Portland Wrestling Uncut TV report

Portland Wrestling Uncut - 5/4/13

-Joe V opens the show reviewing footage of last week's match between Exile and Big Ugly. He reveals Ugly suffered a concussion in the match and will be out for several weeks, but when he returns he will face Exile in a rematch. Exile starts to cut a promo, but the Grappler interrupts. He takes credit for getting Exile the rematch. Joe V says tonight the PWU wrestlers will face the scabs, and Exile will face scab Eric Baeden. Joe V asks Grappler who's corner he will be in, but Grappler won't answer.

-Joe V and XFL Superstar and former PNW champ Josh Wilcox on PBP 

-Match #1

Azul Angel (PWU) def. Rock'n Ricky Gibson (scab) with a hurricanrana off the top rope

You may have forgotten who Azul Angel is, but he was the masked guy who helped out Gabriel Iglesias back before all the strike nonsense began.

-Joe V interviews Pat Large & Colt Toombs. Large says he has removed the captain logo off his arm because he and Toombs are equals now. He says they are united against the scabs who are taking food off their table. I somehow think Colt's okay. Having Roddy Piper for a dad should mean you will never go hungry. They rock, paper, scissor to see who will wrestle first and Large wins. Toombs then suggests that whoever takes the longest to win tonight has to buy the drinks. Large agrees but adds that if he wins the fastest, Toombs has to buy the drinks AND bring his sister.

-Joe V attempts to interview scab Dillon Divine, who acts all weird but never speaks.

-Match #2

Pat Large (PWU) defeated Dillon Divine (scab) with a small package

Joe V mentioned during the match that Grappler was bringing in scab wrestlers from Canada and Hollywood as soon as next week. 

-Joe V interviews Gentleman George Michael & Demarcus James. Joe is confused why George is with James, since George is in PWU while James is a scab. George says he is independent of either group, and will be in James corner because he hates Colt Toombs.

-Match #3

Colt Toombs (PWU) defeated Demarcus James (scab) with a roll up

At one point, George and James were attacking Toombs outside the ring. James was going to ram Toombs into the announce desk, but Wilcox broke it up and prevented George from hitting Toombs with the ring bell. After the match, Toombs KO'd George with the Superman Punch, and gave Wilcox props over the mic.

-Don Coss introduced the FLASHBACK segment. Frank Bonnema is interviewing Matt Borne and Steve Regal. Regal attacks Borne and tears off his suit, leaving him in his pink underwear and cowboy boots, which caused Bonnema to crack up.

-Joe V interviews Jonas Albert Robinson & Jorel Nelson. Robinson says he and Nelson aren't scabs, they are opportunists. They call out the Blanchards.

-Joe V interviews the Blanchards and Mr. Ooh La La. They would be the best heel act in the promotion if they weren't babyfaces.

-Match #4

PNW tag team champs the Blanchard Brothers (PWU) defeated Jorel Nelson & Jonas Albert Robinson (scabs) when Bubba pinned Nelson after a Sleeper Suplex

-Backstage, Grappler gives Exile a pep talk for his match with Baeden. That dastardly Grappler is playing both sides.

-Match #5

Exile (PWU) defeated Erik Baeden (scab) with a spear

After the match, Grappler celebrated Exile's victory.

A clean sweep for PWU against the scabs, but they are debuting new scabs next week

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