Feedback from UFC on FOX

So I finally get my girlfriend interested in a UFC match, we watched all 5 rounds of tonights main event, we live in Boston, at the end of round 5 they went to commercial, and it went right into fox's local news broadcast, never went back to the show at all. It was ridiculous, from reading the board sounds like this only happened in boston, total bullshit

J Riggz

Hi Dave
Thumbs up for the Fox UFC Show. 
Best Match was Henderson vs Melandez
Worst Match was Mir vs Cormier
My family and I are officially done with the Diaz Brothers. Being from Lodi we have always rooted on the local boys. For years now I was hoping they would "get it" and steer themselves in better position politically in MMA but they are nothing but Shit talking heels, who the crowd tunes in to see them get beat. Rightfully so. I turned on Nate in the first round after getting his face kicked twice, still trying to entice his opponant, who was kicking his ass. I get the fact they are trying to get under their opponents skin, but when you entice and they oblige, and a ref has to jump in and save you from getting killed, you look like an idiot. 
At least this time Fox didn't have to cut away to empty arena shots. There's a feather, Nate.
Never thought I'd see a non-wrestling marriage proposal get that kind of heat. Man. Great Show!
Ryan Bentz

Thumbs up
Best match Matt Brown vs Jordan Mein
Worst match Frank Mir vs Daniel Cormier
Great show all around except for the Mir fight. I had the main scored 48-47 for Henderson giving him the final 3 rds. The Mir vs Cormier fight was terrible, Mir looked completely shot and Cormier comes out of it with no one looking forward to watching him fight again.
Wade Haugen

Can't stand Gilbert, I don't kow why I think he's a boring fighter (yet I love Ben
Askren's style, figure that out cause I can't)
Anyway I thought Gil won the fight.  He won 1,5 Ben won 3,4.  Comes down to 2.  But what
do I know, I thought Thompson would get destroyed.

Michael DeGeorge

Thumbs up good action tonite 
Matt Brown Respect! Wat a gritty brawler. Mein just another stat when it comes to taking a fight on short turnaround. You cant do that against Matt Brown.
Cormier looks like Fedor, short stocky super fast hands just not as accurate.
Henderson didnt deserve to win, he backed the whole fight, didnt control the center ,u have to give the razor thin decision to the guy who does. 48 47 melendez
This show is going to bomb in the ratings if our buffalo wild wings is any gauge. There was tons of sport on tonite and no one there was there for the ufc, maybe 10% of patrons. When the main event was on the place was already emptied out.
Neil Bavitz
All my thoughts prayers to anyone who needs them this week

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