WWE Main Event TV report - Kane vs. Rollins

By Chris Aiken

Airdate: May 15, 2013

WWE Main Event from Wichita featured a member of The Shield in a singles match with one-half of the tag team champions and this episode’s version of go-home show leading to Extreme Rules. Most episodes begin with the standard Main Event opening video package. However, this show opened with a teaser plugging the featured match before the usual canned open. The Miz returned from making a movie and joined Michael Cole on commentary. Before the first match began, they discussed a Texas tornado rules tag team title match announced for Extreme Rules involving Team Hell No and Shield members Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Therefore, the featured match on Main Event actually had a storyline reason for taking place, which is something many matches from this weekly show sometimes lack.

Kane beat Seth Rollins via disqualification.

Before the match, Cole said Daniel Bryan was not there due to prior media commitments so Kane came to the ring alone while all three members of the Shield came to ringside through the crowd. At the start, Rollins ducked out of a lock up and tried to stay away from Kane. Rollins ducked a punch and landed some body shots with Kane in a corner but Rollins quickly backed away and kept his distance. Kane got backed in a corner after missing another punch when Rollins ducked. Rollins landed body shots but Kane grabbed him by the throat and threw him in the corner. Though Rollins fought back and hit a couple of drop kicks, Kane stayed on his feet and Rollins hit the ropes only to run into a boot from Kane, who proceeded to work over Rollins.

Eventually, Kane caught Rollins in the corner in a position to set up the tombstone piledriver but Rollins escaped his grasp and rolled out of the ring. The Shield regrouped and all surrounded the ring like they planned to rush Kane on three different sides. Reigns got on the apron momentarily to distract Kane as Rollins rushed into the ring only to get back dropped back out on the other side on to Reigns. The highspot led to a commercial break and upon returning to the action in match, Kane missed an elbow drop and Rollins landed a series of kicks. Kane grabbed Rollins by the throat but Rollins kicked his way out and put the boots to Kane. Rollins began to get heat on Kane, who briefly fought back only to miss a splash into a corner, and then Rollins took Kane down to the mat.

Kane made a comeback after hitting a clothesline that Rollins sold with a flip bump like Curt Hennig. Kane hit a running clothesline in a corner then another in an opposite corner after using an Irish whip that set up a sidewalk slam. Kane climbed to the top rope yet lingered for a moment which allowed Rollins to leap up and kick Kane off the top and down to ringside before another commercial break. After the break, Rollins had Kane grounded with a chinlock but Kane fought free only to hit a turnbuckle shoulder first when Rollins moved as Kane charged towards him. Rollins hit a Stinger splash in the corner and used a takedown that rammed Kane into the turnbuckles. After climbing to the second rope, Rollins got caught when he dove off and Kane began a comeback.

Kane hit a diving clothesline off the top rope and signaled for the chokeslam. Rollins blocked it and got sent out over the ropes to the ring apron. He climbed to the top rope and dove off and Kane caught him by the throat. Rollins worked free and used a sunset flip but Kane grabbed him by the throat again threw him into Reigns when he climbed on the apron for a distraction. Then, Kane hit a chokeslam on Rollins and Dean Ambrose ran in and broke up the pin attempt for the DQ and Kane won the match.

After the match, The Shield jumped Kane and signaled for the triple power bomb. The Usos ran in to make the save and The Shield retreated through the crowd. Involvement by the Usos leads to a tag match on Smackdown. Following the match and its aftermath, a replay from Raw featured The Shield attacking John Cena and it also focused on Cena’s current feud with Ryback. Likewise, another video package chronicled the feud between Brock Lesner and Triple H. As the video packages and plugs for Extreme Rules ended, Sin Cara made his entrance for a match. After a commercial break, Wade Barrett came out sporting the Intercontinental title.

Sin Cara beat Wade Barrett via pinfall.

The yellow lights shining down on the ring returned as part of a Sin Cara match but Barrett dominated the majority of the match. Barrett draped Sin Cara on the ropes and knocked him to the floor before ramming him into the side of the ring. Barrett continued to work over Sin Cara until he got caught with boots to the face as he charged into a corner. Sin Cara used a springboard back elbow, a springboard cross body and a missile drop kick after springing off the ropes. Barrett caught Sin Cara and gave him the “winds of change” slam and power bombed him into the turnbuckles. Barrett went for another power bomb but Sin Cara reversed it into a cradle to score the pin in what was sold as an upset victory.

Cody Rhodes beat Justin Gabriel via pinfall.

At the outset, Cole and Miz plugged the Extreme Rules pre-show which features Miz in a match with Cody Rhodes. During the match, Miz said being in the pre-show match was fine but he wanted to be in the main event. Well, at least for his sake he is once again a color analyst on a show called Main Event. Much like the previous match, this match was short but unlike the previous match, it was fairly fast paced in comparison. The match was good but told less of a story than the other two matches on this show. Eventually, Rhodes went for the cross roads but Gabriel blocked it twice then Rhodes used an Alabama slam. After a third attempt, Rhodes hit the cross roads for the pin. Afterwards, Miz and Rhodes had a stare down as Cole plugged the Extreme Rules pre-show just before the show came to a close.

The streak of good episodes for Main Event continues. The show has really improved in terms of storylines and the wrestling has been stronger than usual since the Antonio Cesaro and Kofi Kingston match that many people raved about.

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