NBA playoffs take down Raw

Going largely against the Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat game, Raw delivered one of its lowest numbers outside of football season of the past 15 years, and had the fewest viewers so far in 2013.

The three hour show did about 3.92 million viewers, down 8 percent from last week.  What was notable is that the second hour was the lowest rated of the show, which almost never happens.  The second hour went against the end of the Bulls-Heat game.

The April 15 Raw, which did 4.14 million viewers, had been the lowest mark.

The Bulls-Heat game did 5.54 million viewers.  But even after that game ended, the follow-up San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden State Warriors game, which started at 9:54 p.m., did 5.46 million viewers.

The hour breakdown was

8 p.m. 3.97 million viewers

9 p.m. 3.87 million viewers

10 p.m. 3.91 million viewers

The rating should fall between a 2.7 and 3.0, probably closer to the 3.0 because an NBA game will likely siphon off a higher percentage of viewers as opposed to homes.

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