Notes on Kenta Kobashi retirement match

Kenta Kobashi's retirement match was held earlier today at Budokan Hall in Tokyo.  It was literally impossible to attend late (as one of our readers found out) as not just the arena, but every closed-circuit showing in Tokyo was sold out ahead of time.

Kobashi & Jun Akiyama & Keiji Muto & Kensuke Sasaki beat KENTA & Go Shoizaki & Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Maybach Taniguchi (all proteges of sorts of Kobashi) when Kobashi pinned Kanemaru with his last moonasult.  

There was a very teary eyed post-match interview and celebration with Kobashi thanking everyone saying he had the greatest career possible.  Family members were introduced.  There was also a loud "Misawa" chant.

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Who do you expect to win this fight?