OVW TV report for tomorrow night

Here is a recap for Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Episode 715 to air in Louisville on Saturday 5/4 or can also be seen online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/715. OUR OVW Announce Team this week is Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Michael Titus. OUR OVW Ring Announcer is Terry Boddie. Tonight's activities will be leading up to the next Saturday Night Special on 5/11.
Camera shows a darkened room in which sits thee members of the Coalition: "Lieutenant Lats" Joe Coleman, and OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "The Washington Generals" Crimson & Jason Wayne. Crimson apologizes for his absence last week, as he was in important meeting where he was told he needed to take OVW back. Wayne reassures us that we have nothing to fear as he and Crimson are two of our only legitimate war heroes and with them leading the charge, OVW will be put back in a position that it should be in. The Coalition will strategically target any member of the roster as Crimson reminds us that this is war and there will be casualties!
At ringside, Gilbert tells us that our main event will be Rudy Switchblade and The Mobile Homers taking on 3 members of the Coalition. OUR OVW Director of Operations Michael (not PS) Hayes comes to the ring with something to say. He says he signed up in the military to help protect the land of opportunity but everything is not alright in OVW because the Coalition is robbing men and women of the opportunity to chase their dreams. Hayes announces the six-man tag match that Gilbert spoke of earlier and adds that he will have men watching the entrances to make sure it stays 3 on 3. Hayes reminds us that he was trained by the best of the best in the US Calvary and has two words for the Coalition "Move your pawns, play your game, tonight it's checkmate" (well, that was nine words).
Match #1: Jessie Belle vs OUR OVW Ladies Champion Trina
This is a non-title match. Jessie pulls Trina down with a crucifix for 2 but her crossbody try get caught and Trina plants her for 2. Jessie tiltawhirls Trina out of the corner but Trina grabs her and hits a Samoan drop for the quick pin. Dean notes that this is an impressive win for Trina since former champ Jessie "didn't just fall off the pumpkin truck".
Hayes is walking through the back and thanks Jay Bradley for his service last week then asks him for his help tonight. Bradley says he's only on one team-Team Boomstick- and brushes off Hayes before walking by Timmy Danger and Eddie Diamond, pushing Diamond aside. Diamond calls Bradley "a mutant frog looking suckah". Danger & Diamond then encounter Trina coming back from the ring. Diamond begs her to grant his baby boo Epiphany a rematch for the ladies title at SNS. Trina says she is a sucker for a bleeding heart as well as a fighting champion, so she agrees. Camera pans over to VIP Joe Rosa chatting with Doug Williams. Rosa is praising Williams, although Williams asks who the hell is he. Rosa asks Williams to join him in chasing women, bar hopping, etc., which Williams is OK with. Ref Josh Ashcraft is sitting in a chair when we see OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia standing just around the corner. Jamin tells Ashcraft to come to the ring with him.
In the ring, Jamin calls out Rosa and makes him get in the corner, accusing him of being Williams' message boy. Jamin then calls out Williams, stopping him halfway to the ring as Jamin says he's going to send a message to Williams by kicking the crap out of Rosa.
Match #2: "VIP" Joe Rosa vs OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia
Jamin spinebusters Rosa then dishes out some uppercuts as Williams tries to leave. Jamin calls him back over but this gives Rosa a chance to attack Jamin from behind. This just fires Jamin up even more as he really tears into Rosa. Jamin hits the Standing O for a cover but Williams jumps in and attacks Jamin for the DQ. Williams puts the boots to Jamin then walks off leaving Jamin lying in the ring. Titus says Jamin is going to get poached! Jamin and Williams have a rematch at SNS.
Heidi Lovelace comes out to talk. She says she is sorry about blurting out that she was the gift-giver last week, she didn't mean for that to happen. She wants to talk to Taeler Hendirx face to face, so here she is! Taeler comes out all smiley and stuff, telling Heidi that she understood what Heidi was trying to do. Taeler says she and Dylan Bostic are the "it" couple and Heidi was just trying soften the blow for Ryan Howe so he wouldn't be a home wrecker. Heidi interrupts her and states that Howe doesn't care about her and neither does Dylan! Heidi says the only reason she gave Taeler presents is that she cares about Taeler! Heidi wants to know how Taeler feels, but Taeler doesn't know what to say and says she has a lot of thinking to do. Taeler leaves the ring and it gets really quiet in the building as we go to break.
Match #3: "Mr. Pec-tacular" Jessie Godderz vs OUR OVW TV Champion Rockstar Spud
Gilbert wonders aloud how Taeler feels while Dean is speechless and Titus thinks she's just confused. Titus keeps trying to get Spud to hire him as his accountant, claiming he can triple Spud's $1000 every week (sounds familiar, lol). Dean says Spud googled "jerks" and Titus' picture came up, lol. Spud tries a sunset flip but Godderz stays upright but misses Spud's head and punches the mat. Godderz clotheslines Spud then chokes him in the ropes. Dean says the next you know, Godderz will be dating a Kardashian. Spud fights out of Godderz' abdominal stretch but gets choked with a piece of wrist tape. Godderz blocks Spud's drop toehold try but gets kicked away when he goes for a crab. Spud chinbreakers Godderz as Dean and Titus discuss the morality of bankruptcy. Godderz can't hold up Spud for the Pectacular Press and Spud hits a top rope crossbody for 2. Godderz catapults Spud in to the corner, then covers him but Ashcraft catches Godderz' feet on the ropes. Godderz argues this and Spud catches him with a flip piledriver for the pin. "Triple R Superstar" Randy Royal and Tony Gunn come to the ring. Royal shoves Spud down on his backside and challenges him for next week (ya know, 'cause ol' Randy needs the money).
In the back, Bradley is sitting in a chair working his phone when the lights go off. We see the light on the phone bouncing around in the dark and a lot of noise. The lights come back on and we spot 3 Coalition guys leaving as Bradley is laid out on the floor.
Match #4: "Lieutenant Lats" Joe Coleman & OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "The Washington Generals" Crimson & Jason Wayne vs "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade & "The Mobile Homers" Adam Revolver & "Man-Beast" Ted McNaler (w/Brittany Devore)
Crimson channels Gypsy Joe by bringing a machete out to the ring! Crimson chases Terry Boddie away and has Wayne introduce the Coalition trio, referring to Coleman as "Thunder-Lats, the Ultimate Male", lol. Everybody in the pool to start and there was much pairing off and brawling. Revolver grabs the steel rod as the Coalition gets cleared from the ring and we go to break.
Back from break, Hayes comes out and has Elvis Pridemore, Nick Dumeyer, and the Baxter brothers watching the entrances. One of the Baxters is wielding a keyboard as a potential weapon! Generals and Coleman huddle at ringside but get dragged back into the ring as they bell rings to officially start the match. The Homers grab Wayne and post him groin-first as Switchblade stomps Crimson's and Coleman's hands to make them let go. Wayne gets isolated for a bit as the Homers give him double running forearms for 2. Wayne pushes McNaler over to the wrong corner and the Coalition has some beating for him. Coleman misses an elbow drop on and McNaler slings him back into his team's corner. Homers double suplex Coleman then Revolver salutes the Coalition before covering but only gets 2 as Crimson breaks it up. Coleman gets isolated for a bit as Dean praises Hayes for his handling of this situation. Coleman shoves Revolver into the wrong corner but Revolver escapes to avoid bad things. Revolver drapes Wayne across the middle rope and McNaler hits a top-rope doublestomp to the chest followed by Switchblade's slingshot senton (with a mid-air salute!) for 2. McNaler runs into a Wayne boot and Crimson comes in to set up for a chokeslam but McNaler slips away and tags Switchblade. Crimson receives a neckbreaker and Switchblade sets up for a Boston crab but Wayne and Coleman break it up before being quickly dispatched to the floor by the Homers. Crimson gets pulled back up as the Homers hit their spear/legsweep combo. Switchblade climbs up top as we see Brittany gesturing wildly in the corner. Shiloh Jonze and Raul Lamotta pop out from under the ring for a sneak attack for the DQ.
The foursome guarding the entrance hit the ring as the Spanish Moss Guy wanders out and just kind of hangs out. Jonze makes liberal use of the bullet vest to slug others with as the other Coalition members start dumping opponents out of the ring. Jonze chokes McNaler with the bullet vest. "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe comes out followed by "Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry and both hold their own before getting ganged up on and getting hit with the steel rod. The six Coalition guys stand in the ring (Jack Black was absent tonight) as the Spanish Moss Guy is now standing behind the other five. Hayes is in the ring standing over the fallen Terry and pulling off his shirt, getting ready to get him some of the Coalition. SMG pulls off his hood and shirt to reveal...Sam Shaw!...and his shorts! Shaw dropkicks the Generals and clears the ring of the others. Hayes says at SNS, Shaw and Wayne will go at it one on one! With himself as special ref! Hayes calls checkmate as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: Seemed like Dean's mic was was turned up louder than the others, more noticeable by the fact he did a lot of cheerleading tonight. It got to be over the top, especially during the main event. Jessie Belle showed up with black tights with peach chaps and matching top that looked nice. If TV title defenses are worth $1000, theoretically shouldn't tag title and heavyweight title defenses be even more? If true, maybe Royal should set his sights a little higher?  Crowd seemed to go silent as Taeler left the ring, could be either good or bad. Nice to see the Coalition’s victims get some measure of revenge in the main event, loved Switchblade’s mid-air salute and especially Shaw in the Spanish Moss Guy outfit. Still only 3 matches announced for SNS but they will probably be Coalition-centric as not much else is going on. Overall, this show was better than they’ve been doing lately so I’ll give it a thumbs up.

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