OVW TV report for tomorrow night

By Jimmie Daniel

Here is a recap for Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Episode 717 to air in Louisville on Saturday 5/18  or can also be seen online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/717. OUR OVW Announce Team this week is Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Michael Titus. OUR OVW Ring Announcer is Terry Boddie.
Dean and Gilbert give a quick recap of last weekend's Saturday Night Special that was in a standing-room-only Davis Arena. Jamin Olivencia remains OUR OVW Champion after defeating Doug Williams, Randy Royal wins out over Rockstar Spud to become OUR OVW TV Champion, and OUR OVW Director of Operations Michael (not PS) Hayes stepped back into the ring and checkmated the Coalition!
Match #1: Paredyse vs Aaron Sky
Sky, a smaller guy with long hair, is making his OVW TV debut. Paredyse won't go down on a sunset flip try but then misses a legdrop as Sky rolls away. Gilbert notes that Sky is from South Carolina despite the fact that Boddie introduced him as being from New Mexico. Gilbert also notes that Sky likes to fly and in fact does as he hits a slingshot crossbody for 2. Sky then slips on the ropes trying a flying press and Paredyse targets the leg while getting in some posing. Paredyse misses a stomp from the top but is able to hit a swinging neckbreaker for the pin.
Jay Bradley runs out and boomsticks Paredyse then takes the mic. He guesses he has to do things his way, which is winning ugly. He calls out Olivencia and declares himself the new number one contender. Hayes comes out and says he makes the calls around here and Bradley reiterates that he is back here to make a statement! Out comes the Coalition (well 4/7 of it): Spanish Moss Guy, Raul Lamotta, Shiloh Jonze, and one-half of OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "The Washington Generals" Crimson. On the mic, Crimson says he has been meeting with the OVW Board of Directors but since diplomacy is not his strong suit, he was escorted out of that meeting. He has sent Joe Coleman and the other "Washington General" Jason Wayne to meet with the board since Crimson says Hayes must pay for his actions at SNS. Crimson reminds Hayes that wars are fought on many fronts. Hayes counters with saying the war front is right here and will make some special matches for tonight! One will be Spanish Moss Guy vs Rob Terry, then Jonze and Lamotta will be part of a four corner tag match, and then makes Crimson vs Sam Shaw! For some reason Hayes then shakes his booty after doing this.
Match #2: Nikki St. John & Lovely Lylah vs The Blossom Twins (Holly & Hannah)
St. John is wearing glasses and bears a striking resemblance to Traci Brooks. Titus once again draws the short straw and has to be Lylah's tiara handler. We see a double Blossom dropkick for Lylah followed by double Blossom hiptoss for St. John. Lylah then shoves Holly (who is wearing a blue bow in her hair as opposed to Hannah's pink one) into the wrong corner and they work poor Holly over. Lylah goes for a standing moonsault but Holly rolls over and Lylah's head hits Holly (using Forrest Gump voice) "in the buttocks". We get TAGS! St. John wearing glasses doesn't prevent her from getting hit in the face. Holly gets up on Hannah's shoulders and splashes Lylah for the pin.
Royal is in the back with Tony Gunn. Royal is happy he's got that money rolling in and offers Gunn some. Rockstar Spud walks up and he is very angry with Gunn, who helped Royal get the victory at SNS. Spud tells Royal to pay all the bills he can because Spud is looking to get the title back!
Match #3: "Mr. Pec-tacular" Jessie Godderz vs OUR OVW TV Champion "Triple R Superstar" Randy Royal (w/Tony Gunn)
Godderz introduced twice (probably for the benefit of anyone returning from the concession stand :). Gilbert says Royal has his first thousand dollars and only has 49 to go. Maybe they should have like a thermometer thing where they fill in with red every week until it gets to the $50,000 goal. Godderz works over Royal to start until Royal leapfrogs him and uses lots of kneelifts to soften him up. Godderz catches Royal with a right to the chin and hammers away some more but can’t get three. Royal slips away from a neckbreaker attempt by Godderz and hits a roaring elbow for the pin and another thousand dollars!
We go into what is apparently the ladies dressing room and there are a lot of ladies in there chatting. Heidi Lovelace comes in and the room gets silent. She is looking for Taeler Hendrix but no one has seen her tonight. That means no "Teidi" tonight :( St. John says Heidi makes her sick and she doesn't belong in here but both Epiphany and OUR OVW Ladies Champion Trina encourage Heidi to do her thing!
Match #4: Ghillie Man (a/k/a Spanish Moss Guy) vs "Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry
SMG has a mask on underneath all that moss. Terry plows through the moss and dominates, giving SMG a fireman’s carry into a powerbomb for the quick pin.
Boddie has a special announcement for the 5/25 OVW live event in Elizabethtown, KY-a cage match with The Mobile Homers taking on two members of the Coalition! Bradley returns to the ring to rough up Boddie and a cameraman, and then calls out Olivencia again followed by telling us he has made a statement by winning a TNA contract and will make more statements there.
Match #5: The Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver & "Man-Beast" Ted McNaler) (w/Brittany Devore) vs "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade & Eddie Diamond (w/Timmy Danger & Bobbie Bardot) vs Rockstar Spud & "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe vs Delta Team Bravo (Raul Lamotta & Shiloh Jonze)
Titus has taken over ring announcing after Boddie got roughed up earlier. Lamotta tries to leave but the Homers block the entrance. Everybody in the pool to start but it really ends up being six-on-two. Dean yells for someone to throw Titus in the ring, lol. Spud DDTs Jonze and Diamond drops an elbow on him. This ends quickly as well with the Homers hitting their legsweep/spear thing on Lamotta then Switchblade following that up with the Best Frogsplash Ever for the pin. Dean announces the winners as “everybody who hates the Coalition” and there was much rejoicing. All we need now is a whipping raffle!
In the back, Olivencia is knocking on doors looking for Bradley, as he intends on getting Bradley's attention. Hayes tells Olivencia to trust him and he will handle the situation. Hayes says if he needs Olivencia, he will come and get him.
Match #6: Sam Shaw vs 1/2 of OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "The Washington Generals" Crimson
Crimson is angry about even having to do this match and snaps at Dean, which gives Shaw the chance to dive out onto Crimson. Shaw slings Crimson into the announce table then rolls him back into the ring. Shaw wears out Crimson until falling victim to a boot to the midsection. Crimson rakes Shaw’s face along the tope rope, but then Shaw comes off with a Thesz press. Crimson regains control with a double throat jab then beats on Shaw a bit.  Shaw gets a boot up on the charging Crimson followed by a missile dropkick and a neckbreaker. Jonze and Lamotta sneak out but the others from the previous match shoo them away. Crimson grabs the flagpole and hits the distracted Shaw but only gets 2. Crimson backdrops Shaw, who lands on his feet and schoolboys Crimson for the pin.
Bradley comes out a third time and again calls out Olivencia. Bradley assumes that Olivencia fears the boomstick and figures he needs some more enticement, so Bradley drags Dean into the ring! Olivencia comes out but is followed by Hayes, who says he does not approve of Bradley putting his hands on Dean. Hayes reminds Bradley that he calls the shots around here, so it's no number one contender for you! Crimson, Lamotta, and Jonze come out. Crimson refers to Titus as "a great American" then announces another casualty of war as Spanish Moss Guy/Ghillie Man has suffered injuries and is at Walter Reed Hospital (that was a quick trip!). Hayes tells Crimson and the Goof Troop (referring to Jonze & Lamotta) to get to the back! Crimson says he just got off the phone with Wayne & Coleman and there is news from their meeting! Apparently Hayes has been relieved of his duties and Crimson calls checkmate on Hayes! Danny Davis comes out to the ring. He says the Coalition has the board of directors in their pocket. Davis praises Hayes for the job he did tonight but has some sad news. Yes, the board did fire Hayes! The trio of Coalition members laughs at Hayes as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: Noticed that not only is Michael Titus still not listed on the roster page but Trina is not listed either (Epiphany is still listed as the Ladies Champion!). Maybe next next week we’ll get to see Bradley actually have a match, I don’t think he’s had but maybe one or two singles matches since he’s been back.  Not really shocked at Hayes getting the pink slip, after all it was reiterated several times over the past few weeks that he wasn't supposed to be wrestling or even physically involved in any matches. If I recall correctly, this was the reason Trailer Park Trash stepped aside so he could deal with Flash Flanagan. Perhaps Hayes knew this and decided to put the Coalition in some disadvantageous situations on his way out so at least the fans could have a good time. Matches pretty much served their purposes here, so no complaints. The Elizabethtown event may be worth a look especially since that's about as close as they get to Nashville. I'll give this show a thumbs up and be curious where things are headed.

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