Portland Wrestling Uncut TV report

Portland Wrestling Uncut - 4/27/13
By John Baumer
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-Joe V interviews Exile. The Grappler and his REPLACEMENT WRESTLERS (don't call them scabs, punk) come out. Grappler takes credit for getting Exile his PNW title shot, but Exile says he earned it himself. God Save the Queen plays and GENTLEMAN GEORGE MICHAEL comes out.  He's still mad that Colt Toombs beat him six months ago and wants a rematch. Grappler books Toombs v George for later in the show. Now Mike Santiago is out. He says Thunder is the biggest bully in the Northwest (Thunder attacked him with a chain a while back), so Grappler books Thunder v Santiago.


-Former XFL SUPERSTAR JOSH WILCOX joins Joe V on commentary again this week


-Match #1

Colt Toombs defeated Gentleman George Michael with a roll up after George missed Toombs and charged into the turnbuckle. Post-match, the scabs attacked Toombs until Pat Large made the save.


-Joe V interviewed Toombs and Large. They have buried their differences to FIGHT THE SCABS!


-Joe V interviewed Roddy Piper and a young girl, who he says is an honor student. Piper lets her say hi to her friends and teachers. Turns out she's Bubba Blanchard's daughter. The Blanchards and Mr. Ooh La La come out. Bubba tells a story about how his daughter used five years worth of her savings to buy catering for all the wrestlers, because the evil promoter never pays them and they can't afford to eat.


-Match #2 - PNW Tag Team Championship

The Blanchard Brothers (c) defeated Dr. Kliever and Erik Baeden when Jeremy pinned Baeden. The finish was Bubba giving Baeden a German Suplex while Jerenmy clotheslined Baeden. Except the suplex was too fast and Jeremy never actually caught up with the clothesline.


-Joe V interviews Thunder. Santiago attacks Thunder from behind with a bullrope and their match comes to an impromptu start.


-Match #3

Thunder defeated Mike Santiago by DQ when the scabs attacked Thunder. Things didn't work out well for the scabs as Thunder cleaned house on them. Santiago and Thunder exchanged words.


-Joe V interviewed PNW champ Big Ugly


-Match #4 - PNW Heavyweight Championship

Big Ugly (c) vs. Exile ended in a T.V. time limit draw. Exile had Ugly in a sleeper hold and Ugly was just about out when time limit expired to save his title. Keep in mind, Ugly is the babyface, so this is kind of a weird finish.


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