Detailed spoiler report from ROH TV tapings in Toronto

By Dave Musgrave

They moved people to the floor and with the camera work it should look pretty good. Most importantly, the crowd was pretty hot all night and seemed to make the show. A lot of people felt this was the better of the two shows this weekend. Next show is August 3 from I believe the Maddamy Athletic Center in the Maple Leaf Gardens complex, which is part of the old Gardens that has been divided into a number of sections.

Dark match:

Mathieu St. Jacques, Thomas Dubois and Warrior defeated Aaron Solo, Darren Dean and Kris Chambers.

St. Jacques and Dubois are both from Montreal and wrestle a lot in C*4 as well as through Ontario. They team as T.d.T. I didn’t catch the full name for Warrior who they teamed with. Kris Chambers is an Ontario indy wrestler who I hadn’t seen in a long time but has previously wrestled in IWA Mid-South and Chikara. I spoke to Solo and Dean are from California but are living in St. Louis and working with Davey Richards. All six guys looked good in this match.

Week 1 Tapings:

Steve Corino comes out and says he will be the new color commentator until the show is cancelled and that there will be a title shot for a member of SCUM will get a title shot and will be the next champion and the final champion. Jay Lethal comes out and says it was a mistake to allow Kevin Steen into the match last night as they do not know his loyalties. Lethal is jumped by Jimmy Jacobs which sets up the first match.

1)      Jimmy Jacobs defeated Jay Lethal. This was slow at some points but the crowd was mostly into it. The crowd liked Lethal who was selling his leg at the end and fell doing a handspring. Lethal hit an Ace Crusher followed by a Contra Code to win the match.

Nigel McGuinness comes out and talks about the Jay Briscoe vs Adam Cole title match, saying Jay is no paper champion and Cole showed he is championship material and deserves a rematch. Nigel says other people are on the list first and that the first one is Michael Elgin which gets a big response. Nigel says that Elgin is ready at any time but while he is waiting he wants to redeem his loss to Karl Anderson and also rid ROH of SCUM. Nigel says that the American Wolves of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are then next in line. Nigel announces that Davey Richards will get a title shot on June 1 in San Antonio, Texas and Eddie Edwards will get one on June 7 in Charleston, WV. Nigel then starts to talk about Best In The World on June 22 in Baltimore when Jay Briscoe comes out and says that giving him tough opponents is good because he likes whooping people’s asses like he did with Cole. Jay says there is not a man in the company who he can’t whoop their ass. Mark Briscoe comes out and says that since he won the title all Jay talks about is whooping people’s asses. Mark says that Jay talks about this when they’re picking up dead chickens, when they’re picking up dog crap and when they’re drinking cold beer. Mark reminds Jay that at in his first match in ROH Mark whooped Jay’s ass. Mark says that Baltimore is down the road from Sandy Fork and they should bring the whole family. They tell Nigel to make the match. Nigel says that nobody fights like family and that it is something for them to think about while the fans chant “Do it now”.

2)      Cliff Compton and Rhett Titus come to the ring through the crowd and their opponents of Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman come to the ring. Coleman’s shoulder is taped up. The crowd enjoyed Coleman and Alexander’s dives. Compton was taunting the crowd a lot. Coleman was hurt on the outside and Alexander got double-teamed until Coleman returned for the hot tag. Coleman and Alexander were in control until Compton threw Alexander into the ring barrier outside and Titus gives Coleman a brainbuster to pin him and win the match. Coleman and Alexander got a good ovation from the crowd.

3)      In the main event, Adam Cole faced Kevin Steen with Steen getting a good reaction. Cole seems ready for a heel turn and was working as a subtle heel in this match. Steen was working stiff and walked out of the way of Cole’s pescado causing Cole to crash on the floor. Steen gave Cole a powerbomb on the apron three times in a row for three sides of the crowd. Although it was exciting for the crowd it was pretty nasty. Cole then dropkicked Steen’s knee on the inside and kept working his knee. They traded chops and forearms and when Steen went for a cannonball Cole kicks him and hits a knee strike. Steen attempts a package piledriver but loses it. Cole goes for the figure four leglock but switches into a sharpshooter that Steen breaks by getting to the ropes. Steen hits a superkick and an F5 but Cole kicks out. Compton hits the ring apron and distracts the referee. Steen goes to apply a sharpshooter but Jacobs attacks him and then Cole hits him with the Florida Key to get the pinfall and win the match.

Week 2 Tapings:

1)      Colin Delaney vs Mark Briscoe. Delaney looked to be in great shape and has a beard, the crowd chanted “Daniel Bryan” at him at one point. Briscoe hit a brainbuster and a belly-to-belly suplex. Delaney goes to the floor and Briscoe hits him with a dropkick through the ropes. Briscoe gives him a vertical suplex on the apron and then a powerbomb. Delaney gets some offense in including a nice leg lariat and a kick. Mark fights back with chops and a death valley driver and then gets the pin after a frog elbow.

Nigel McGuinness and Jay Briscoe come out and Nigel makes the Briscoe vs Briscoe match official for June 22. The American Wolves music hits and Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards hit the ring. Richards says it will be brother vs brother but it will be Richards vs Edwards and that they are the best in the world. Steve Corino comes out and says he has no beef with the Wolves or the Briscoes but he does with Nigel. Corino says as Nigel had no right to put his hands on him at Border Wars. Corino says that whoever is champ after Best In The World will have the defend the title against Matt Hardy. The Bricoes jump Corino and start a brawl with Richards and Edwards. Nigel calls out referees to pull them apart.

2)      Cherry Bomb faces MsChif in a Women Of Honor match. MsChif dominates to start and puts Cherry Bomb in a Boston Crab in the ropes. MsChif hits a chokeslam powerbomb but Cherry Bomb comes back and applies Cattle Mutilation to MsChif. Cherry Bomb hits a big clothesline. MsChif gives Cherry Bomb a low blow and hits her with forearms. Veda Scott is on the apron and Cherry Bomb hits a missile dropkick and a death valley driver to win the match.

Nigel joins the commentary table as Corino had walked off

3)      Roderick Strong vs Taiiji Ishimori. Strong hits a dive and they trade chops. Strong blocks a moonsault by Ishimori and gives him a suplex on the apron. Strong hits chops and backbreakers. Ishimori hits a spin-kick off a handspring followed by a tope con giro. Ishimori does a headstand on the top rope into a double stomp on Strong. Ishimori is on the top rope but Strong hits him with an enzuiguri. Ishimori hits double knees off the tope rope. Strong hits knees and an elbow followed by a back suplex. Ishimori rolls up Strong with a crucifix for a pin attempt. Ishimori does a handspring right into a backbreaker from Strong. Ishimori is in a Boston Crab from Strong. They both try to hit a tombstone and do several reversals with Strong finally hitting it. Ishimori hits kicks but misses a 450 splash attempt. Strong attempts a powerbomb but Ishimori reverses into a hurracanrana driving Strong’s head into the mat for a two-count. They trade elbows and Strong attempts his suplex into double knees but Ishimori gets out of it. Ishimori hits back-kicks. Strong cuts off another 450 splash attempt but Ishimori drops Strong into a gutbuster across the ropes. Ishimori then hits the 450 splash to pin Strong and win the match. The crowd loved this match and it was the opinion of myself and others I spoke to that it was the best match of the whole weekend.

Week 3 Tapings:

1)      RD Evans and QT Marshall vs Tadarius Thomas and ACH vs Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander in a three-way match for a tag team title shot at Best In The World. Three men were in the ring at a time in this match (one from each team). There was lots of flying from Coleman and Alexander and Thomas and ACH amidst lots of heel antics from Evans and Marshall. The fans really enjoyed this and ACH was the star of the match. Coleman and Alexander win to earn the title shot and they celebrate with Thomas and ACH with the fans chanting “ACH”.

Nigel McGuinness comes out and announces that Paul London suffered a concussion in his match with Davey Richards last night. Nigel announces that the match scheduled between Michael Elgin and Paul London will not take place. A section of fans start booking and Nigel looks mad and tells those fans that if they are booing that they do not care about the health of the people who sacrifice themselves for the fans. Nigel says that they do appreciate the fans paying their money and he brings out Elgin and London. Nigel says that the match was great and that London had a spot in ROH for life after he left in 2003. Nigel says that everyone gets older and has to step away but he watched the match and it is not time for Paul to step away. The fans chant “You still got it” and Nigel says that London needs to take care of his head and that everyone knows how great Elgin vs London will be and he will make the match.

Nigel gives the microphone to London but RD Evans and QT Marshall interrupt. Evans says he appreciates this love affair but says it’s time to send the kids to the back and let the parents take care of business. Evans says there is an injustice with the tag team title scene as Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly were not at Border Wars. Evans says that if they can’t show up Nigel should crown new champions and that he and Marshall are on an unprecedented winning streak. The fans chant “You just lost” and Evans says that they were not pinned and did not submit. Evans tells London not to look to Nigel for advice not to step away and says that it is time for London to stop. Elgin hits Evans with a spinning backfist and Marshall slides out of the ring. Tomasso Ciampa’s music hits and he comes out and throws Marshall into the ring barrier several times and gives him a death valley driver on the floor. Ciampa slides into the ring and Elgin throws Evans to him allowing Ciampa to give Evans his finisher, a powerbomb dropping down into double knees. Elgin and Ciampa then face off but are stopped by referees.

2)      BJ Whitmer vs Mike Bennett with Maria Kannellis vs Jay Lethal in a three-way match for a title shot at the ROH TV Title at Best In The World. Lethal’s leg was taped and he did sell it in the match. Whitmer starts arguing with Corino at ringside and gets superkicked by Bennett. Whitmer and Bennett go back and forth until Lethal returns to the match and hits the Lethal Injection on Bennett. Lethal attempts a Lethal Injection on Whitmer but Whitmer cuts him off with a knee and then hits him with a pair of fisherman busters. Bennett hits a Box Office Smash. Lethal hits an Ace Crusher and goes to the top rope but is stopped by Whitmer who then gives Bennett and exploder suplex. Lethal breaks up the pin attempt with a top rope elbow onto both men. Lethal jumps to the second rope and dropkicks Bennett off of the ring apron. Lethal goes for a dive but is stopped by Whitmer. They go back and forth but Lethal hits the Lethal Injection to pin Whitmer and

win the match. Lethal gets the title shot at Matt Taven at Best In The World.

Week 4 Tapings:

Nigel McGuinness joins the commentary table.

Matt Taven comes to the ring with Truth Martini, Scarlett and Seleyzia Sparks. Truth takes the microphone and tells Lethal that at Best In The World they will see if he has what it takes to take the T.V. title. Truth says that Taven is a fighting champion and they issuing an open challenge to everyone in the back for a proving ground match. Pepper Parks comes to the ring. Truth calls him Sugar and asks what makes him think he is in the same league as Taven. Truth says that Taven is Daddy’s pride and joy while Pepper is daddy’s disappointment. Parks says he will take Truth’s “Willy Wonka hat and shove it straight up…” and the match starts.

1)      Pepper Parks vs Matt Taven in a proving ground match. Parks hits a nice dropkick and an armdrag. Taven hits a rolling neckbreaker off the ropes. Taven kicks Parks. They’re on the top rope and Taven headbutts Parks who then does a sunset flip off the top rope into a powerbomb on Taven. Parks misses a top-rope clothesline and Taven hits his forward DDT on Parks and pins him to win the match. The House Of Truth dances and celebrates after the match.

2)      Rip Impact vs Tomasso Ciampa. Rip attacks with chops to start but Ciampa takes over and hits his running knees in the corner. Rip gets out of Ciampa’s powerbomb onto double knees finisher but Ciampa hits a full nelson suplex. Ciampa picks up Rip in a delayed vertical suplex and Michael Elgin comes out and is on the ring apron for a face-off with Ciampa. Rip stages a comeback and hits a flying neckbreaker. Rip goes up top but Ciampa hits him with an elbow and gives him a kryptonite crunch off the second rope to win the match. Elgin grabs the microphone and says that Ciampa putting him on his hit-list makes sure that his return will be short-lived. Elgin says that he will see Ciampa at Best In The World.

Steve Corino comes out with Rhett Titus, Jimmy Jacobs and Cliff Compton and says that Nigel McGuinness made three mistakes. Corino says that he can forgive not giving Hardy a title shot at Best In The World and says that Hardy will be champ. Corino says that Nigel did # 1 contenders’ matches without SCUM and that he picked his boys. Corino says that Nigel is lucky Corino didn’t file a lawsuit after Nigel attacked him at Border Wards. Corino says that the company is going down and as the captain Nigel should go down with it. Nigel takes off his jacket and starts facing off with Corino when Caprice Coleman, Cedric Alexander and Jay Lethal come to apron. Corino tells them they won’t make it to Best In the World and they all start brawling.

3)      ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe vs Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. This was what you’d expect. The fans were really into Mark’s redneck kung fu. Mark gave Richards a slingshot into a superkick from Jay. The Briscoes hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo. Edwards cuts off a doomsday device. There are lots of kicks. Richards spins into a cross armbreaker on Jay that is broken up by an elbow from Mark. Edwards throws Mark into an alarm clock from Richards and then Edwards and Richards hit a double superkick. Edwards hits a double stomp on Mark and Richards does the same. Mark hits a full nelson suplex on Richards and then puts him up in a wristclutch torture rack with Jay going to the top rope. Richards gets out and ducks a punch from Mark who ends up hitting Jay. Richards picks up Jay for a tombstone and Edwards kicks Jay in the head as Richards gives him the tombstone. Richards pins Jay to win the match. There is a staredown between the Briscoes and Jay walks to the back.

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