ROH TV report - Taven defends TV title against ACH

4/20/2013 ROH TV Report

Kevin Kelly introduces the show from the Manhattan Center in New York City. Kelly previews that tonight’s main event will see Matt Taven defending the ROH TV title against ACH with the winner facing Mark Briscoe at Border Wars.

Kevin Steen comes to the ring for an interview as the fans chant “Thank you Kevin.” Before he is able to speak Steve Corino comes to the ring saying that Steen does not return calls, e-mails and texts so this is how he has to get in touch with him. Corino says he understands what happened and that losing the ROH World championship to Jay Briscoe was a big blow to his ego. Corino says that the mission to kill ROH is still intact and not to worry about what he lost but to remember they’re all about the game. Steen says that for the last few months he has been coming out and Corino has been talking about the plan to kill ROH. Steen says that made sense to him when he thought it needed to be put out of its misery because of what someone was doing to it but ever since Jim Cornette has been gone he has told Corino this company is just fine the way it is. Steen says he has more respect for Corino than anyone he has ever met in wrestling but the only plan he has right now is to earn another shot at the ROH World title. Members of SCUM then come to the ring through the crows including Cliff Compton, Jimmy Jacobs, Rhino, Matt Hardy, and Rhett Titus. Corino says that that the ROH world championship is something that SCUM needs but maybe it’s not on Steen they need it on and maybe the focus needs to change to someone else. Steen says he would follow Corino through hell and that when SCUM started it was he, Corino and Jimmy and that made sense. He says that Corino has done some stuff he didn’t get and there are parts of his plan he could adjust to but there is one part of his plan he couldn’t get behind and “that’s this mother (censored)” as he points to Matt Hardy. Corino screams asking Steen how he can dare disrespect Matt Hardy and telling Steen to never raise his voice to Matt Hardy. Corino says he and Steen aren’t on the same page and it is time they go their separate ways. Members of SCUM enter ring as Steen says they can do this two ways, with Steen walking back that way and they never have to deal with each other again or they can do what they’re about to do and start something they will all regret. Corino says that Steen knows he can’t let him walk through that curtain as members of SCUM start beating on Steen. Corino then has them all back away and tells Hardy “Jesus, do your work” as Hardy gives Steen a Twist Of Fate.

After a commercial break Roderick Strong comes to the ring followed by his opponent Mike Bennett accompanied by Brutal Bob. Mike Mondo is on commentary with Kevin Kelly. Bennett and Mondo shake hands and then tie up and trade wristlocks. Bennett runs Strong into the corner but Strong takes over and hits a dropkick off the second rope. Strong attempts a pin and then Bennett throws him to the outside. Bennett follows and Strong chops him all around ringside and throws him into the ring barrier. Bennett takes over and also throws Strong into the ring barrier and gets into Mondo’s face. Strong fights back with chops and they return to the ring, criss-crossing until Bennett hits a spinebuster. Bennett starts punching Strong in the head. Bennett whips Strong into the ropes and hit a back elbow and then applies a half-nelson. Strong fights back with elbows and then rolls up Bennett before hitting a dropkick. Strong throws Bennett to the outside and then hits a dropkick through the ropes. Strong throws Bennett into the ring barrier again. Barrier whips Strong toward the ring barrier but Strong braces himself on Mondo. Bennett then charges and takes out Mondo. Strong picks up Bennett in a torture rack and drops him back-first on the ring apron and attempts a pin inside. Strong hits knee-lifts in the corner and then a backbreaker for a pin attempt. They trade punches and Strong hits a knee to the gut. They criss-cross with Bennett hitting a spear. Strong hits a humping knee but Bennett hits him with a TKO. Brutal Bob is on the apron but Mondo pulls him off and then snaps Bennett’s neck on the top rope. Strong then lifts Bennett in a suplex position and drops him across his knees to score the pin and win the match. Mondo then attacks Strong and they brawl until Strong goes to the back as the show goes to commercials.

After the break Jorge Santi comes to the ring followed by his opponent Tadarius Thomas. They circle each other to start and Thomas takes Santi’s back and then applies a front facelock. They break in the ropes and Santi hits an elbow and then a hurracanrana. Thomas monkey-flips Santi who lands on his feet and then hits a double-stomp on Thomas’ shoulders. Thomas starts his capoeira offense but Santi is really fast and avoids it. Thomas hits a clothesline and they both kick other in the chest. They charge each other and lock up in the middle of the ring as Compton, Titus, Jacobs and Rhino hit the ring with Corino and beat up Thomas and Santi.

Corino takes the microphone and says he wanted to come out and make it perfectly clear that the situation with Steen does not take away from SCUM’s mission of destroying ROH. Corino says that the people should thank them as they just destroyed Steen and they will probably never see his ugly face again. Nigel McGuinness comes out and tells Corino to shut his mouth and says that the days of Corino running roughshod over ROH are finished as honor has been restored and SCUM are dissolving into the drain from where they came. Corino says their numbers have grown and they’re stronger than ever. He says that he made Kevin Steen and destroyed Kevin Steen, that this is his plan and this is a mission he created. He says “I am the voice of reason and therefore I am God”. Nigel says he has a couple of boys in the back as Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal comes out and tells Corino and SCUM to get out of the ring. Corino says you don’t tell God what to do, God tells you what to do and like the god that he is he is spreading his words of wisdom. Corino says they do need the ROH World Championship and that not only will his spiritual son be the next ROH champion he will be the last. Nigel says there will never be another SCUM World Champion as none of them deserve a shot. Corino asks if Nigel and the people want them to leave ROH but Nigel has to give them one shot. Corino says if they win he will leave ROH but they have to give him one shot which Nigel won’t as he talks about honor but he is a hypocrite. Nigel says that if he wants that match, they will have Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal against two member of SCUM at Border Wars in Toronto and if SCUM wins they get a world title shot but if they leave SCUM leaves ROH. Corino says he will agree but only if they get a title shot and he gets to be on commentary with Kevin Kelly. Corino asks Nigel if he has the British nuts to do that. Nigel starts taking his jacket off and he Elgin and Lethal have a stand-off with SCUM as Nigel accepts the offer.

On “Inside Ring Of Honor” Kevin Kelly reviews Jay Briscoe wining the ROH World Title at Supercard Of Honor as well as Jay’s celebration uncle. ROH television last week with Adam Cole’s challenge. Jay and Mark Briscoe are then interviewed with their father. Jay yells that “honor ain’t goin’ nowhere”. He says that he thought he and Adam Cole were cool and that Cole has been in the business fifteen minutes and is stepping in the ring and challenging the champ. Jay says he’ll see Cole in Toronto.

Kelly says that champions know they are under the gun as soon as they win the title and that no one knows this better than ROH TV Champion Matt Taven who was pinned by ACH in a Proving Ground match in Asheville, North Carolina. ACH is interviewed and says that history will repeat itself just like in Asheville where he goes in and defeats Taven. ACH says he is the new guy on the block and that a lot of people don’t believe it and he wants them to not believe as he wants them to be surprise them. ACH says he can always count on heart and that his Momma grew up having hard times and he grew up having hard times and that is what makes him who he is today and that is motivation.

Mark Briscoe is interviewed regarding facing the winner at Border Wars. Mark says that in two weeks in Toronto his destiny is fulfilled and that he was born to be TV champ. He says he will either face the young whippersnapper ACH or the young whippersnapper Matt Taven. He says if he could pick between the two it would be ACH because Matt Taven hangs out with Truth Martini and probably has some disease. Mark says he isn’t trying to catch nothing and he already caught something from the tractor a couple of years back. Mark says that if it is ACH or Matt Taven, either way you are looking at the next TV Champ.

Kelly previews the match in two weeks between Michael Elgin and Karl Anderson from New Japan. Kelly says that Anderson got the better of Roderick Strong at Supercard Of Honor and match-makers all over the world are looking forward to his facing Elgin. Kelly says that Anderson is an eleven-year veteran and is a highly decorated star and runs down his title and tournament wins in Japan. Kelly says that many people are asking if the war between ROH and SCUM is over and we will learn more next week as well as build toward Border Wars.

After a commercial break ACH comes to the ring followed by ROH TV Champion Matt Taven who is Taven accompanied by Truth Martini and the Hoopla Hottie Scarlett. Mark Briscoe joins the commentary table. Footage is shown of ACH defeating Taven in Asheville, NC on March 30th. They circle each other and then tie up with ACH taking a headlock. Taven takes a headlock of his own. They get to their feet and Taven shoulder-blocks ACH. They criss-cross and ACH hits a hurracanrana. Taven gets tied up in the ropes and ACH hits him with and awesome dropkick and backflips to land on his feet. They tie up and Taven hits ACH with a leg lariat. Taven starts hitting punches but ACH fights back and clotheslines Taven into the ropes. They’re on the apron trading punches but ACH flips into the ring and slaps Taven off the apron. ACH hits a baseball slide dropkick and then hits his tope con giro with the leap off the second rope as the show goes to commercials. After the break Taven is in control and jumps off the middle rope but misses a rolling senton. ACH follows up with clotheslines and then a back elbow. Taven charges him in the corner and ACH stomps him to the mat. Taven rolls to the outside where ACH hits a tope suicida and rolls Taven back inside. ACH hits a high cross-body for a two-count. ACH runs the ropes and Martini holds down the top rope causing ACH to spill to the floor. He lands on his feet and attacks Martini but Taven dropkicks ACH through the ropes into the ring barricade. Taven bridges ACH on the ring apron and hits a rolling neckbreaker on the floor. ACH gets back in the ring at the count of 19 and Taven attempts DDT but gets rolled up by ACH for a two-count. ACH backslides Taven who gets out and ACH kicks Taven in the face. ACH goes for his DDT finisher but Taven fights out with elbows. Taven goes for his DDT finisher but gets pushed into the corner. ACH charges but Taven hits him with snake-eyes in the corner. Taven goes to the top rope where ACH hits him with a jumping kick followed by a top-rope hurracanrana. ACH goes back to the tope rope and hits a frog splash for a two-count. Scarlett is on the ring apron and distracts the referee and ACH. Taven attacks ACH who runs the ropes and gets tripped by Martini. Taven then grabs ACH in a side headlock and drops forward into his frontward DDT to get the pin and win the match. Mark Briscoe jumps to the ring apron and stares down Taven and his entourage as they go to the back.

This show was mostly good this week although I thought there was little too much interview time for a one-hour show, especially with the Inside ROH segment thrown in. Strong vs Bennett was fun and Thomas vs Santi seemed like it was going to be until the run-in. Taven vs ACH was a great showcase for both guys and is worth watching this week’s show to see.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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