Portland Wrestling Uncut TV report

Portland Wrestling Uncut - 5/11/13

The show opens with the Grappler surrounded by his replacement wrestlers. Most noteable are ECCW wrestlers SCOTTY MAC and RAVENOUS RANDY MYERS. Thunder and Wade BY GOD Hess come out and Thunder starts shoving the scabs. Things calm down and Grappler challenges them to face four of his guys in a handi-cap match tonight. Mike Santiago comes out next and cuts a promo challenging any of the scabs or PWU wrestlers. Colt Toombs comes out and our opening match is set after a commercial break.

Joe V and Josh Wilcox on PBP. Wilcox does a good job, so I'm glad this has seemingly become the regular announce team.

Match #1

Colt Toombs defeated Mike Santiago by DQ when Demarcus James attacked Toombs just as he had Santiago locked in an armbar. Jorel Nelson and Jonas Albert Robinson join the attack on Toombs. Santiago walks off, allowing the scabs to triple team Toombs. Pat Large runs in for the save and helps Toombs clear the ring.

Joe V interviews Eric Right and Hot Hands Mendoza prior to their match

Match #2

Hot Hands Mendoza defeated Eric Right with a double arm DDT

Joe V interviewed THE BOXCAR SUPERSTAR - THE HOBO from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Oh man, this guy is awesome. I suggest you look him up on youtube.

PNW champ Big Ugly cut a promo via SKYPE. He is getting over a concussion and will be back on PWU as soon as he is cleared.

Match #3

Ravenous Randy Myers & Scotty Mac defeated Derek Drexl & Erik Baeden when Mac pinned Drexl after a super kick

Joe V interviewed Mac & Myers. Mac mentions his prior run in Portland Wrestling for Frank Culbertson's promotion when he was pushed as the star of the promotion. Mac says when you want the best wrestlers you look north to Canada. This brings out the Blanchard Brothers and Mr. Ooh La La who issue a challenge for a tag team title match next week.

Match #4

Thunder & Wade BY GOD Hess defeated Kellen Raeth, Causmo, Pugsly, & Jorel Nelson in a handi-cap match when Hess pinned Raeth

Joe V interviewed the replacement wrestlers in the ring after their loss. Raeth punched Joe V, which caused a huge brawl between the PWU wrestlers and the scabs. The show ends with all the wrestlers brawling in the ring.

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