WWE Smackdown TV report - Jericho vs. Ryback

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The opening video hyped up Swagger taking on Big E. tonight. Then they revealed that Bryan would be taking on Ambrose after last week's assault.

Chris Jericho was already set up in the ring with his full Highlight Reel set. RyBack was his guest in street clothes, both had loud leather jackets on. RyBack smiled through footage of his attack on Cena with a chair from Monday. Jericho said he normally likes to stir up his guests but when it came to Cena he sort of saw where RyBack was coming from, then made RyBack's case about being second to Cena. He cut a promo for RyBack about how he'd do anything to win the title, and if you weren't helping him you were just in his way. Jericho said he didn't judge RyBack, he did all the same things, but the fans were.

RyBack told Jericho he talks too much. Jericho said looking in RyBack's eyes he didn't think he'd do anything about it. They both dropped their mic's and Teddy Long came out and booked them in the main event. RyBack then decked Jericho with a right and walked out.

Match Number One: Kofi Kingston (c) Vs. Cody Rhodes, Non-Title Match.

They talked about how Rhodes won a WWE.com poll on who was the most underrated wrestler. Last poll he won lead to him being “dashing”, hopefully nothing similar happens here.

They had a short fun opener, with some fast paced action when Kofi was on top. Rhodes nearly got a pin by rolling through a cross body. That lead to counters to Cross Rhodes and the SOS. Kofi then fluffed the Trouble in Paradise as Cody tried a disaster kick for the pinfall. Not surprisingly, there was no replay of the finish.

Winner: Kofi Kingston, Pinfall.

They showed Monday's footage of Brock destroying Hunter's office and the follow up that night.

Swagger was interviewed with Zeb backstage. Zeb did most of the talking. He said Swagger made a statement by taking out four guys on Monday. He'd serve another statement tonight. He said every step up the ladder Swagger takes will bring America one step closer to its goal.

Match Number Two: Big E. Langston w/ Dolph Ziggler (C) & AJ Vs. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter.

Alberto Del Rio was on commentary. No Ricardo, with the story being that Swagger injured him Monday.

Before the bell could sound, Del Rio slid a ladder into the ring. Dolph went for it first but was taken out. Langston and Swagger were tug of waring for it when Zeb got behind Langston. Big E. turned his attention to Zeb but had the ladder driven into his gut. Dolph then dropkicked the ladder into Swagger.

Del Rio then came in and took out Dolph. He took the ladder outside and threw it into Swagger, reminiscent of what Swagger did to Ricardo. He finished by picking up the title and climbing the ladder in the ring.

They showed a replay of The Shield's match from Raw, beating Kofi and friends.

Match Number Two: Dean Ambrose w/ Rollins & Reigns Vs. Daniel Bryan w/ Kane.

Bryan was very aggressive, landing a series of kicks to the back followed by a 12-6 elbow. After some offence from Ambrose, Bryan came back with kicks to the chest. He missed the headkick and Ambrose bailed, so Bryan hit his suicide dive. This let Rollins and Reigns stand menacingly over both men as they went to a commercial. Ambrose took control during the break.

Bryan avoided a charging shoulder in the corner after being beaten on. He followed it with a running dropkick into the corner, a series of kicks, then another series of kicks after putting Ambrose in the tree of woe. He finished the series for another dropkick to the head for a nearfall.

Bryan finally hit his headkick after nearly being pinned with a backslide. He was distracted by Rollins and Reigns when he looked for the headbutt but Kane kept them away, so Bryan hit a dropkick. Ambrose came back and hit a series of knees, looking good with a shiner. Bryan countered an Irish whip into the No Lock. Kane grabbed Reigns' leg to stop him breaking it up, but as the ref was distracted, Rollins slipped in to stop Ambrose from tapping and break the hold. Then as Ambrose was looking for the headlock driver, Kofi ran in and double legged him in front of the ref for the DQ.

Winner: Dean Ambrose, DQ.

The good guys cleared house and celebrated to Kofi's music.

They had footage of Mark Henry pulling a truck. They said it was 55 thousand pounds. He did it successfully. They then hyped that he was about to attempt a world record by pulling two at once. Before that, they showed Henry beating on Sheamus with the belt from Raw.

They then announced Henry and Sheamus at Extreme Rules being in a Strap Match. Henry was shown being clamped to the two trucks. Striker interviewed him saying he was attempting history. Henry said a lot of strong men have pulled trucks but there's no one who has pulled two tractor trailers. It was a demonstration of how he would pull Sheamus like a rag doll. Henry didn't get traction on his first try, then a second. Striker tried for an interview and Henry said it didn't matter that no one thought he could do it. He yelled at the trucks and tried a third time, getting movement. He got them both over the line and went straight down. He was struggling to breath but yelled that's what he does. Prime Time Players cheered him on and the crowd cheered too.

They showed the RyBack/Kane match and Shield interference from Raw again.

Orton was interviewed where they showed another video from Raw, the KO punch from Big Show. He said he isn't the most trusting guy, but he stuck his neck out for Show at Mania, and it's gotten him knocked out twice. He said at Extreme Rules there'd be no antidote for the venom he gives Show.

Match Number Three: The Big Show Vs. Tensai w/ Brodus & Dancers.

Tensai swarmed Show in the corner. He laid into Show for about thirty seconds. Show then hit the WMD and pinned him.

Winner: The Big Show, Pinfall.

Show went after Brodus as he looked after Tensai. Brodus landed a headbutt but Show bounced off the ropes and used the momentum for a spear. He set for the WMD but Orton popped in and hit an RKO.

AJ teased Kaitlyn in the back after she got another text from her secret admirer. Kaitlyn joked that maybe it was Dolph, ready for a real woman. Natalya walked in asking if there was a problem. AJ left and they continued talking about not knowing who it was. Khali came up behind Natalya pretending to be Rey, wearing his mask and “Booyaka Booyaka, six-one-nine”ing. Kaitlyn asked Natalya if she could have Khali just keep his ears open, that he doesn't need to be undercover. He was then shown as having a fake moustache to be Cody.

Match Number Four: Chris Jericho Vs. RyBack.

RyBack spent a lot of time on offence, with some action from Jericho here and there. RyBack chanted his own name mockingly at the crowd during a crank of Jericho's neck. Jericho came back soon after, finally getting RyBack off his feet with a double axe handle from the top after several shoulder blocks. RyBack missed a splash after a powerslam and Jericho hit the Lionsault to the back for a one count.

RyBack caught Jericho as he jumped for the codebreaker and hit a heavy powerbomb. Jericho hit a dropkick to RyBack's legs as he was running, but couldn't turn him for the Walls of Jericho. So RyBack hit the meathook clothesline and tried for Shellshock. Jericho slipped out and turned him for the Walls. RyBack pushed up and walked his hands to the rope. Jericho hit the codebreaker but RyBack fell out of the ring.

Jericho tried to pick RyBack up but RyBack threw him into the barricade, then crotched him into the steel post for a DQ.

Winner: Chris Jericho, DQ.

Wow that was flat. They played Jericho's music right away and RyBack started walking. He got to the ramp as Jericho got to his feet, then came back to meathook clothesline Jericho over the announcers' table. They ended the show as RyBack walked away.

Not a great show. First time in a while the main event hadn't been an Ambrose match, and with the shitty finish it felt flat. Otherwise, lots of Raw footage and a weird babyface segment for Henry didn't do wonders to build Extreme Rules.

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