Raw spoilers from London

Because of the time difference, Raw is taped tonight.  Here is what has happened thus far:

Dark match

Zack Ryder b Heath Slater - Good reaction for Ryder


Jimmy Uso b Michael McGillicutty

Layla & Kaitlyn b Tamina Snuka & Aksana


JBL is on commentary again so three-man team looks permanent

The show opens with Paul Heyman doing an interview.  He said that HHH isn't there but he had an e-mail to read which said HHH was backing out of the cage match.  HHH came out and said it was a lie, and gave Heyman a pedigree while accepting Lesnar's challenge.

R-Truth b Antonio Cesaro in a short match

Damien Sandow b Brodus Clay with a roll-up - Sweet T and Cody Rhodes were at ringside.

Dolph Ziggler b Chris Jericho with the Zig Zag.  They announced that if Jericho won, he'd be added to the world title match at the PPV and it would become a four-way.  Jericho had him in the Walls of Jericho when Fandango's music interfered, Jericho waited for his run-in, but he wasn't htere and Ziggler got him from behind for the win.

Sweet T b Cody Rhodes

Ryback did an interview and said that the fans don't understand what is going on with he and John Cena.  They built up a confrontation with Mick Foley later in the show.

Big E Langston b Zack Ryder in a quick squash

Kane and Daniel Bryan were backstage doing their usual shtick.

The Shield b Undertaker & Kane & Daniel Bryan.  The Shield attacked Undertaker early bringing out Kane & Bryan.  Long very good match.  Undertaker was the star of the match.  Finish saw Ambrose pinning Bryan after he missed a diving head-butt.

Bryan wanted a hug from Undertaker, but that didn't happen.  But Kane and Bryan hugged it out.

They talked about The Rock having surgery.

John Cena and Mick Foley had a backstage segment to build the Foley/Ryback confrontation

Fandango b William Regal - Crowd super into this ohne - Chris Jericho attacked Fandango after the match, threw him off the stage and danced with the girl

A.J. won a Divas Battle Royal over Tamina Snuka, Cameron, Naomi, Layla and the Bella Twins.  Winner gets the next title shot at Kaitlyn.

The main event segment was Ryback with Foley.  Foley began talking about his career when Ryback told him he was going to destroy John Cena and win the title.  They built it up that Ryback was going to attack him when Cena ran in.  The Shield ran in, but went after Ryback.  Cena made the save with a chair.  After he ran them off, Cena and Ryback went at it ending with Cena giving Ryback the Attitude Adjustment.     

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?