TNA house show report 5-10 Birmingham - Storm injured, couldn't wrestle

Hey Dave,
Here are the results from TNA house show tonight at Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham
                                              Abyss b Bully Ray-DQ
                                              A.J. Styles b Bobby Roode
                                              Hernandez & Guerrerro b Bischoff & Brisco
                                              Velvet Sky b Gail Kim
                                              Joseph Park b Christopher Daniels
                                              Rockstar b Robbie E
James Storm was originally scheduled to face Bully Ray in the main event, but Storm came out and told us about his injury and doctor's orders not to wrestle.  So Park did double duty(reminds me of Continental days when a jobber would work 2 or 3 times with different gimmicks).  Bully of course did tremendous mic work.  He acted like he didn't even know what town he was in.  First he said Biloxi, then Montgomery, and then he turned away from the mic and asked the ref where he was and then finally said Birmingham. 
Very simple house show with some wrestling starved fans who were enthusiastic.  I won't bother being too critical because all the negative things about TNA have been reported about a million times now.  But I am glad it's in existence.  For how long remains to be seen I guess.  No real standouts other than Bully's mic work and the Styles/Roode match(even though that did seem a little off.  I guess they didn't want to go all out on a house show).  Styles had a lot of support.  Folks were more into the opener with Rockstar and Robbie E than you would think.  Daniels got the fans good when he was working the mic and they started saying "What?" After about the 7th or 8th what, he said "All assholes say what" and they did.  And laughed. 
Girls match was decent.  Bischoff and Brisco have a lot of work to do, but their gimmick was over. 
Maybe Earl Hebner has been wearing this shirt for a while and I've missed it(I only watch TNA about once a month) but he wore a black and white striped shirt that says "Damn Right I Did"  in respsonse to you know what.  Yes, even in Birmingham, we had a group of folks chanting "You screwed Bret".  Hebner then put on some Bret Hart type shades and did the "Suck It" gesture toward that group.  Never thought I'd see that. 
Fans enjoyed the prizes thrown to them.  Merchandise tables looked like they did a little bit of business.  But there were LOTS of seats available.  Most of my fellow wrestling fans didn't even know the show was in town.
Jim Ward

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