WWE Vintage Collection TV report: Hogan & Mean Gene workout video, Austin & Rock & Vince team up, Jericho's last ECW match

'WWE Vintage Collection’ TV Report #255 – April 21st, 2013

Shown on Sky Sports in the U.K.

By Stephen Lyon.

This week's theme: Fan's request show. Main event of today's show was Steve Austin & The Rock & Vince McMahon vs Triple H & The Undertaker & Shane McMahon, with Shawn Michaels as referee, from WWF Raw is War, May 1999. Other matches on today's show included a very rare match, Ultimate Warrior vs Ted DiBiase, from the WWF/New Japan/All Japan 'Wrestling Summit' show in the Tokyo Dome, Japan, April 1990; and Chris Jericho vs Too Cold Scorpio (Jericho's last match in ECW), from ECW TV, August 1996. Plus the classic Hulk Hogan & Gene Okerlund training video ('WWF Tuesday Night Titans', August 1984); the interview segment where Steve Austin stunners Vince McMahon for the first time ('WWF Raw is War', September 1997); and the Barbershop interview segment featuring the Rockers' break up ('WWF Wrestling Challenge', January 1992).

Very entertaining show today. 

Show was hosted by Gene Okerlund and Renee Young. The links were still being done from WWE Axxess, and Young noted they have one more show next week from the same location. Okerlund noted today's theme was 'fan's requests' for matches and segments. Young said she was a fan and picked the first segment - the classic Hulk Hogan trains Gene Okerlund training video. Okerlund comically acted like he didn't want it aired. 

The Show:

This segment aired on the August 21st, 1984 edition of 'WWF Tuesday Night Titans', and was a montage of training clips of Hulk Hogan preparing Gene Okerlund for a tag team match, with Hogan tagging with Okerlund to face George Steele & Mr Fuji at a WWF house show in Minneapolis on August 26th, 1984. The clips opened with 'Day 1', as Okerlund sat in what appeared to be his home kitchen, drinking coffee and smoking a cigar. Hogan burst in and took the coffee and cigar off him, chastising him for his bad eating and drinking habits. Hogan then prepared breakfast - three raw eggs in a glass for both himself and Okerlund. Hogan downed his eggs in one, as Okerlund balked at his. So Hogan drank Okerlund's eggs as well. The pair then went on a big run around a lake in the Minneapolis area, cheered on by sunbathers in the park. It was a very comical sight, as both were wearing yellow Hulkamania t-shirts, tight red shorts and long white socks. Okerlund was deeply out of breath. Halfway through, Okerlund tried to buy a 'beer and a bratwurst' from a food stand, but Hogan dragged him away. 'Day 2' saw the pair in the gym, pumping iron as music played. This too was funny, as Okerlund struggled to keep up with Hogan. Day 3 was even better, as Hogan carried Okerlund on his shoulders up the stairs inside the empty Minneapolis arena, then Okerlund attempted to carry Hogan on his shoulders up the stairs, doing the same thing. How they kept a straight face doing that is unknown. Day 4 saw Hogan using Okerlund as a wheelbarrow, holding Okerlund's legs as Gene crawled up 10 flights of stairs before collapsing. The segment finished with the two embracing, Okerlund now finally ready for the match, and they played a short montage of the previous clips to the 'Real American' theme. This whole segment was awesome. Funny stuff.

Every match and segment on today's show was introduced by a fan at WWE Axxess. First up, a fan yelled that he wanted to see some action from the original ECW.

1) Too Cold Scorpio defeated Chris Jericho. This was Jericho's last match in ECW before leaving for WCW, and took place at the 'ECW The Doctor Is in' show, at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 3rd, 1996. Sole announcer for this match was Joey Styles. Always seems weird to see classic ECW footage from the mid-1990s used within the context of a modern WWE tv show. The two chain-wrestled at the start, which the packed ECW Arena crowd applauded. Scorpio had the early advantage, using a surf board and connected with a big dropkick. The pair exchanged armdrags, as the crowd chanted 'Bischoff sucks'. After a commercial break, Scorpio scored a nearfall after a sunset flip off the ropes, but Jericho hit back using a DDT. Jericho missed with a lionsault, but connected with a standing huracanrana. Scorpio threw Jericho to the concrete floor on the outside, but as Scorpio came off the top after him, Jericho superkicked him. Back in the ring, Jericho connected with a lionsault for a nearfall. Scorpio countered a Jericho suplex attempt with a DDT of his own. Finish saw Scorpio pin Jericho after a shooting star press. This was a really good match.

Next a fan at WWE Axxess doing a great Ultimate Warrior impression introduced the next match. I recognised this guy, as he was very visible at Wrestlemania 29, outside the stadium. He was all dressed up like the Warrior, wearing facepaint, wig, tassles, trunks, boots, carrying a title belt, the works. The funny thing was, he was wearing just trunks and boots - bare-chested, nothing else - outside the stadium as he walking around before the show, and it really wasn't trunks-and-boots-only weather that day, that's for sure.


2) WWF Champion, Ultimate Warrior defeated Ted DiBiase. This match took place on a very unique show called 'Wrestling Summit', held on April 13th, 1990 at the Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan, a co-promotional event that featured talent from WWF, New Japan and All Japan all in matches. This match never aired on WWF tv, but was featured on a WWF Home Video release, 'World Tour 1990'. Announcers for this match were Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura. This was a short match, notable for the crowd appearing to cheer the heel DiBiase's offence (perhaps remembering his previous tours with All Japan years earlier). DiBiase used chops and drove Warrior headfirst into the mat. DiBiase used a piledriver and scored a two count. Warrior made a superman comeback and used a flying tackle and splash off the ropes for the win. 

A fan at WWE Axxess wearing a Stone Cold t-shirt introduced the next segment - the first time Steve Austin ever stunnered Vince McMahon.

This took place on the September 22nd, 1997 live edition of 'WWF Raw is War', held at Madison Square Garden, New York. In an interview segment, then-babyface announcer Vince McMahon tried to speak sense into an irate Steve Austin in the ring, as cops prepared to arrest him. Austin had been 'refused medical clearance' stemming from the injury he suffered during his Summerslam ppv match with Owen Hart the previous month. Vince smarmily said to him, 'We're just trying to help you Steve... to prevent you being in a wheelchair... you've just got to work within the system...' Austin paced back and forth, then said, "I appreciate you and the WWF care about me.... I also appreciate the fact that you can kiss my ass!" before stunnering McMahon. Vince dropped to the mat and memorably did some old-school twitching, as the cops arrested Austin and dragged him out, but not before the grinning Austin flipped off McMahon. A classic and historic moment in WWE history.

Next, Shawn Michaels at WWE Axxess (the real Michaels, not an impersonator) appeared, and introduced the segment where he put Marty Jannetty through the Barbershop window.



The Barbershop interview segment, hosted by Brutus Beefcake, aired on the January 11th, 1992 edition of 'WWF Wrestling Challenge', and featured the Rockers as his guests. Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty had been having problems with each other for weeks. Michaels took the mic first and acted cocky, claiming he was the captain of the team. Jannetty chastised Michaels for his attitude, and a clip aired of Michaels fooling around during a Rockers squash match on tv the previous month, as Jannetty said that Michaels had nearly cost them the match. Michaels hit back, bringing up (as the clip aired) Michaels facing Ric Flair in a singles match the previous month on Prime Time Wrestling, and how Jannetty got involved, tossing Michaels into the ring, without Michaels permission. Jannetty tried to clear the air, turned his back on Michaels and said when he turned around, if Michaels was there he would shake his hand, or Michaels could walk away. Michaels spun Jannetty around, then shook his hand, and the pair raised each others' arms, as Bobby Heenan on commentary memorably said, "See, one without the other isn't any good..." before Michaels superkicked Jannetty, and Heenan continued, "....Oh! I knew he was gonna do that!" Michaels then threw Jannetty through the 'plate glass' window of the Barbershop set, then tore up a WWF Magazine poster of Jannetty and Michaels posing together. Jannetty bladed, with blood running down his face as Michaels left. Another classic segment that many people remember.



Next, a bunch of fans at WWE Axxess argued over who they wanted to see in the next match, with Rock, Triple H and Undertaker all mentioned. This led into the main event.



3) Steve Austin & The Rock & Vince McMahon defeated Triple H & The Undertaker & Shane McMahon. This match took place on the May 10th, 1999 live edition of 'WWF Raw is War', held in Orlando, Florida. Announcers for this match were Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler. Shawn Michaels was guest referee, wearing a 'Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy' t-shirt and very short shorts. Not much to this as a match. Vince was jumped in the ring by the Undertaker before the match started, chokeslammed and then tombstone-piledrived into the mat. Everyone else brawled on the outside, with Rock and Triple H brawling into the crowd. Austin and Taker squared off in the ring, with Austin attempting a stunner, only to be thrown to the outside. Rock used a Rock Bottom on Triple H in the ring, but Taker dragged Rock off Triple H. Austin then pulled Taker to the outside. Vince and Shane were left in the ring, with Shane dropping several elbows on Vince. Austin then gave Shane the stunner and Vince tried to pin Shane. Austin pulled Vince off, gave Shane another stunner, then pinned Shane himself for the win. This was a wild affair.         

Closing thoughts: Very entertaining show this week. Loved the Hogan/Okerland, Austin/Vince segments. Jericho vs Scorpio was probably best match. Warrior vs DiBiase in Japan was somewhat unique, playing in an unusual setting.

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Match Results:


1) Too Cold Scorpio defeated Chris Jericho ('ECW The Doctor Is in' show -  ECW Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 03/08/96). 


2) WWF Champion, Ultimate Warrior defeated Ted DiBiase ('WWF/New Japan/All Japan Wrestling Summit' show – Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan: 13/04/90). 


3) Steve Austin & The Rock & Vince McMahon defeated Triple H & The Undertaker & Shane McMahon  ('WWF Raw is War' live - Orlando, Florida: 10/05/99).


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Stephen Lyon,
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