WWE Sautrday Morning Slam TV report

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Report

By: David Parker

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Date: 5/4/2013

The Big News: After two matches, the Usos defeated the Primetime Players.

Show Analysis:

At the beginning of the show, the host announced that the opening match of this week’s show will be Jey Uso vs. Darren Young, and it was made by Saturday Morning Slam GM Mick Foley earlier in the morning. In a pre-match video, the host noted that the key for Jey will be to use his raw strength and agility; if he doesn’t, Darren Young will be able to get the advantage due to his superior conditioning and “in-ring acumen.” However, he noted the x-factor in the match is each man’s tag team partner.

During the Primetime Players’ entrance, the segment that set up the match was shown. In Foley’s office, the Usos were showing him how to do the siva tau when the PTP appeared. Titus thought it was ridiculous that Foley was now trying to learn how to dance from the Usos, and he let him do the “Millions of Dollars!” routine along with Young. Afterwards, Jey said Young has two left feet and challenged him to a match. Titus tried to delay the match to next week by claiming he and Young needed to get to a fish fry, but Foley made the match for this week’s show.

Jey Uso (with Jimmy Uso) defeated Darren Young (with Titus O’Neil) by disqualification. Josh Matthews and Brad Maddox did commentary on today’s show. Before both men started, Titus combed Young’s hair.  When the two men started, Young was able to take control, but when they locked up again after Young taunted him, Jey recovered and messed with Young’s hair. Young then walked over to and sat down on the apron on Titus’ side of the ring, pouting like a small child. Titus called for a timeout and combed Young’s hair before the latter returned to the ring. Jey once again took control, but as the show went to a commercial break, Young managed to slip out of the ring.

When the match returned, Jey had Young in an arm submission. Both men then went back and forth. Jey eventually took control, but when he went to the middle rope on one of the turnbuckles, Young tripped him, which appeared to cause the back of his head to hit the top turnbuckle. At the end of the match, Young set up Jey for a superplex, but Jey managed to push him off the turnbuckle. When he was preparing to hit a splash, Titus knocked him off the turnbuckle for the DQ. The Usos tried to fight Titus, but the referee was able to separate them.

Foley then came out. He said Jimmy and Titus have failed miserably as bystanders in the match. He also said he thought they all have some unresolved personal issues, and the way to solve them would be in a tag team match, which started after a commercial break.

The Usos defeated the Primetime Players. Jimmy and Titus started the match. The PTP took control at the beginning of the match, but the Usos quickly recovered and dominated Young (who was tagged in). At one point, Jimmy tried to superkick Young, but he managed to roll out of the ring. When his attempt to call a timeout failed, he tried to escape from Jimmy, which led to him tripping on the steel steps and hurting his ankle. Young was able to enter the ring on Titus’ side, and he tagged in his partner when Jimmy wasn’t looking, allowing the PTP to take control of the match as the show went to a break. After the break, a “Do Not Try This at Home” promo featuring Mick Foley was shown. Something that I thought was interesting was that the video showed Sheamus doing the Celtic Cross without cutting the bump.

When the match returned, the PTP were dominating Jimmy. At two different points, it looked like Jimmy was going to make a comeback, but Titus quickly stopped him. Jimmy finally got a good opening when he managed to move out of the way when Titus tried to hit the three-point stance. Jey and Young were eventually able to tag in, and Jey dominated his opponent. He tried to score a pin after hitting a Samoan drop and that move where he smashes his butt in his opponent’s face (I don’t know if there’s an actual name for it, since a name was never given when Umaga did it), but Young managed to kick out. When Jey made another pinfall attempt after hitting a bodyslam, Titus managed to break the pin, but after Jimmy returned to the ring, the usos (yes, that was lame) hit a double superkick on Titus, and Jimmy managed to score the pinfall on Young when Jey hit a superkick and he hit a splash off the top rope.

After a replay of the finish was shown, Josh Matthews signed off. No match was announced for next week’s show.

Final Thoughts:

At some point, I’m going to finally get these done at a reasonable time. Hopefully.

Anyway, Dave saying that the show is likely coming to an end in a couple weeks (at least for now) disappoints me. The show is fun for what it is (a couple competitive matches between midcarders), and I like the fact that it’s only a half hour. Hopefully it will be back in the fall.

Also, since Dave didn’t put them in the Observer since I didn’t send them to him, last week’s Main Event had 1.215 million viewers and a 0.33 Adult 18-49 rating, and the April 27 episode of SMS had 0.989 million viewers and a 0.32 Adult 18-49 rating (it was the fourth most watched show on Vortexx that morning).

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