UFC 159 feedback

One of the weirdest PPV events I've seen in a while from FX all the way through the main event. I don't think I ever want to hear the phrase "winner by majority technical decision" again. Even Bruce Buffer seemed flummoxed by the whole thing, as he announced Jim Miller the winner by mistake and then said "EXCUSE ME" and changed directions. At least it made for an amusing moment when Rogan said Healy had not only one his first UFC fight but was part of "the first Bruce Buffer screw up in HISTORY."

Best fight: I declare a tie between McMann vs. Gaff and Healy vs. Miller, because on both occasions, one fighter impressed me by the force of their sheer willpower to dominate their opponent. Gaff running headlong into the takedown seconds into the fight was one of the poorer choices I've seen in a while - it was like Mark Hominick coming straight at the Korean Zombie only to get popped and stopped. It took McMann a few minutes longer but the result was no less inevitable. Healy immediately put his name on the map by going toe to toe with Miller, fighting a scrappy 3 round war, and then accomplishing what few people have - submitting Jim Miller.

Worst fight: Hands down Khabilov vs. Medeiros. It wasn't that great before the injury stoppage, and even though dislocating a digit is a real deal injury that it would be hard to continue fighting with, it doesn't come across on TV like rupturing an eyeball (which we saw tonight) or breaking a toe (which conceivably could put Jones on the shelf for a long while). It was a complete dud and the crowd reacted to it as such. Second worst could be almost anything else on the card other than Roy Nelson vs. Cheick Kongo (what a fantastic knockout).

Steve Juon, contributor to WrestlingObserver.com (@angrymarks)

Thumbs down. Lousy card. Cursed. Weird injuries. Shitty officiating (else is new).

Best fight: Healy-Miller

Worst fight: too many to count

KO: Fats

Sub: Healy

Trouble starts early as one of the fb prelims is scrubbed when one guy gets sick making weight. Siler and Holobaugh kick it off with a pretty good fight. Siler dominates the 1st and 3rd, nrealy finishing in the 1st but of course gets no 10-8.  29-28 UD. In the other, Cody McKenzie ties Leonard Garcia in knots for 2 then actually outstrikes him in the 3rd, icing it with a late TD. 1st is sub after sub all round, 5 solid min dominance, 30-26. Not only no 10-8 but one judge actually gives Garcia a round. I'd be amazed if I was still amazable.

Things get worse on the midcard show. Brian Caraway although in on less than a week notice seems to have Johnny Bedford figured from before the first bell, dominating almost every moment before finishing in the closing seconds with a rolling-to-mount Guillotine. Strangely low-intensity fight. Why they hired this Sheila Gaff from Germany is a mystery. 10 seconds search on youtube reveals her to be a dirty cheapshot fighter. Also clueless as she runs right into Olympic medalist Sara McMann's TDs and gets finished with Wrestler Marshmallow G&P from mounted crucifix. Short but still boring. The ref is prettier than either of them. The ref is a guy. Uh, I think. OSP and Villante stink out the joint with a football players trying to fight fight, horrible finish as Villante eats an eyepoke in the 3rd, the ref goes 'can you see' and stops the fight immediately (actually maybe doing the audience a favor, considering) when he goes 'no'. Goes to the cards and OSP gets the tech MD, some strange scoring as he had clearly won the 1st and lost the 2nd.  Suplex Guy Khabilov and new guy Medeiros look like they're gonna save the card with high early skill but Medeiros breaks a thumb landing (actually half blocking it) on a throw and Khabilov given the TKO. The undercard is so bad they rerun the girls fight.

Healy and Miller do their best to save the night opening the main card, Miller dominating the 1st and Healy the 2nd. Both borderline 10-8s IMO. Healy gets in a low knee at the bell and then after Miller opens the 3rd landing, sneaks in another one and that gets him the TD and he pounds and then finishes with Gable Grip RNC that puts Miller to sleep. Terrific fight anyway. Buffer calls the wrong winner.

Phil Davis takes Vinny Magalhaes and everybody else out of the fight, so much quicker that he pretty much wins with 3 rounds of jab-cross. Again bizarrely Magalhaes wins a round on one card.

Kongo as always too easy to hit and Fat Roy bombs him out in short order. Not much to be said.

Pissbing and Belcher stink out the joint. Remember when Slim Pickens comes riding up in the opening scene of Blazing Saddles while all the white guys are dancing with each other? Well, that. Pissbing featherfisting his way to an easy decision over a totally amateurish Belcher when he lands an eyepoke in the 3rd causing Belcher's actual, already operated on, eye to bleed. Goes to the cards and again Belcher somehow wins a round on a card. If these were all the same judge they need to revoke his Seeing Eyed Dog.

Jones not really surprisingly decides to fight the exact fight Sonnen wants and even less surprisingly wins it easily, taking him down at will and finishing late in the 1st with G&P punctuated by a knee to the body (gosh THAT looked familiar). Fun if not competitive. Token protest from Chael who's really far too small for LHW. Jones then after the fight discovers a badly broken toe. Chael hints retirement.

Pretty bad overall.  

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