Review of last night's Mick Foley performance

"Mick Foley: Tales From Wrestling Past; Bath Komedia, 08/05/2013: Quick Review
I have always been a huge fan of "Hardcore Legend" Mick Foley, going as far back as his time in WCW as the unpredictable Cactus Jack. I always wanted to see Foley perform live in the UK and even though I spent a good 10-year period attending WWF/WWE and WCW events on these shores, due to circumstance or retirement, Foley always eluded me.
Until now. I heard that Mick was doing a "comedy tour" of the UK, recalling his favourite wrestling stories. I had read and loved all of his autobiographies and so was really looking forward to this.
The "Komedia" in Bath, England was sold-out in advance and was a great venue. As expected, it was a wrestling crowd, which of course, was fine with me. Support was provided by promoter and comedian Jim Smallman, who also supported William Regal in Regal's "Audience With A Wrestling Villain" show in Birmingham (which I also attended) last year. Part of the routine I'd heard before, but Smallman is still a funny and likeable guy and I think everyone in attendance appreciated his act.
But it was Foley who they came to see, and he didn't disappoint. Perhaps there was more "wrestling" then "comedy" (Foley basically told stories but made the odd quip and the stories themselves were funny). Of course, Hell In A Cell and losing half his ear in Germany were hot topics, but Mick also referenced the difficulty he faced in getting a WWF contract in 1996, falling out with Vince McMahon for real in 2008, a hilarious Stacy Keibler story and more.
Overall, it was a nice, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. People came to hear Foley talk wrestling, by and large, he did and the audience lapped it up.
The "Meet And Greet" ticketholders got to meet the man himself after the show and say a few words and get a photo and autograph. It was definitely worth the extra money.
I thought it was a truly positive experience and for anyone who's been a fan for as long as I have and sometimes feels a bit jaded with the whole wrestling thing, I strongly recommend you attend a show like this. Foley may not be God, but he is a class act and a bloody nice bloke!"
Matthew Evans

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