ROH TV report - clips from Border Wars

5/11/2013 ROH TV Report

Kevin Kelly introduces a “Road Rage”edition of the show with matches from Border Wars. Kelly announces that tonight the match the match with Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal vs two members of SCUM will be shown as well as the I Quit match between Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer. Kelly announces that Jay Briscoe was successful in his title defense against Adam Cole at Border Wars.

Mike Bennett comes to the ring with Maria Kannellis for the opening match followed by his opponent Roderick Strong. They tie up with Strong backing up Bennett and chopping him in the corner. Bennett rolls outside to get away and then returns. They tie up again and Bennett takes a headlock and then takes down Strong with a shoulder block. Strong whips him into the ropes and hits a leg lariat. Strong stomps on Bennett in the corner and then chops him again. Strong maintains control until Bennett kicks him in the gut and then stays on him with punches. Strong hits a backbreaker for a pin attempt and then continues stomping on Bennett who fights back with punches. They criss-cross and Strong leapfrogs Bennett and rolls him up with a backslide. Strong applies his Boston Crab but Bennett grabs the ropes. They spill outside where Strong continues with chops all around the ring. Strong gets distracted by the crowd and Bennett gives him a spinebuster on the ring apron as the match goes to commercials. After the break Strong runs into a boot from Bennett. Strong whips a charging Bennett into the corner and chops him. Strong takes Bennett to the top rope for a superplex but Bennett initially knocks him off the ropes. Strong hits an enzuiguri and then climbs back up and hits the superplex for a two-count. They get back to their feet and Bennett hits elbows but Strong fights back with a knee. Bennett hits Strong with a spinebuster for a two-count. Strong leapfrogs over a charging Bennett and then hits a forearm, a knee-lift and a backbreaker for another pin attempt. Bennett boots Strong in the face but Strong picks Bennett up on his shoulders and goes for a double-knee gutbuster. Bennett avoids the gutbuster and rolls through for a pin attempt but Strong kicks out. Bennett hits a spear and goes for another pin attempt. Bennett picks up Strong for a TKO but Strong fights out and applies his Stronghold Boston Crab. Maria gets on the apron and distracts the referee as Bennett taps out. Strong argues with the referee allowing Bennett to hit a superkick and his Box Office Smash STO for a near-fall. Bennett then goes for his own Boston Crab but ROH student Cheeseburger comes to ringside and kisses Maria. Bennett chases him around the ring and when he returns he gets hit by a sick-kick from Strong who covers him for the pin to win the match.

Footage is shown of ROH matchmaker Nigel McGuinness confronting Steve Corino and SCUM on previous ROH television to set up the match with Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal vs SCUM . Stipulations include Corino leaving the company if they lose but SCUM getting a title shot and Corino becoming color commentator if SCUM wins. An interview is shown with Corino, Rhett Titus, Jimmy Jacobs and Cliff Compton. Corino talks about the stipulations and says that people say he can’t do it but he created SCUM, he destroyed Kevin Steen and there is nothing that God can’t do. Corino asks Nigel what he is going to do when the smoke clears and one of Corino’s chosen is the ROH World Champion. Corino tells Nigel that the end is near.

Footage is shown of the recent break-up between Kevin Steen and SCUM leading to Matt Hardy giving Steen a Twist Of Fate. Footage is also shown of Rhett Titus knocking out BJ Whitmer with a chain in his hand. Whitmer is then shown coming to the ring for the match at Border Wars and he immediately starts brawling with Titus who is already in the ring. Titus whips Whitmer into the ropes and Corino grabs his foot. Nigel leaves the commentary table and brings referees from the back and forces Corino to leave ringside. Whitmer throws Titus to the outside and hits him with a tope suicida. Whitmer throws Titus into the ring barrier as the match goes to commercials. Upon return Titus is in control and hits Whitmer with a forearm and an axehandle. Whitmer gets to his feet and Titus continues to punch him but Whitmer makes his comeback and punches Titus back. Titus hits the ropes and Whitmer catches him with an exploder suplex. Whitmer goes after Titus in the corner but Titus drives Whitmer’s head into the second turnbuckle. The referee asks Whitmer if he wants to quit as Titus gets zip-ties   to attempt to cuff Whitmer to the ropes. Whitmer fights back with kicks and the zip-ties go flying as Titus falls to the mat. Whitmer grabs the zip-ties and cuffs Titus to the top rope. Whitmer lays into Titus with punches and the referee asks Titus if he wants to quit but Titus says no. Titus spits in Whitmer’s face and Whitmer goes to the outside and gets a chair. Corino returns to the ring and stares down Whitmer before getting down on his knees for Whitmer to hit him with a chair. Titus then yells for the referee and yells “I Quit” into the microphone, sacrificing himself to save Corino. Cliff Compton and Jimmy Jacobs then hit the ring and jump Whitmer. Michael Elgin and Compton and Jacobs as the referee calls for the bell for their match to start with Titus still zip-tied to the ropes.

Lethal gives Jacobs a reverse atomic drop and gives Titus a superkick. Jacobs and Compton get thrown to the outside and Elgin goes after Compton while Elgin brawls with Lethal. Elgin slams Compton onto a chair at ringside and then starts punching Jacobs as the match goes to commercials. After the break Lethal and Jacobs return to the ring Jacobs headbutts Lethal . They trade chops and Elgin and Compton both go to their corners. Elgin tags in and gives Jacobs a long delayed vertical suplex with the fans counting to sixty before Elgin drops him to the mat. Jacobs kicks out of a pin attempt and Lethal l tags in. Elgin and Lethal give Jacobs a hiptoss and Lethal gives him a seated dropkick. Elgin gives him a senton and Lethal covers him for a pin attempt. Jacobs rakes Lethal’s eyes and tags in Compton who goes back-and-forth with Lethal before Lethal hits a handspring elbow. Elgin tags in and stomps on Compton before picking him up for another long delayed vertical suplex. The fans count along as Lethal dropkicks Jacobs and then picks him up for a delayed vertical suplex at the same time. Elgin does a senton on Compton and attempts a pin. Lethal tags in and hits Compton with punches until Compton knocks him down with kneelifts. Lethal fights back and Elgin hits a blind tag allowing Lethal to whip Compton into a flying elbow from Elgin. Lethal knocks Jacobs off the apron and then superkicks Compton as Elgin picks Compton up in a torture rack and brings him down in a neckbreaker. Lethal hits a tope suicida on Jacobs but appears to hurt his knee. Elgin is left alone with Compton and Jacobs. Elgin charges Compton in the corner and gets a boot to the face but then hits a clothesline. Elgin hits a sidewalk slam on Compton and then goes outside to check on Lethal. The show goes to commercials and upon return Elgin is fighting off both Compton and Jacobs with punches and kicks. Elgin gives Jacobs a northern lights suplex and then hits Compton with a spinning backfist. Jacobs attempts to spear Elgin but Elgin catches him and throws him at Compton in a buckle bomb. Elgin picks up Compton on his shoulder and then picks up Jacobs in a bodyslam position and gives them a simultaneous Samoan drop and fall-away slam. Nigel says on commentary that Lethal has said he can’t continue. Elgin goes for a powerbomb on Compton but is stopped by Jacobs. Elgin goes for a powerbomb on Jacobs but is stopped by Compton who runs him into the ringpost in the corner. Compton and Jacobs take turns choking Elgin and double-team him. Jacobs gives Elgin a ddt and then mocks him. Compton gives Elgin a legdrop followed by a headscissors. Elgin tries to roll out of it but Jacobs tags in as Elgin throws Compton out of the ring. Jacobs jumps on Elgin’s back and applies a sleeper. Elgin drives Jacobs back into the corner and boots a charging Compton in the face. Jacobs jumps on Elgin’s back again with a sleeper but Elgin dead-lifts Compton and gives him a German suplex at the same time that he falls back on Jacobs. Elgin goes to the   corner looking for a tag and Kevin Steen comes to the ring and Nigel allows him to join the match. Steen tags in and unloads on Compton and Jacobs with punches. Steen throws Jacobs and Compton into opposite corners and this them both with cannonball sentons. Steen goes outside and throws Jacobs into the ring barrier twice and then does the same to Compton once. Steen gives Jacobs a powerbomb on the ring apron and rolls him inside where Elgin gives him a buckle bomb. Elgin is going for a powerbomb when Compton clips his knee. Steen returns to the ring and throws Jacobs outside and gives Compton a pop-up powerbomb. Steen attempts to give Compton a package piledriver but Jacobs rolls up Steen with a schoolboy to win the match for SCUM. Jacobs, Compton and Corino celebrate as the show goes off the air.

The matches selected from Border Wars were fun and were good continuity with the focus on SCUM in t.v. storylines. It worked well to have a “Road Rage” episode this week but hopefully it is the exception and they get back to new footage next week.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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