WWE Saturday Morning Slam TV report

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Report

By: David Parker

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Date: 4/27/2013

The Big News: The good guys win on today’s show, as Natalya and her pals defeat the Colons and Rosa Mendes and the Usos defeat Team Rhodes Scholars.

Show Analysis:

At the beginning of this week’s show, the host hyped the mixed six person tag team match that was made at the end of last week’s show. The host noted that Foley did “ink the contract for the match.” The show then went to the entrances, with no hype video.

During the Colons’ entrance, a clip of Natalya challenging the team to the match was shown.

The Great Khali, Hornswoggle, and Natalya defeated Primo, Epico, and Rosa Mendes. Josh Matthews and Wade Barrett did commentary for today’s show. Rosa and Natalya started the match. At the beginning, Matthews briefly explained the rules of a mixed tag team match. Rosa took control at the beginning, though Natalya recovered after moving out of the way when Rosa charged at her in the corner. Natalya eventually tried to apply a sharpshooter, but Rosa managed to grab the ropes and tag in Primo. Primo then got on his knees and demanded that Natalya tag in Hornswoggle. After Horny entered the ring, Primo turned around to give him a free shot, but Hornswoggle decided to tag in Khali. Primo then turned around and freaked out. He tried to tag in Epico, but he got off the apron. As the show went to a commercial break, Primo charged at Khali and took a clothesline. After the break, a new “Do Not Try This at Home” promo featuring Natalya was shown.

When the match returned, Khali was beating up Epico, but the Colons gained the advantage when Epico moved out of the way when Khali charged at him in the corner with a big boot, causing his foot to get caught on the top rope; this gave Epico an opening to trip him. However, Khali had an opening after blocking a move off the turnbuckle by Epico with his boot and moving out of the way when Primo tried one. After Khali got to his feet, Hornswoggle went to the other side of the ring and grabbed Rosa’s boot. She got off the turnbuckle and chased him (somewhat slowly), but after she came around one of the corners, Natalya leapfrogged over him, knocked her down, and applied the sharpshooter. In the ring, Khali hit Epico with a chop and knocked him over the top rope, and he hit the Punjabi Plunge on Primo to score the pinfall (he may have also hit him with a chop, but it was hard to tell since the camera cut to the commentators).

Team Rhodes Scholars were then shown in the parking lot trying to get people to sign a petition asking for Mick Foley to be removed as SMS GM. Three crew members, a referee, and the Brooklyn Brawler refused. The Usos then appeared; they talked about how they respected Foley and how happy their family is that he is the GM. While both teams argued, Foley appeared. Sandow demanded that Foley relinquish his Hall of Fame ring and sign the petition. Foley ignored the demand and made a match between the two teams, while also making a couple ring puns.

After the break, this week’s “Saturday Morning Spotlight.” The video hyped the excitement of their matches and the fact that Rikishi is their father (I wonder how many kids know who he is).

During their entrance, Rhodes Scholars cut a promo. Rhodes said they are no longer going to stand idly by while Foley makes matches for which they are not prepared, and Foley’s reign is going to end. Sandow said they are wrestling the match under protest.

The Usos defeated Team Rhodes Scholars. Sandow and Jey started the match. Sandow took control at the beginning, but Jey quickly recovered. This led to Sandow tagging in Rhodes and Jey tagging in his brother. Both men went back and forth, though Jimmy eventually threw the grandson of a plumber out of the ring. Rhodes and Sandow regrouped as the show went to a break.

When the match returned, Jey was beating up Sandow, who tagged in Rhodes. Jey continued to control the match, but the referee stopped the match to check on Rhodes, who was feigning an ankle injury. While the ref was distracted, Sandow took the opportunity to throw Jey out of the ring, and Rhodes’ knee mysteriously recovered. Sandow screamed “It’s a miracle!” Rhodes then brought Jey back into the ring and tagged in Sandow. Both men beat up their opponent for a little while. Jey eventually had the opportunity to tag in Jimmy when he avoided a kneedrop by Sandow. Jimmy then beat up Rhodes (who was tagged in); he nailed a Bubba Bomb, a Samoan drop, and that move where he smashes his opponent’s face with his butt. However, when he went for a splash, Rhodes moved out of the way and tagged in Sandow. When the confident Sandow walked over to his opponent, Jimmy took the opportunity to roll him up for the pinfall.

Josh Matthews signed off shortly afterwards. No match was announced for next week.

Final Thoughts:

Well, this ended up being later than I had hoped. At least I’m making progress.

Something on the show that amused me was when Matthews mentioned that Rosa grew up in Vancouver (which I’m guessing is true), even though WWE.com says she’s from San Jose, Costa Rica. I know it doesn’t matter, and I doubt anybody noticed, but I think it’s funny when people in WWE mix up legitimate and kayfabe facts.

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