WWE Raw TV report - HHH/Lesnar confrontation in a cage, Sheild vs. Cens & Bryan & Kane

WWE Monday Night Raw

May 13, 2013
Tulsa, OK

Cristin Milioti

Tonight, for those of you who have downloaded the WWE App: Raw is a dance off~! Plus Triple H & Brock Lesnar have a face to face confrontation before their OLD SCHOOL CAGE MATCH at Extreme Rules on Sunday.

Commentary: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, John "Bradshaw" Layfield

A freshly shaven FANDANGO took on the former contestant on "Dancing With The Stars," Chris Jericho, in a dance off. Jericho promoted his past accomplishments on Raw, including his victory in WWE Musical Chairs and The Price is Raw. FANDANGO started first, but as the music played, he didn't move. The crowd booed, and FANDANGO cut the music. Summer Rae, his partner tonight, was perplexed. FANDANGO said he needed silence to create his masterpiece. The music went again, and the pair began to dance but Summer fell down. FANDANGO yelled at Summer Rae for messing up. Jericho's dance partner went to her aide, while FANDANGO left ringside. Y2J turned towards the injured Rae to check on her, and that's when FANDANGO ran back in and attacked Jericho from behind. He beat up Jericho at ringside, and afterward, it was revealed that Summer had faked her injury. The pair did a dip to a chorus of boos, and left together with Jericho completely destroyed.

The Ryback vs Zack Ryder
Ryback squashed Ryder, beating him with his Shellshock. And...that's about it.

Prime Time Players vs Tons of Funk
Titus O'Neil pinned Brodus Clay in a quick match. While the ref was distracted, Darren hit Brodus in the throat with his hair pick to allow Titus to roll up the big man. The camera missed most of this, so it was immediately replayed after the match. The tag division in WWE has never been better! Or not.

World Title Announcement
Teddy Long came out to make an announcement regarding the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules. Dolph Ziggler is out of the match due to a concussion. Teddy was interrupted by a stumbling Zeb Colter and sober Jack Swagger, who both demanded Ziggler be stripped of the title. Big E and AJ came out, saying the title isn't going anywhere. AJ implored Teddy to fire Swagger. Teddy announced Jack vs Del Rio at Extreme Rules in a #1 contendership match... however, the match is now an I QUIT match. Teddy also made Big E vs Jack or Alberto for later, as the WWE App audience would choose between Jack or Del Rio.

Cole is now promoting the WWE App as "the new way to watch television!"

Kofi Kingston vs Damien Sandow
Kofi beat Damien Sandow via pinfall after the Trouble in Paradise. Damien took a break from training for his NXT Championship match to take on the United States Champion, Kofi Kingston. Well, hopefully he has better luck against Big E this week, because Kofi made relatively quick work of Sandow tonight.

Mark Henry Calls Out Sheamus
As Henry came out, we saw highlights of JBL vs Eddie Guerrero from 2004 in a bullrope match. They said that Henry vs Sheamus in the strap match at Extreme Rules will be a 'similar type match.' Josh Mathews was out in the ring to ask Henry questions. Henry demanded that Josh put on the strap, with Henry putting the other end around his wrist. Henry proceeded to demonstrate the rules of the strap match, after slapping Josh down. Henry finished and untied Josh before demanding that Sheamus come out. Sheamus did come out, but wouldn't come to the ring. Henry called him a coward. Sheamus then walked toward the ring, but only got in after retrieving a strap of his own. Sheamus beat up Henry with his strap quickly, so Henry left in shame.

WWE is really pushing the WWE app tonight. They are doing live interviews and other stuff DURING the show now, not just during commercials.

I've Seen This Before Somewhere...
Randy Orton took on Antonio Cesaro. Randy Orton beat Antonio Cesaro. Not a long match, and ended with Orton hitting an RKO after escaping a schoolboy attempt.

The Miz vs Cody Rhodes is the Extreme Rules pre-show match.

The Miz vs Heath Slater
Miz beat Heath with the figure four.

Team Hell No vs Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins in a Tag Team Title Tornado Match takes place Sunday. When's the last time they had a Tornado match!? Also, no Ambrose in the match is disappointing. Seth Rollins vs Kane will be the main event on Main Event this week.

The Shield vs Cena & Kane & Bryan
This was an elimination match. The match featured a lot of action before the first elimination, and was tonight's long match of the night. Crowd way into it with who was involved.

First elimination: Kane, via DQ, when he attacked Dean Ambrose with a portion of the announce table. After the first elimination, Roman got a lot of time in with John Cena. This could very well be a main event program in the future, and the two looked fine in there together.

Second elimination: Dean Ambrose pinned Daniel Bryan after the Bulldog DDT (or Headlock Driver). This was the  end of a great sequence of action between Bryan, Rollins, and Ambrose.

Third elimination: Seth Rollins was eliminated after a John Cena AA kept him down for the count.

Fourth elimination: Roman Reigns was Disqualified after he, get this, speared Cena while he was not the legal man. Cole tried to sell it as he was DQ'd for shoving the referee, which he did right before spearing Cena. This left Ambrose in there alone with Cena in what may also be a future big show main event.

Final elimination: Dean Ambrose was Disqualified after Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns came back in to beat up on John Cena. So The Shield lost, albeit via DQ. This was such a lame way to break the win streak, although no one will care. They, at least, did leave standing tall over the prone John Cena.

After the match, The Ryback made his way in the ring while Cena was still down and out. Ryback simply stood over him, and walked away... UNTIL... he came back in, in beast mode, and destroyed Cena's bad ankle with a steel chair. RYBACK RULES!

3 Ain't Enough, He Need 5
Jack Swagger beat Big E via countout. Some momentum builder... a countout win. Swagger won the WWE App poll 65/35. Swagger makes sense as the pick, as the WWE App users chose a guy they wanted to see get beat up by Big E. Lawler tried to make this case throughout the match but was basically ignored by Cole and JBL. This was a strong showing for Big E in my opinion, as he got a lot of offense in and looked like he belonged.

After the match, Del Rio attacked Swagger and the two wrestled around for a bit before Del Rio dumped Swagger and stood tall in the ring. Big E may get involved in the match on Sunday from the way this was built.

AJ Lee vs Natalya
The Bellas, Kaitlyn, Hornswoggle, and Khali were all at ringside and commentary for this match. A gift was delivered to Kaitlyn at ringside from her admirer. This was a trainwreck of a segment on audio. In the ring, AJ beat Natalya with a submission move out of nowhere.

Backstage, Chris Jericho was obviously reading lines about his upcoming match with FANDANGO.

Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel w/ Randy Orton & Big Show announced for Smackdown.

Triple H confronts Brock Lesnar
Triple H came to the ring, and when he got in, a steel cage lowered around it. Triple H feels at home in the ring when it is surrounded by steel. H challenged Brock to come out and fight right now. Brock Lesnar sponsored by Jimmy John's came out, along with Paul Heyman. Paul started to speak but was cut off by the other Paul. Brock wanted to charge the ring, but Heyman stopped him. Heyman cut a promo strikingly similar to his promos before the WrestleMania match between these two. Same talking points, same "You'll disappoint your family" stuff, etc etc. Paul said that Brock doesn't fight for free, so they started to leave. Triple H cut the music off, told Brock to stay, and said that Brock won't face Triple H like a man tonight because Heyman can't afford Brock to lose again.  Triple H reminded everyone that he has already beat Brock Lesnar. Triple H said that if Brock loses again, then Paul Heyman will basically go broke. So he appealed directly to Lesnar, asking him if he wanted to listen to Paul and run away like a bitch. Brock, mad, slowly walked to the ring. The WWE referees tried to stop him. Brock thought long and hard about entering the ring, and eventually got in.

HHH and Brock stood face to face, and then a huge brawl began. After a minute, HHH threw Brock out of the ring onto the floor. This was a good preview for the match on Sunday. The rubber match happens this weekend, and Triple H appears to have the upper hand going in.

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