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***This week, More with Fallon Fox including medical arguments against Ronda Rousey’s last statement.

Rashad Evans explains his performance against Little Nog and Bobby Lashley is coming back for more!  And we find out how Pat Healy’s money is just going to Miesha Tate!  All this and much more, all this week on Inside MMA! ***


Inside MMA Live on AXS.TV report by Steve Te Tai

Originally aired LIVE Friday, May 17 at 9pm EST on AXS.TV

With your fill-in host for Kenny Rice, Ron Kruck and co-host Bas Rutten.


UFC on FX 8: Brazil


They run down the card for the Belfort-Rockhold headlined show, which also features the UFC debut of former SF champion Jacare Souza against Chris Camozzi.  Bas likes Luke’s durability and stamina.  Rockhold needs to push, push, push if he wants to beat Belfort.  Since testing positive for PED in 2006, the NSAC would probably not grant Belfort the Testosterone exemption that he got from the Brazilian athletic commission for his last win over Michael Bisping, and received against for this weekend’s Brazilian-based fight.  Kruck wonders if this hurts his legacy fighting with this exemption.  Bas feels there should be an acceptable range of testosterone level a fighter competes with and if it exceeds that, then they are cheating.


They also point out Belfort’s only losses have been to former champions Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Dan Henderson, Alistair Overeem, Tito Ortiz, Sakuraba, and Randy Couture.  Kruck mentions the intense staredown they had at the weigh-ins.


Bas’ Keys to victory: Vitor Belfort vs. Luke Rockhold


--Vitor needs to use his explosiveness and use the speed advantage.  Fight inside, punching distance, since Luke likes to throw kicks.  Use the boxing game and his kicks have looked good recently as well.

--Luke needs to get busy and go for the clinch to get lactic acid building in Belfort’s body to slow him down.  Keep moving forward and try to gas Vitor out through the first and see how he does after that.


Bas’ Keys to victory: Jacare Souza vs. Chris Camozzi


--Bas says Jacare needs this fight on the ground as Camozzi is much better standing and has been submitted a lot on the ground.  Move, strike and move to the side and avoid the takdiewon.  If you do go to the ground, grab and hold the guard and don’t let go.


With Luke Rockhold, the last SF middleweight champion, and Jacare Souza the former champion, both  making their UFC debuts, Kruck points out that Strikeforce has been 10-8 against UFC fighters since the merger, and in 14 of those fights the SF was the underdog. (which shows that Vegas doesn’t watch Strikeforce!)


Rashad Evans LIVE


Rashad joins us on the big screen from Delray Beach, FL, home of the Blackzilians.  Rashad is training for Dan Henderson on June 15.  Rashad is training wrestling with Kenny Monday in preparation.


Things are going good with the team, but adversity (their recent rash of losses) will always come up for a team, and it’s how you come out of that that defines you. Rashad says he’s still trying to find the “black box” from his fight with Little Nog.  It’s one of those things where sometimes you go in there on fire and sometimes you don’t.  On fight night he just didn’t show up to fight, but he can’t put his finger on what went wrong exactly.


He has an advantage in speed over Hendo but he has to effectively use that.  Rashad thinks he’s better at MMA wrestling where Dan is more of a Greco guy.  He can avoid the clinch which is what Dan will want.  If he capitalizes on things he does well instead of worrying about things that Dan does well, he’ll succeed.  He feels it’s up to the commission dealing with TRT exemptions, which Henderson has.  He doesn’t worry too much about what a guy is on for exemption, because another fighter might be on something not legal, and cycle down to pass a test and be just as effective as someone with a TRT exemption, so he just leaves it up to commissions to keep everyone safe.


He’s not worried about getting cut, since his track record in UFC is really good.  He doesn’t know about being in line for a title shot since it’s not an exact science these days.  It is contingent on how you perform and they also listen to fans for fights.  But if he goes out and stinks up the joint he could be “Left Out Lenny”.


Camp Close-Up:  Team Alpha Male


Unlike the Blackzilians, Urijah Faber’s group has been on fire lately.  We begin focus on their fighters starting with:

--Andre “Touchy” Fili.  WFC Featherweight champion.  22 years old.  12-1, 9 wins by stoppage.  Kruck thinks he’s  asupserstar in themaking and UFC should be calling soon.

--Anthony Avila.  WFC Lightweight champion. 11-1 and on a 10-fight win streak.  It’s been almost five years since he lost. 

--Justin Buchholz.  Showdown Fights Lightweight champion.  15-7 pro record with 13 wins by stoppage.  He is a former UFC fighter and is 6-2 since being cut by Dana.

--Lance Palmer.  4-time All-American wrestler at Ohio State.  Made his pro debut in May 2011 and is 6-0.  Since Duane “Bang” Ludwig joined the group to help coach striking, Team Alpha Male is 15-1 and 8-0 in the UFC with 6 of those wins by stoppage.  Bas calls him the missing ingredient for that team.  Ludwig says he’ll be 100% healthy and then he’ll decide if he will return to active fighting or not.


More with Fallon Fox!


The sports first transgender fighter faces Alana Jones at CFA 11 in one week on May 24 LIVE on AXS.TV.  They show a series of clips from past Inside MMA episodes of fighters commenting on her.  Fox was born male, but after years of feeling trapped and struggling with her identity, she underwent gender re-assignment surgery in 2006.  She says her life has always had a constant struggle with her body to be female.  They show the clip of Rousey saying it’s not scientically possible to get her body to be exactly equal to a female, and in contrast they play a clip of Cat Zingano saying she would welcome that fight and those choices aren’t to be made by the fighters it’s up to a commission at some point to decide who can and can’t fight.


Florida still gave her a licence for her fight on May 24, as their rules specifically allow a transgender fighter if “surgical anatomical changes have been completed” and “hormone therapy” has been administered for a minimum of two years since the surgery.  Cat continues that she has the pieces that make a female, but if you test her blood that’s a born male.  Ronda adds the bone density and bone structure you get after you go through puberty as a man, gives you an advantage over a woman.


Dr. Marci Bowers, an expert surgeon on gender reassignment, and a past recipient of said surgery, argues there is no physical advantage that she would have.  If you measure her endurance and her strength it is comparable to a woman of the same age.  She adds that after surgery a patient’s bone density actually regresses to a woman of comparable size. (I guess she’s never seen Fox’s shoulders before!) 


Fox doesn’t believe her being born a man gives her an advantage, she actually feels it’s a disadvantage.  She started hormone replacement therapy back in 2002 and 2003.  If she doesn’t take estrogen replacement therapy she can get osteoporosis.  Her testosterone levels are drastically lower than the women she’s fighting at almost nothing.  Dr. Marci Bowers adds if you test her she’ll have lower testosterone levels and muscle mass similar to her counterparts (only if her counterparts are the Road Warriors.) She says it is not only her opinion but that of the medical community that she has no physical advantage over anyone else.  (That all might be true, but even if the Great Khali had gender re-assignment surgery—I’ll give you a moment to digest that one—he’s still going to have certain advantages due to his natural frame and size.  To me, everything on Fallon Fox looks comparably female except her shoulders and neck which more resemble Nikita Koloff than Miesha Tate.  She can get all the medical proof in the world, but when your shoulders appear so much naturally larger and stronger than all other women, you will always face strong opposition to her fighting females.  I believe she’s sincere and wants to live the life of a woman who wants to be a fighter, so therefore wants to fight other women, just like she wants to use the ladies room.  But competing in women’s sports is one thing, but fighting women is another.  I also don’t think this is a stunt for publicity/attention, or feel she’s even trying to make a point by fighting for anyone’s rights.  She just wants to fight as a woman.  I know one thing, if those TUF ratings ever start to sag again, imagine having Fallon Fox in that house!)


Kruck says there is dispute wthin the medical community in this as well.  Bas wil go along with it when the Olympic Committee goes along with it, since circumstances have to be perfect for something like to be passed. 


They interview Allana Jones from a gym in Newaygo, MI.  She who looks and talks like a 12 year old girl.  I am legitimately petrified for this girl.  She makes WWE’s AJ seem like Awesome Kong.)  Allana started training at 220 to get in shape and liked fighting, but didn’t consider fighing until her borther started fighting.  She now competes at 145 and is 201.  Her fighting style is stand-up and will go down tto the ground if she has to but lieks to strike.  Allana likes her cardio advantage over Fallon Fox.  She would like to get on the TUF season with Rousey vs. Zangano, but disputes that a win over Fox gets her on the show.  She knows nothing about that rumor.


MMA News

--Matt Riddle has signed with Bellator leaving Legacy before his first fight.  Details still pending.

--Titan Fighting Championships will be back after a 9 month hiatus.  Bobby Lashley will headline TFC 25 against Kevin Asplund on June 7 on AXS.TV.

--Mark Hunt was granted a license to fight in Las Vegas but is still stuck in Australia with visa issues putting his fight on May 25  against Junior Dos Santos in doubt.  Roy Nelson is the official back up plan.  (All substitues should be like this one.  If a shorter fat guy is out, then you can only substitute another shorter fat guy.  If Stefan Struve misses a fight, get Tim Sylvia on the horn, etc.)


Pat Healy’s money up in smoke


Pat Healy failed a marijuana drug test this week for this win over Jim Miller at UFC 159, and not only lose the big win he gained, but also lost bonuses for Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night, netting a total loss of $134,000.  Bryan Caraway was given Healy’s submission bonus as the 2nd best submission of that night.


Nate Diaz posted on Twitter a comment regarding this transfer from Healy to Caraway using a slur that got Dana White in so much trouble, and was promptly suspended indefinitely by Dana White because of it.


Bas says as long as commissions are testing for pot, so to do it is completely idiotic. Bas talks about how $135,000 is tough to lose like that for marijuana.


Bryan Caraway LIVE


Bryan Caraway joins us on the big screen from his home in Richland, WA.  Caraway has changed from being famous for being Miesha Tate’s boyfriend, to being famous for getting a $65k check that was originally given to Pat Healy. 


Caraway says he is long-time friends with fellow Northwesterner Pat Healy and feels bad this happened, but he doesn’t decide who write these checks and he has to live his life as well.  Originally this was meant to be a $50,000 check, but talked Dana into raising it to $65,000 since he was given a $65k bonus for the Calgary UFC show.  He says it’s not his job to decide what legal or illegal, he just knows Pat Healy was aware this was against the rules and feels bad enough for that and it’s not a big deal what he did, that is the rule.


Kruck asks if he’s going to use that money to buy a great gift for Miesha Tate.  Bryan says they’ll probably go on a small vacation and will invest the rest.


Prospect Watch


They show a clip of Matty Saffiedine, the 2-year old son of MMA fighter Tarec Saffiedine, kicking and punching pillows and laundry hampers with perfect form like an adult.


Regional Highlights


--Mike Oravis over Jeff McConnell with a great superman punch

--Dion Walker over Jorge Ignacio from Total Fight Challenge  

--Celjean Erwin-Davis over James Dysard with a wonderful side kick to the face from Saratoga, NY


Bas Breakdown: Luke Harris


Luke Harris’ impressive and unique submission of Jason Zentcraft from last week’s MFC card in Edmonton, Alberta is broken down.  Bas breaks down and explains this special side headlock neck crank manoeuvre.  You have to see this, it’s tough to explain yet something I’ve never seen before and a great setup too.  Bas speculates the effectiveness of this submission was based on it being so unique, and perhaps next time he tries it his opponent will be able to counter it.  Bas will need to test this out in a gym, but he demonstrates live what might counter that move.




They show a recent fight in Russia, with two guys in the middle of a soccer field with a referee and no ring or cage, fighting at center field.  Furthermore, there only a couple hundred fans in this 50,000 seat stadium.  But they fought a legitimate MMA rules bout.  Bas and Ron speculate if you could use the entire soccer field since there was no rope or cage barrier and were just running around an entire area for their fight.


Upcoming AXS TV shows

--May 24 CFA 11 (Fallon Fox and Travis Wiuff vs. Mike Kyle)

--May 31 Legacy FC

--June 7 Titan Fighting Championships (Bobby Lashley)


So like Bas always says, Godspeed and party on!

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