CMLL TV report

Peq Nitro/Peq Violencia/Peq Warrior vs Aereo/Peq Shocker/Fantasy
Aereo had some nice flying early in the match.  In a good spot in first fall Peq Violencia was sitting on the top rop rope with Aereo on his shouldrs and Peq Warrior used a Frankensteiner on Aereo off of Peq Violencia's shoulders.  Rudos took the first fall when Peq Nitro & Peq Warrior used a double Codebreaker onto Peq Shocker.  Technicos won the the second fall when Fantasy pinned Peq Nitro with a Spanish Fly & Aereo made Peq Violencia tap to a double armhook submission.    In the third fall Peq Shocker made Peq Warrior submit to a La Reinera & Fantasy pinned Peq Violencia with a Plancha from the top rope.
Winners: Peq Shocker/Aereo/Fantasy
Final Thoughts:  A really good minis match with Peq Shocker looking great and getting a big crowd reaction.
Namajague/Misterioso Jr/Okumura vs Fuego/Rey Cometa/Stuka Jr.
Rudos took the first fall when Okumura pinned Stuka Jr with a Brainbuster & Misterioso pinned Fuego with a Blue Destiny.  In the second fall the three technicos were all on the top rope and delivered simultaneous Asai moonsaults onto the rudos on the floor.  Crowd popped big for the spot.  Rey Cometa hit his Cometa Especial onto Namajague on the floor.  The Rudos took the second fall and the match when Namajague fouled Rey Cometa.
Winners:  Namajague/Misteroso Jr/Okumura
Final Thoughts:  Really good match and the crowd liked it.  Great flying as always by Cometa.  The focus was the on the Cometa/Namajague feud.
Niebla Roja/Ultimo Guerrero/Euforia vs Thunder/Mistico/Mascara Dorada.
Rudos won the first fall when Euforia pinned Thunder with a plancah from the top rope and Ultimo Guerrero made Dorada tap to his Mexican Stretch II.  In the second fall Thunder hit a plancha on Guerrero on the floor.  Dorad hit a picture perfect Asai moonsault onto the floor onto Roja.  Then Technicos won the match when Mistico used the La Mistica on Euforia.  Rudos took the third fall when Ultimo Guerrero used his Guerrero Special onto Thunder and Euforia used a facebuster off the middle ropes onto Mascara Dorada.
Final Thoughts:  Another very good match.  Mistico was the star of the match but got a mix of cheers and boos.  Thunder actually got a really good pop from the crowd.
Mark Black
Pittsburgh PA

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