WWE Smackdown TV report

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The Extreme Rules go home show started with MizTV. His guests were Randy Orton and the Big Show to hype up their extreme rules match at Extreme Rules. Show said the only way Orton could hit an RKO was from behind, like he did last week. He said he doesn't need weapons to rip Orton apart and the last thing people will remember from the PPV will not be an RKO but a TKO. Orton was really stiff with some cheesy dialogue. He talked about the PPV being in his hometown and how he wouldn't be beaten in front of his family and friends. People would remember how the Viper struck down the Giant.

Zeb Colter interrupted and started walking to the ring with Swagger. He said they were both wrong, people would remember Del Rio saying “I quit” because of Swagger. Del Rio then came out with Ricardo. Alberto told Colter to shut up. He said the only thing people would remember is Swagger quitting.

Mark Henry came out with everyone still in the ring. He said people will remember him beating Sheamus like no one has in their life. Henry got to the ring and Sheamus came out. He had a hand behind his back. He asked why they were waiting till Sunday to create memories. He revealed a strap and the faces cleared the ring.

After an adbreak, Teddy Long came out. Everyone else had cleared. He made a six-man tag for the main event. Del Rio/Orton/Sheamus Vs. Swagger/Show/Henry.

Match Number One: The Shield w/ Dean Ambrose Vs. The Usos.

Family feud time with Reigns in with the Usos. The Usos took over on Rollins, but he quickly tagged in Reigns. Reigns hit a spear when an Uso and Rollins were fighting outside for the pinfall. Very short match.

Winners: The Shield, Pinfall.

The Shield kept beating on the Usos after the bell, so Kofi ran down. He was quickly tossed out but he grabbed a chair and tried again. He broke up a triple powerbomb and sent them running.

Long was welcoming Miz back to SmackDown when Sandow said we'd all be better off if Miz never returned. He pitched “The Damien Sandow Show”. He offered Long a producing role. Long told him that he'd be facing the Miz tonight.

They showed the end of Raw with The Shield being DQ'd and RyBack targeting Cena's ankle when he was already down.

Match Number Two: Tons of Funk w/ The Funkadactyls Vs. Prime Time Players.

Darren Young snuck his hair comb thing on the outside, then took over on Sweet T when Titus jumped off the apron onto him. Young grabbed the comb when the commentators were talking about how he used it Monday, but they never mentioned he was picking it up.

He never ended up using it during the match. He was pinned after a double splash from Clay and T.

Winners: Tons of Funk, Pinfall.

They showed Fandango attacking Jericho after the dance contest Monday.

Match Number Three: Chris Jericho Vs. Antonio Cesaro.

They put over Cesaro being pound for pound the strongest superstar. Footage “live” from the WWE app was shown. It was Fandango dancing with Summer in the back. She tripped, pretending to hurt her ankle. She and Fandango had a hearty laugh at it. They want you watching the app during the matches.

These two could have an awesome PPV match. As a backdrop to a WWE app ad, it was fine. They threatened Cesaro suplexing Jericho from inside the ring to the floor. Knowing the spot from the Kofi match I thought he may actually do it, but I don't know how many people watching this actually saw the Kofi match.

The second half of the match was really good. Cesaro countered the Walls and Lionsault. He took too long to hit the Neutraliser and it was nearly turned into the Walls, but again he was too strong and avoided it, then hit Jericho with a European uppercut as Jericho came off the top rope for two. He got cocky deadlifting Jericho, who slid out and rolled Cesaro into the Walls of Jericho for the submission.

Winner: Chris Jericho, Submission.

Fandango's music played and Summer Rae came out to the stage. Jericho caught Fandango sneaking in from the crowd and double legged him. He then pushed away Cesaro who tried to join in. Fandango bailed and Cesaro ate a Code Breaker. They ended with Jericho and Fandango having a stare down.

Zeb talked about Extremism with Swagger in one of his youtube videos. He suggested Ziggler was scared, not hurt.

Match Number Four: Damien Sandow Vs. The Miz.

Sandow didn't get an entrance, he was in the ring and Cody Rhodes was on commentary after an adbreak. Rhodes is facing Miz on the Extreme Rules pre-show, a challenge he issued. During the match Cody got on the house mic and yelled at the fans to get on their feet and cheer Sandow.

Barrett was shown giving an interview on the app in the back. Sandow started his with knees, Russian legsweep and elbow of disdain. It had been all Sandow at this point. Miz then made his comeback but stopped when putting on the Figure Four as he saw Rhodes getting on the apron. He knocked Rhodes off, then put the Figure Four on Sandow for the submission.

Winner: The Miz, Submission.

Match Number Five: Aksana Vs. Kaitlyn (C), Non-Title.

Kaitlyn got flowers and a pair of gloves that she wore to the ring earlier in the day. The match went a lot longer than it needed to. The commentary was especially bad, Josh talking about online dating. They then teased Josh as being the admirer, because he said only ugly people go the secret admirer route. Kaitlyn eventually came back and hit a spear for the pinfall.

Winner: Kaitlyn, Pinfall.

They played a history of Brock and Hunter, focusing non the office destruction and fight in the cage Monday.

Match Number Six: Albrto Del Rio, Sheamus & Randy Orton w/ Ricardo Vs. Jack Swagger, Mark Henry & The Big Show w/ Zeb Colter, Six-Man Tag Team Match.

The heels got the heat on Del Rio after he got some early offence. Show stopped Del Rio from making the hot tag to Orton and Sheamus and gave them a great smile. He was rana'd by Del Rio though when he tried a powerbomb and Sheamus got the hot tag. He got Show up for the White Noise after avoiding the chokeslam. Show did hit one for a nearfall after Sheamus was distracted by Henry on the apron.

They then got the heat on Sheamus so that Orton could have a hot run. Orton made his comeback on Swagger. Henry came in to take Orton out when he wasnt legal and it broke down. Sheamus hit Show with a Brogue outside, Del Rio hit the enziguri to knock Henry off the apron and Orton RKO'd Swagger for the pinfall when he tried for the ankle lock on Del Rio.

Winners: Randy Orton, Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio, Pinfall.

The match was fine, but it all felt tired. The Show felt much fresher when the Shield were closing. 

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