Mick Foley comedy show review 5-5 Derby, England

Hi guys,

I attended Mick Foley's comedy show here in Derby last night and wanted to send along my thoughts.

For a guy who's only been doing comedy for three years, Mick works through his material with the polished panache and stage presence of someone with twenty-five years experience. As he's discussed, Mick now seems to have accepted that his show is a wrestling show for a wrestling audience - and this only seems to benefit the Hardcore Legend. Having attended his first round of comedy shows in late 2011, I think it's safe to say Mick feels much more at home talking about wrestling, and the audience feels much more comfortable with Al Snow jokes than political jokes. The versatility of Mick's shows has been widely talked about, and you really get the feeling that he could talk for hours. After a few stories to kick things off, Mick opens the floor to questions from the audience, which invariably lead to long, fascinating and hilarious stories from the road. Though there are some repeat stories (anyone who has read Have a Nice Day will have already heard the DDP/cookies story, for example), Mick tells them in such a way that it never feels like a waste of time, and in fact breathes new life into old stories. Mick's inimitable ability as a story teller is what really drives the show, along with his charming, down-to-earth instant rapport with the crowd. Material feels fresh and relevant - Mick definitely did not take the easy way out and try to come over here and do 'his' show with no changes. He knows his audience and has done his homework, ingratiating himself to us with jokes about football and cricket much to the delight of the crowd. It comes as no surprise that Mick is so compelling on the mic, even going into 'promo' mode a time or two, which is an experience in itself. Add to that his brilliant comic timing and his quick wit (with a little help from Kurt Angle's entrance theme) batting away any hecklers without difficulty, and it's an amazing performance from a man of many talents.

Then there's the meet-and-greet afterwards, where Mick is every bit the nice guy you'd expect - taking time to make everyone feel special (he remembered me from two years ago) by signing items and gladly taking pictures. He's warm, charming, and makes sure everyone's experience is unique by treating us like individuals - not just a line that he has to get through before he can go home.

At the end of the day, Mick really ticks all the boxes. He knows we want to hear inside stories from the road, Vince McMahon impressions and Al Snow jokes. He knows we want to hear about Hell In A Cell, his ear being ripped off in Germany, and dropping the elbow on Jericho at the Hall of Fame. He gives us that, and it's fascinating to hear his side of things directly, in such an exclusive forum. But it is the spontaneous, tangential anecdotes about strip clubs, his daughter's college, DDP's penis and so much more where Mick really shines. You get the impression he could go on for hours, and it's almost disappointing when the show ends after just an hour and a half - but maybe I'm just being greedy. I would highly recommend any wrestling fan to see Mick Foley on stage and experience a night you'll never forget.

Greg Cunningham

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