Ziggler concussion update

From those in WWE, the concussion reported by for Dolph Ziggler was legitimate and not storyline.  Injury stories on the web site can either be legitimate or written as part of the entertainment portion.  This one was written to where it appeared legitimate.

Ziggler has been removed from all in-ring bookings until further notice.  As noted by our earlier update, WWE protocol is that if a wrestler suffers a concussion, they are kept out of the ring until they pass the imPact testing program used to determine if they are healed enough to perform.

There is controversy regarding using that program as concussion research in many ways is in its infancy and the leading doctors have a lot of very different view points.

Regarding the PPV ladder match with Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio at Extreme Rules in St. Louis, given it is 11 days way, there is no way to speculate at this point whether or not it will happen.  At this point, the best description would be that the match is in jeopardy and a backup plan, possibly Swagger vs. Del Rio in a singles match, will have to be put together. 

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