New Japan Wrestlng Dontaku feedback

Hi Dave & Bryan, just wanted to give some feedback on the NJPW show tonight

Thumbs up

Best match: Okada/Suzuki

Worst match: 8 man tag (dark match)

This was nowhere near as good as the previous New Japan iPPV shows but it was still a good to great show with an amazing main event, and everything else was at least good to really good. Once again there were no real bad matches. For his level of experience Okada is incredible, it’s hard to believe how good he is at just 25.

The Shibata/Goto match was really stiff and there was one absolutely brutal head butt from Shibata. I know people make a deal out of no English commentary but Nogami made the Benjamin/Nakamura match seem like a classic the way he was reacting. It was a shame the finish seemed botched but it was still a really good match.

Definitely a thumbs up show and worth seeing for the main event.

Andrew Milgate

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