UFC fighter has expensive drug test failure (updated with more details)

Pat Healy's management released this statement, regarding his UFC 159 win over Jim Miller  in Newark. NJ, the biggest win of his career, and subsequent marijuana test failure.

Healy earned $152,500 between collecting $65,000 bonuses for best submission and best fight.  He also earned a $5,000 win bonus.

All of those bonuses are going to be forfeited based on the test failiure.  Dana White confirmed UFC policy that Healy would be losing his $130,000 in performance bonuses. 

His win, being overturned and the result now ruled a no contest, will cost him his biggest triumph and his $5,000 win bonus.

Sources close to Healy said his suspension would be three months, which is the normal time frame between fights.

UFC officials said that they will release a statement regarding the test failiure either later today or early tomorrow.

Healy's management released this statement:

“I would like to start off by apologizing to the UFC, Jim Miller, the MMA community, it's fans, my family, teammates and coaches for my positive testing for marijuana after my UFC 159 fight with Jim Miller. I was fully aware of the UFC and State Commissions drug policies and made poor life choices. I stand behind the UFC and the State Commission's disciplinary actions. I support efforts to make MMA and sports a clean, safe and fair place to compete.  First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge and take responsibility for my mistake. I made a very poor choice to socially use marijuana and now I must face the consequences of that choice. I can assure you that I will do everything the UFC and State Commission asks of me and beyond. I will also make a conscious effort to be a better role model within the MMA community.”

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