of his opponents as the show goes off the air.

The show this week was not as good as some recent weeks but still had plenty to like. Jay Briscoe’s celebration to start was good and the first two matches were good too. The main event was shorter than most ROH t.v. main events but was a nice change of pace and Mark challenging for the TV title has me excited to attend Border Wars lives.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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