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Hi Dave,
Wish my hotel had sportsnet1 as I couldnt watch the undercard but
sounded really good.
A big thumbs up on the fights.
Best Fight: Matt Brown vs Jordan Mein
Worst Fight: Mir vs Cormier
Best KO: Josh Thompson
Best Sub: nothing on the main card to vote on
Matt Brown vs Jordan Mein-Brown was like the Terminator, he kept
coming forward and wouldnt let Mein establish distance and use his
reach. Mein looked composed as he always does, especially surviving
that triangle attempt. Brown showed a lot of heart as he was totally
hurt with that body shot by Mein. Fight goes to show again though that
accepting a back to back fight isn't good for your record as you cant
peak that well twice in such a short distance between fights. What an
awesome way to start the broadcast! Mein wasnt hurt with the loss but
Brown really upped his standing with this performance and a 5 fight
win streak. That ref had quite the amazing mustache.
Josh Thompson vs Nate Diaz-another really exciting fight here.
Thompson's game plan of utilizing leg kicks played out perfectly as
Diaz was getting pounded and couldn't get Thompson to engage in a
striking brawl. Diaz eating those first couple of head kicks was
awesome and keep coming forward. The final kick was devastating as was
Thompson's aggression on the ground was Diaz started wobbling.
Mir vs Cormier-Mir just couldn't get going and really gassed early, he
looked tired at the start of the 2nd after trying to keep Cormier off
him the whole 1st round. Cormier was relentless and totally dominated
where this fight was taking place. Mir at times looked like he had
problems with his left arm and maybe it was just the way Cormier had
him locked up on multiple occasions as it seemed like Mir just had his
arm limp resting on Cormier's shoulder. Cormier didn't want to take
Mir down and test his ground game and Mir didn't want to pull guard
and get caught with Cormier's wrestling dominance on top.
Henderson vs Melendez-a razor close fight but with Henderson out
striking Melendez I don't think there was any other outcome. No one
had such a significant strike that their opponent was in trouble but
Henderson's leg kicks were doing damage. I think one of these fights
Henderson is going to get caught with a strike as he attempts to fix
his hair. It was almost annoying at times as he was adjusting it every
10-15 seconds. Will Bendo's marriage proposal end up in disaster if
they air a live wedding on FOX?
Next week's PPV has a hard job to follow this.
Grant Zwarych
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I firstly want to thank Dana White and the UFC for putting this show on free Fox.  Without a doubt, this card was one I was prepared to fork out $60 for and afterwards would’ve felt it money well spent.  Thanks for saving me the trouble.  Great Strikeforce Invasion show, although I was disappointed in the crowd who I figured would’ve been more knowledgeable about MMA and not done things like USA chants against a foreigner and their booing of ground work, and particularly Cormier’s domination of Mir in the clinch.  I don’t know if they simply couldn’t see that Cormier was punching the crap out of Mir on the fence, or they were expecting a Steiner Brothers type display of suplexes from Daniel or what, but I didn’t get their reactions seeing as how they were pro-Cormier going in.  But major kudos to the UFC for not shying away from the Strikeforce origins of these fighters before a gigantic TV audience.  It shows they are very secure about their legacy and where UFC stands today, which WWE never did and never would do in the same situation.

On a Pride basis of scoring, I felt Benson Henderson won the overall fight, but I thought Gilbert actually won rounds 1, 2, and 5 technically.  At the same time had Gilbert gotten the decision, I think it would’ve been a shallow victory since Ben came off like the champion in this fight.  And as “close” as it was, I’m not sure how a rematch would be any different, other than maybe Gilbert could be more aggressive, as he didn’t engage enough in the final rounds?  I think both guys showed each other a lot of respect and really understood the high level this fight was going to be at, but at some point Ben loosened up and just went with it and fought, while Gilbert remained tight, and that’s what cost him in the end.  I guess the only guy left is for Henderson to fight Eddie Alvarez to decide the true worldwide best lightweight in MMA!  I also thought it was interesting that Henderson proposed after the win, as I doubt he would’ve done so had he lost, meaning he was pretty damn confident he was going to win this fight. 

I loved seeing Cormier dominate Frank Mir and after about 30 seconds, Mir had this “oh shit” look on his face, like he knew he wasn’t going to be able to do anything.  I think the key to Cormier is he turns his “stockiness” to his advantage standing, which seems to defy all fighting logic.  His wrestling and control is so strong he closes the distance automatically and then goes to work, but he’s so accurate with his punches and elbows, it’s a very difficult attack to defend.  I’m starting to see how Cormier might be the perfect guy to beat Jon Jones!

Josh Thomson had a huge victory to show the “UFC Universe” what he’s about by fighting a strong, smart fight, not showing any “jitters”, representing Strikeforce, and by finishing Nate Diaz for the first time in UFC history.  Great foreshadow to a Ben Henderson-Josh Thomson leg kick showdown!

PS.  I also think Lorenz Larkin got robbed in scoring, who did great striking while walking backwards and nullified those takedowns despite the incredible reach and size advantage of his lanky opponent.  And with all this talk about a cross-weight dream match for Anderson Silva, how about Ben Henderson vs. Georges St. Pierre?  How awesome would that be?

Steve Te Tai ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

XFC 23

Not gonna comment on the whole card but possibly the worst reffing I have ever seen in the main by Gary Coleman (or whatever the short bodybuilder ref's name is). Luis Santos clocks Shamar Bailey with a HK a couple of seconds in and Shorty allows him to rain down at least 50 undefended strikes before stopping it.

UFC fox 7

Thumbs almost all the way up. Amazing card with 8 highlight reel KOs in 12 fights. Unfortunately the semi was a total momentum killer.

Best fight: Brown-Mein

Worst fight: Cormier-Mir

KO: could just go 'all of them' but I'll stick with Yoel Romero's flying knee in the very first fight

Sub: none

Romero WRECKS Clifford Starks with a flying knee in a minute and a half. This guy's athleticism is from Mars. Olympic silver medalist wrestler from Cuba, but throwing high kicks and aerials with facility. Looks like an action figure. Only loss to Feijao @ 205, MW now. Keep an eye on THIS cat. If that ain't KO of the night, somebody's getting decapitated later.

Roger Bowling drops to LW but still carrying too much bulk in the chest and shoulders. Telegraphs everything. Anthony Njokuani sees everything coming and knocks him cold with a perfect short counter left hook in the 2nd. Called a 'T'KO, really? That mighta been the decapitation. KILLER fb prelims.

TJ Dilleshaw drops Hugo Wolverine a couple of times and stops him late in the 1st after plenty of action to kick off the TV fights. Bang Ludwig turning all the Alpha Male guys into serious kickboxers. Big plus not only in the W-L column but in the exciting fights column too.

Tim Means and Jorge Masvidal tear it up for three. VERY close. Very even standup, 6 TDs for Masvidal but Means very effective from the bottom and finishes the fight on top. Close enough to be a draw. 29-28 UD Masvidal.

Joey Benavidez blows away dangerous grappler Darren Uyenoyama, using him for a punching bag and finishing him with body shots late in the 2nd. FlyW title eliminator that is ridiculously low on the card. Amazing the difference Bang has made with the A-M guys.

Really entertaining, even 1stR grappling with Ramsey Nijem and Miles Jury. So of course Nijem's allegedly great cornerman Hackleman tells him he's a striker again before the 2nd and he walks right into a right hand Jose Feliciano could have slipped and gets knocked cold. Another decapitation. I think they're gonna have the split the KO bonus between like everybody. All honestly though both these guys are sloppy strikers. All the other KOs have been the result of technique.

Fairly amazing sequence in the 1st as Francis Carmont has Lorenz Larkin's leg up over his head for a protracted period and Larkin still stuffs the TD. Larkin baffles the bigger and stronger but very mechanical Carmont for 2 rounds. Larkin not landing hard but doing ALL the landing. Carmont just following him around. Even when Carmont figures out how to finish the TDs in the 3rd, can do nothing with Larkin on the ground. WHAT THE FUCK? 29-28 UD FOR CARMONT?!!? WHAT THE HELL FIGHT WERE THEY WATCHING??!!!!??

Chad Mendes blows late sub for Clay Guida Darren Elkins away, finishing him quickly with two right hooks to the temple to cap off outstanding prelims. Bang has these guys finding the openings big time.

Round of the Year between Matt Brown and Jordan Mein to kick off the top card. Indescribable. Back and forth. Both guys in trouble. Not a split second break in the action except for a dropped mouthpiece. Mein still groggy coming out for the 2nd and Brown drops him and finishes him with elbows to the kidney. What a fight. No promos on the top card till the main but we do get Ronda in a very low cut blouse, so... okay.

Josh Thomson blows Nate Diaz away, finishing with a HK and G&P in the 2nd. First stoppage loss for Nate the Pothead in UFC. Corner threw in the towel just as the ref was stepping in. Everybody hip to the Pothead Brothers clumsy footwork now.

Cormier standing humps Mir for 3 rounds and completely kills the card. Mir does go 3 easily but has slowed up so much it doesn't really matter. By far Cormier's least impressive performance to date. Even the hometown fans boo him.

Even a great main between Ben Henderson and Gil Melendez doesn't really eradicate the stink. Ben takes the 48-47 SD and retains. Fight is so close people don't even agree on which the close rounds were. I thought Gil clearly won the 1st, Bendo certainly won the 4th, and the other 3 were debatable. I had Ben winning them for a 49-46 but could see 48-47 either way. Hard to lose when you knock the other guy down with low kicks several times though IMO, as Ben does seemingly every fight. Bendo gets down on his knee and pops the question after the fight. Gil gains cred and you know what? Melendez-Thomson 4 would actually make sense.


Just saw the main. Good fight with Canelo Alvarez unifying the 154 We Be Axin and We Be Collectin with an extremely dubious decision over Austin Trout. I had Trout winning 114-113, 7-5 in rounds with one 10-8 to Alvarez for a KD. One of the judges had Alvarez 118-109, meaning 10-2 in rounds. Wonder why he even bothered showing up. All normal people have the fight very close. The corners are told the cards after the 4th and 8th in Texas so Alvarez can get away with coasting late. Alvarez is the Designated Next Hispanic Superstar so whaddaya expect. The antidote to not liking MMA judging is watching boxing.


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