WWE Smackdown TV report - first ever Undertaker vs. Dean Ambrose main event

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This was SmackDown's turn to be in England. It ended up being a very wrestling heavy show which flew by pretty quickly. They hyped up Undertaker's one on one match with Dean Ambrose, after The Shield beat Undertaker in the recent six man.

The show opened with Jack Swagger coming out with his arm taped up for the first match.

Match Number One: Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter Vs. Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo, No DQ.

Del Rio beat Swagger last week with a roll up out of the arm breaker. This week was no DQ.

Del Rio was the first to bring in a toy, grabbing a Kendo stick. Swagger was the first to use it though, laying into the bad knee and body. They went back outside and Del Rio took control when Swagger looked for a weapon and gave him a suplex on the ramp. That gave Del Rio time to find a ladder under the ring, and prop it up to send Swagger into it face first when Jack tried to charge him from behind.

Swagger took control during an ad and propped a chair between the turnbuckles which should come into play later. Colter removed the Kendo stick from the ring after Del Rio used it very softly when Swagger was in the ropes. Del Rio called for the armbreaker but was sent into the corner with the chair but he pulled up short and kicked Swagger for a nearfall. They traded countering submissions before Swagger sent Del Rio head first into the chair for a nearfall.

Swagger got a bloody lip when he tried to bring a ladder into the ring and Del Rio pushed it back to his face. Zeb got Del Rio's attention by threatening with the Kendo stick, which gave Swagger time to charge him with the ladder. Del Rio came back in the ring and got the arm breaker, so Zeb handed Swagger the Kendo stick so that he could hit his way out. Swagger was great swinging one handed. He then hit the Doctor Bomb and pinned Del Rio. It was a fun opener, something different. But the finish fell very flat, no one seemed to think he would by pinfall after a move.

Winner: Jack Swagger, Pinfall.

Match Number Two: Aksana Vs. Layla.

Layla got a good hometown reaction in her Union Jack outfit. They were more invested in this than the opener, cheering for Layla after a butt bump and when she drop kicked Aksana off the apron as she crawled like a cat along it. Aksana stomped Layla's hand and worked the digits. Aksana's heat lasted too long though and the crowd tried to start their Fandango singing before giving up and sitting on their hands. Layla than used Infinite to pin Aksana. It's her pinning routine that she used to use as a spot at the beginning of her matches, and with zero offence before using it, it lead to another flat finish.

Winner: Layla, Pinfall.

They recapped the end of Monday's six man again. They cut to a promo by The Shield. They weren't totally satisfied after their win Monday. It was because Undertaker was still walking. Ambrose said he was going to beat the Undertaker, if it's the last thing he ever does. By the hands of the Shield, Undertaker will not rest in peace.

Match Number Three: Fandango Vs. Justin Gabriel.

The crowd enjoyed the entrance and even chanted “Fandango” during the match. They had a fun opening sequence. In fact it was a fun match. Fandango got most of the offence, with a few Gabriel highspots thrown in. Fandango didn't use the Downward Spiral, instead he set up the top rope leg drop with a side Russian legsweep that he popped right up from. It's a big improvement. He said his name on the mic and everyone sang to end the segment.

Winner: Fandango, Pinfall.

Match Number Four: Sheamus Vs. The Big Show.

I loved these two teaming because it meant I didn't have to see them go against each other every week. Their stuff is usually fun, it's just played out. Big Show took complete control to start. Sheamus got a brief moment as they returned to the ring, hitting his forearms in the ropes, but Show took back control. He hit a running elbow drop and Final Cut for a nearfall. Sheamus punched his way back but buckled as he tried to lift Show up and was squashed for a nearfall.

They teased Show winning by count out after the break and he just continued to beat Sheamus down. More fandango singing from the crowd lead to Sheamus hitting a DDT as Show was on his knees and then trading punches from their knees. Sheamus was up first and started to hit and run. He hit White Noise after Show countered it and the crowd chanted Brogue. Show slipped out of the ring but Sheamus followed. Sheamus sent him back inside and got on the top rope. Show was too far to hit another shoulder block, so Sheamus waited. Then behind him, Mark Henry appeared from nowhere, pulling away the steps. This distracted Sheamus, letting Show walk up and hit the WMD as Sheamus was up top. He fell forward and Show got the pinfall.

Winner: The Big Show, Pinfall.

Match Number Five: William Regal Vs. Wade Barrett (c), Non-Title Match.

Regal was again used to make sure a heel wasn't cheered. Barrett cut a promo on Regal as he came to the ring, saying someone had robbed a grave and the body with standing in the ring. Crowd loved Regal. He dodged Barrett's attempt at the elbow a minute into the match, but then hit it thirty seconds later after dodging Regal's running knee for the pinfall.

Winner: Wade Barrett, Pinfall.

They recapped Triple H accepting Brock's challenge and hit beatdown on Paul.

Match Number Six: Mark Henry Vs. Randy Orton.

Orton got most of the offence in this one, including a DDT from the knees like in the Sheamus/Show match. Orton is so weird with the fans. They see him as a star, he obviously hates being a clean nosed one, but then hates when they aren't cheering his every step. He got everyone excited when he called for the RKO, and he did everything he could to suck them in after they had been quiet for a while. Henry slipped out of the ring though, like Show did earlier. Henry took over on the outside but as they entered the ring the crowd popped and Sheamus ran down to hit a Brogue on Henry in the middle.

Winner: Mark Henry, DQ.

Sheamus pointed to Orton straight after and cheerleaded him from the corner to hit an RKO. Orton did and they celebrated in the ring as Henry stumbled away.

They showed the Foley/Ryback/Cena confrontation from Monday.

Match Number Seven: The Undertaker Vs. Dean Ambrose w/ The Shield.

Ambrose came in through the crowd with Reigns and Rollins. The other members got involved before Ambrose and Taker even touched. First Rollins, then Reigns popped up on the apron, just with a knee to catch Taker's eye as he was trying to stalk Ambrose. Taker did corner Ambrose, then took him outside to show that he could beat on Ambrose on the floor without the others bothering him.

Ambrose took over by baseball sliding Taker off the apron to the floor and staying on him with punches, knees and a running dropkick when Taker was tangled in the ropes. Ambrose started toying with Taker until he had his throat grabbed as Taker was lying on his back. Ambrose punched his way out but ran into a Chokeslam soon after. Taker knocked Reigns down off the apron and called for the tombstone, but Rollins was also on the apron with the ref's attention. This allowed Ambrose to kick Taker low and hit a DDT for a nearfall.

It's been said a lot, but not enough. Ambrose has great expressions. Ambrose tried to pick Undertaker up after the nearfall, but had the Devil's Triangle put on the for the tap out.

Winner: The Undertaker, Submission.

The rest of the Shield were in the ring kicking Undertaker before he had even released the hold. He held his own though, sending them one by one into the barricade before using a chair to Ambrose's gut. He was about to chokeslam Rollins' off the barricade when Reigns flew in with a spear. Ambrose then took to Taker with a chair to the back. They all got in his face and Ambrose said that Taker didn't beat him, then hit him with the chair again as the crowd chanted that he tapped out.

Rollins and Reigns took apart the announcers' table and they hit the triple powerbomb through it. The show ended with The Shield standing over Taker and saying they were justice. Really good main event angle on an easy to watch show.

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