OVW TV report for tomorrow night

Here is a recap for Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Episode 716 to air in Louisville on Saturday 5/11 (before that evening's Saturday Night Special) or can also be seen online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/716. OUR OVW Announce Team this week is Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Michael Titus. OUR OVW Ring Announcer is Terry Boddie.
Speaking of SNS, we start with the announce team discussing two matches already set for the event: One-half of OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "The Washington Generals", Jason Wayne doing battle with Sam Shaw with special referee OUR OVW Director of Operations Michael (not PS) Hayes, plus OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia defending against the former champion Doug Williams. There will also be a major debut on the show tonight as King Mo makes his first OVW TV appearance!
The Coalition’s entrance video plays and five of the seven members come to the ring (the five being Wayne, SMG-now wearing a mask underneath the moss, Joe Coleman, Shiloh Jonze, & Raul Lamotta). Wayne declares that Hayes is unfair to everyone, comparing him to famous dictators through history. He then states that Hayes is jealous about what he and Crimson have done for this country, mentioning that he was shot in the arm while serving in the Middle East but was able to recover thus continuing to be a fighting machine. He says Crimson is in yet another meeting with OVW's Board of Directors to have Hayes removed as special referee. Wayne also notes that Coalition member Jack Black, who has been absent the past couple of weeks, is now a casualty of war, and although it's sad the Coalition is willing to push forward. Wayne mentions a civilian who chose to get all up in the Coalition's business last week and commands Coleman to deal with him right now!
Match #1: Elvis Pridemore vs "ThunderLats-The Ultimate Male" Joe Coleman
Pridemore comes out to confront the group and Coleman jumps him from behind. Coleman beats on Pridemore and covers but Wayne yells at him and tells him not to pin Pridemore, but instead beat on him some more and make him pay! Coleman pretty much does this until Jay Bradley runs out and Boomsticks Coleman for the DQ.
Bradley is very angry at the Coalition for attacking him in the dressing room last week and is ready to tear into them. Hayes comes out and although he wonders about Bradley's brushing off his request for help last week, he gives Bradley his blessing to inflict damage on the Coalition. Wayne mention that the Geneva Convention rules wouldn't allow himself or Coleman to fight twice in one night, so he offers up Jonze and Lamotta to take on Bradley. Hayes prefers Bradley to have a partner though Bradley is raring' to go without one.
OUR OVW Ladies Champion Trina makes her way to the announce table, taking Titus' chair. Trina is defending against Epiphany at SNS.
Match #2:  Lovely Lylah vs Epiphany (w/Eddie Diamond)
Gilbert chats with Trina while Titus is temporarily demoted to holding Lylah's tiara. Epiphany and Diamond exchange Eskimo kisses which gives Lylah the opportunity to jump Epiphany from behind. Trina thinks that Diamond is hindering Epiphany and that while she and Epiphany are both strong women, it's really up to their wrestling ability to win the match. Epiphany dominates this short match and gives Lylah a suplexing bodyslam for the pin. Trina says she won't let herself get into that situation at SNS.
In the back, OUR OVW TV Champion Rockstar Spud approaches Randy Royal and Tony Gunn. Spud tells Royal to "catch me if you can". Royal says it's nothing personal but he needs the belt and more importantly the money beings he is $50,000 in debt.
The camera pans to the Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver & "Man-Beast" Ted McNaler) and Brittany Devore. They are approached by a rather well-dressed (for her) Heidi Lovelace, who is in search of Taeler Hendrix. Revolver notices how cute Heidi looks but Brittany elbows him in the ribs, lol. Brittany cuts off McNaler telling Heidi that he hasn't seen Taeler either. Bradley comes up and asks the Homers for assistance but walks off in a huff when they decided to thumb wrestle to decide which one will be Bradley's partner.
Match #3: J Best (w/VIP Joe Rosa and 2 other VIP Club members) vs King Mo
This is the major debut! The two stare down then Mo throws some jabs but Best ducks in the ropes. Mo grabs a waistlock and hangs on, throwing best down several times. Best pulls himself up in the corner and reaches over ref Jordan Barker to slap Mo upside the head before clubbing him in the back of the head. Mo sets up for an abdominal stretch but instead rolls Best over and folds his leg to make him submit.
Olivencia is in front of a curtain. He says Williams consistently makes excuses but the facts are that he beat Williams multiple times and took his title fair and square. At SNS he will prove why he is the OVW Champion!
Match #4: "Triple R Superstar" Randy Royal (w/Tony Gunn) vs OVW TV Champion Rockstar Spud
Spud makes Royal chase him around to start then slips out to the floor. Royal follows and returns only to have Spud drop toehold him. Spud kicks at Royal, who grabs Spud's leg and slams him for 2. Royal hits a few kneelifts for for covers but can't hold a good Spud down. Likewise, Spud is unable to hold Royal down after a couple of rollups and a crossbody. Spud gets backdropped to the apron and hits a slingshot sunset flip. Royal grabs the middle rope but Gunn comes over to remove Royal's hand from the rope! Spud rolls up Royal for the pin.
Royal is very perturbed at this turn of events, telling Spud "We're not done, boy!" and suggesting that he is owed another title shot. Spud replies that he is a fighting champion and will defend against Royal again at SNS. Royal says Gunn will stay in the back next time.
Bradley is still walking around in the back when he sees "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe and his trusty guitar. Howe offers to be Bradley's partner but Bradley just brushes him off.
Match #5: "Mr. Pec-tacular" Jessie Godderz vs Sam Shaw
Shaw has different shorts on this week. They trade hiptosses and slams then Shaw dropkicks Godderz into the corner. Godderz grabs Shaw and chucks him through the ropes out to the floor, where he stomps Shaw and knees him in the face. Back in, Godderz whiffs on an elbow drop and Shaw neckbreakers him for 2. Shaw kips up and hits that inverted lungblower thingy he does for the pin.
Doug Williams is in front of a similar curtain that Olivencia was earlier. He thought Olivencia was an honorable man but now thinks differently since he says Olivencia stole his belt and got his buddies involved. He says Olivencia is not worthy of being OVW Champion and will regain his belt back at SNS.
A flustered Heidi Lovelace comes out to the ring. She says she doesn't want to push Taeler Hendrix away, so she gave her a week to think about it. Heidi says she can't eat and just tosses and turns in bed all night. She just wants Taeler to come out and tell Heidi how she feels about all this. Taeler comes out dressed rather nicely herself but with an odd look on her face. Yes folks, we have "Teidi" in the ring! Taeler says she has a lot of thinking to do. She confirms that Heidi did get her all those gifts, Dylan Bostic doesn't care about her, and Howe did not get her any of the aforementioned gifts. Taeler says she is not surprised since all the girls want to be her and all the guys want to be with her, so she understands that Heidi wants to be the lip to her gloss and the sparkle to her gloss? (She could also be the Shine to her Shimmer, ha ha) "The King of Pink" Dylan Bostic comes out and he seems kind of happy about his, saying that any time Taeler wants to bring home a stripper (referring to Heidi) that’s fine with him! Bostic says he's the King of Pink and channels Tommy Dreamer by saying he'll take them both! He puts him arms around them but Taeler pulls away and slugs him!  Bostic gets off the mat and grabs Taeler but Howe runs out and chases him away. Gilbert wonders aloud if Howe is defending Taeler or continuing his squabbles with Bostic. 
Bradley is still hanging around in the back as "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade offers to be Bradley's partner but Bradley says he's already got one just to brush him off as well. Hayes comes up and tells Bradley he has to have a partner or he won't make the match, so he produces Rob Terry to be the partner!
Gilbert says Howe vs Bostic has been set for SNS. No mentions of any stipulations like "Winner gets "Teidi" for 30 days":)
Match #6: Coalition Squad Bravo (Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta) vs "Team Boomstick" Jay Bradley & "Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry
Bradley zips past Terry and makes a beeline for Bravo! Bradley Tears into Bravo to start until Jonze chopblocks him. Bradley fights them off and tags in Terry, who backdrops Jonze and powerslams Lamotta. Spanish Moss Guy runs into the ring but Terry chases him to the back. Bradley prepares to Boomstick Jonze but Coleman runs out to chopblock him for the DQ as Wayne follows Coleman into the ring. Four on one beatdown ensues then Wayne lays a chair in the ring and grabs Bradley to set up for a spike piledriver. Shaw runs out to stop that but quickly gets overwhelmed after Wayne hits him with the steel rod. Hayes comes out and orders them to stop all these shenanigans. Hayes then gets all up in Wayne's grill and the Coalition attacks Hayes! Terry runs back out to chase them away as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: They did a better job than usual setting things up for SNS, and at least this time we didn't see any title changes. Liked the dueling promos with Olivencia and Williams, it seemed old-school to me (in a good way). Liked the story with Royal wanting that belt (and thus the money) so bad, he's willing to compromise by attempting to cheat. Imagine if Gunn was made a special ref for SNS? Taeler still didn't give us any response as to how she feels about Heidi and the gifts so we'll have to wait another week but meanwhile we get another round of Howe/Bostic. Six matches in an hour! Good to hear Trina speak, I don't recall her ever doing so at the Stadium Inn. She may end up being correct about Diamond hindering Epiphany. Even at 71% strength, the Coalition still managed to look strong here. I would expect some sort of Coalition vs Bradley/Terry/Switchblade etc at SNS.
This wasn't the best OVW TV I've seen but it was like Shakespeare compared to the season finale of Glee, so I'm going with like a 45-degree angle thumbs up.

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