Ziggler talks about his concussion

Dolph Ziggler's concussion suffered on Tuesday night was so severe that he has no memory of Raw.

"I didn't even remember Monday until I watched Raw when I got home," he said in a WWE.com interview.  "I don't even remember traveling form Raw to Smackdown.  I don't remember Tuesday.  I remember A.J.  and Big E taking me to the airport on Wednesday morning."

Ziggler said the injury, which aired on tonight's Smackdown show, apparently took place when he bent over to grab a ladder and Jack Swagger kicked him in the head.  He said he had a bad headache on Thursday, but today it's only a slight headache.

He said it was the worst concussion he's suffered in his career.  Ziggler was diagnosed with retrograde amnesia and may be getting a CT scan done in a few days.

Ziggler won't be returning to the ring until he can pass imPact testing, which he hopes won't be long.  Regarding the 5/19 PPV, there is no definite answer either way.

Story is at http://www.wwe.com/inside/dolph-ziggler-suffers-concussion-26113883


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