UFC live coverage from Santa Catarina, Brazil - Rockhold vs. Belfort

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For TV, the show starts on Fuel at 6 p.m. Eastern and on FX at 9 p.m.

This crowd is hot even before the first match has started


First round: Larsen tripped him down and let him up. Larsen moving forward for another takedown. Uppercut by Larsen after giving it up. Larson’s left elbow already swelling from an elbow. Great front kick by Martins. He landed a few more punches. Larsen dropped him with a right. Martins going for a heel hook. Now he got a calf slicer but Larsen out. Larsen hurt him with another right. Larsen with punches and Martins with a knee. Great open and super hot crowd. Martins with a knee but Larsen took him down from it. Larsen with a high spinebuster like slam. Martins back up. Martins with a flying kick and some punches. . He missed a kick and slipped. Larsen on top on the ground. Larsen 10-9.

Second round: Martins with a punch and high kick. Trading punches and Larsen moving in for the takedown. Larsen bleeding bad under right eye. Good low kick by Martins. Larsen hurt him with a series of rights. Uppercut by Martins. Larsen tried a takedown, but didn’t get it but landed a punch as he backed off. Another good right by Larsen. Larsen with more punches. Martins with a kick blocked by Larsen. Larsen hurt him bad with a right. Larsen throwing several rights, followd by a right and a left. Larsen moved in for a takedown but can’t get it. Big right by Larsen. Big left by Larsen. Close round but I go Larsen up 20-18.

Third round: Both were trading ;punches and they actually landed at almost the same time but Martins’ shot was the one that knocked Larsen out. :13


First round: Formiga got the takedown. Another trip and takedown by Formiga moving to side control. Crowd is so loud. Formiga moved to side control. The ref ordered a stand-up. Formiga’s glove has tape loose. They restarted standing even though Formiga was aggressive on the ground. Cariaso got nothing significant in. Formiga 10-9.

Second round: Cariaso came out aggressive and Formiga took him right down into side control, and then into a mount. Formiga kept him on the ground. The ref orderd another standup. Cariaso with a knee in the clinch. Formiga’s round again 20-18.

Third round: Formiga opened with another takedown, this time a high single leg. They were in a clinch and ref Kevin Mulhall broke them up. Cariaso landed lefts and a knee. Formiga with a momentary takedown but Cariaso right back up. Formiga working for a takedown. Cariaso working for a D’arce choke. Formiga out. Cariaso with a takedown. But he needs a finish. Cariaso in side cotrol. Formiga bleeding. There’s a lot of blood from the left eye. Cariaso back in side control. He’s throwing a lot of elbows and punches as time is running out. Knee by Cariaso. Cariaso’s round. Formiga should take it 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Formiga. Really a pretty clear score.


First round: Leneker dropped him with a right. Knee by Lineker as Gashimov got up. Gashimov got a takedown but Lineker back up. Gashimov went for a takedown but Lineker blocked it and landed on top. Lineker fired several punches. Lineker landed a left. Gashimov tried a takedown but Lineker blocked it and landed a knee to the body. Ref MarioYamasaki took a point away from Gashimov for grabbing the fence. That was a little too early to do it, should have been a stern warning first. Lineker landed a body shot that put him down again. 10-8 Lineker due to the penalty point on Gashimov . Crowd gave both a big hand.

Second round: Lineker landed a solid right Lineker put him down with kick to the body and and hard right to the body that put Gashimov down, and finshed him with punches on the ground. Crowd loved Lineker. 

They really need to get this fight on FX because Lineker should be a big name, at least for Brazil and those hard rights as a flyweight should at least make him a name for the U.S. He’s a serious flyweight contender out of this.


First round: Maldonado is a local guy in Santa Catarina. Hollett did a spinning back kick right to the groin. Maldonado is hurt bad. He’s screaming in pain. The Brazilians are chanting something, not sure exactly what. Maybe something like, "Stone the Canadian." I don’t know if Maldonado is going to be able to continue. Maldonado said he doesn’t need to see a doctor. Now he’s gotten up. Takedown by Hollett. The ref stood them up because nothing happened on the ground. They were in a clinch. Ref Leon Robertrs separated them. Takedown by Hollett. Hollett 10-9.

Second round: Hollett landed a few punches. Spin kick to the chest by Hollett and a knee by Hollett. Hollett wth a left. Maldonado with some uppercuts in the clinch. Maldonado now throwing some body punches from the clinch. Hollett back with body shots. Maldonado now landing jabs to the head. He’s starting to land to to the body. Knee by Hollett. Hollett working for a takedown but Maldonado blocking. Maldonado looks like he bloodied him up with punches to the left eye. Maldonado working close range punches from the clinch to the body. The body shots are hurting Hollett. Maldonado’s round so we’re even 19-19 after two.

Third round: Hollett took him down but Maldonado right back up. Maldonado doing a ton of body pucnhes and some uppercuts from close range. Hollett back with punches and Maldonado dared him to try his chin. Hollett working for a takedown but being blocked. Maldonado continues the body shots and and uppercuts. He’s taking him apart. Jabs from a distance by Maldonado. Maldonado keeps punching. Maldonado now with knees from the clinch. Maldonado complaining that Hollett is holding on and not fighting. Ref Leon Roberts separated htem. Hollett moved back into a clinch. Takedown by Maldonado. He’s on top throwing body shots. Maldonado’s round, has to win the fight, should be 29-28 but he’s winning no matter what.

Scores: 29-27, 29-28 and 29-27 for Maldonado. That indicates two judges scored a 10-8 for one of the rounds, probably the third.


First round: Alcantara with a flying knee. Now they are in a clinch. Another knee by Alcantara. High kick by Alcantara blocked. Alcantara is landing a lot of punches. Santos got a takedown but Alcantara right up. Body kick by Alcantara. Alcantara decked him with a left and about eight punches on the ground before it was stopped.


First round: Prazeres is called Tractor and he’s 16-0. He’s working for a takedown but can’t get it. Prazeres threw him down and now has his back standing. He’s powering him down. Prazeres tried a throw but Thiago blocked it and landed in mount. Prazeres back up. Another takedown by Prazeres. Thiago back up. Mario Yamasaki separated themn. Thiago started to land. Low kick by Thiago. Body kick by Prazeres. Prazeres again has him in a clinch. Prazeres 10-9.

Second round: Thiago hurt him with a knee and then took him down. Prazeres back up. Thiago with another trip takedown. Prazeres back up. Prazeres with a takedown. Thiago back up. Prazeres with a judo throw but Thaigo back up. Hard left by Prazeres and another takedown. Thiago reversed to the top. Very close round but I’ll with Thiago so 19-19 going into the third round.

Third round: Thiago landing some. Prazeres with a shot. Fight is kind of boring. Prazeras landed some punches and Thiago back with punches. Prazeras went for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Prazeres landed some good punches. Trading low kicks. Prazeras with some punches. Thiago tried a hip toss but Prazeras blocked it. Thiago got a takedown with 25 seconds left. Thiago throwing a lot of punches. Thiago won the fight in the last 20 seconds, or at least I’ve got 29-28 Thiago.

Scores: All three have is 29-28 Thiago. I’ll bet same rounds I’ve got.


First round: Tibau landed a body shot. Tibau landed few more shots. Low kick by Cholish. Takedown by Tibau. Knee to the body by Tibau. Left off the clinch by Tibau. Tibau landed another left. Tibau tripped him down and threw a punch. Tibau with a takedown. Tibau moved into a clinch and landed a knee to the body. Tibau 10-9.

Second round: Jumping knee by Cholish. Tibau has him back in the clinch. Cholish broke away. Tibau hurt him with a left. He’s trying to follow up and grabbed a guillotine. He grabbed it a second time. Tibau with a left to the jaw, Cholish shot in, where Tibau went for the first guillotine. The second guillotine finished Cholish.


First round: Trinaldo with aleft. Takedown by Rio. Rio worked for a guillotine. Trinaldo out. Rio with some punches and knees. Trading knees. Nice takedown by Trinaldo. Trinaldo tapped him out with a head and arm choke while caught in half guard.


First round: Lentz moved in and is looking for a takedown. Lentz again trying for a takedown and not geting it. Lentz landing. Lentz moved in and landed. Lentz is again going for the takedown. Dias tried a takedown but Lentz landed on top. Lentz has his back. Dias got a switch. Lentz out of trouble. He’s pushing for a takedown but not getting it. Crowd booing this. Mostly Lentz pushing him into the corner and not getting the takedown, usual Lentz. 10-9 Lentz

Second round: Dias made Lentz lose his balance. Lentz back and knocked him down with a knee and has Dias; back. Dias grabbed the fence. Now this time they should take a point away because he was warned and this is the same Mario Yamasaki as ref. Lentz behind him. On the ground. Lentz landing punches. Lentz pounding on him. Lentz landing elbow after elbow from the top. Dias back up. Lentz took him down and Dias grabbed the fence again. Okay, this guy really needs to take a point away. Lentz is on top. He’s dropping elbows. Lentz is continuing to drop elbows. He moved to mount. Lentz’s round for sure so he’s up 20-18.

Third round: Dias out swinging and has Lentz hurt. Dias is landing a lot of punches. Lentz going for a takedown. Takedown by Dias. Lentz is working for a guillotine. Dias working for a head and arm choke with 2:54 left. Lentz is in a lot of trouble. Lentz out of it. Lentz kicked his way up. Crowd hot. Dias tired. Both swinging. Dias landed and then Lentz landed and Lentz has him against the fence. Lentz is going for a takedown. Dias won the round but he shouldn’t take the fight so 29-28 Lentz.

Scores: 28-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Lentz. Crowd booing but Lentz had to win. Not sure how you get 28-27, I guess that’s probably 10-8 second and third rounds.


First round: Crowd super hot for Zeferino. Booing Natal, who is Brazilian but lives in New York. These two met years ago in Jiu Jitsu with Zeferino winning. Zeferino landed a haymaker. Zeferino swinging wildly. Zeferino continues to swing wildly. Natal working for a takedown but being blocked. He went for a takedown but Zeferino landed on top. Zeferino went for a heel hook. Zeferino trying for a leglock. Natal landing punches as both are on the ground. Zeferino still working for a leglock. Natal now working for a leglock. Crow booing. Zeferino 10-9.

Second round: Zeferino throwing wild punches. Zeferino with a takedown but Natal right backup. Natal moved in but Zeferino was the one who landed. Zeferino went for a takedown, but he’s exhausted and Natal ended up controlling him. Zeferino flopped to his back. Zeferino landed a punch. Natal landed a left jab. Zeferino went to his back and Natal punched him. Natal went on top. Natal’s round so 19-19

Third round: They hugged before the third round started and tried to get the crowd going. Zeferino landed a right. Natal landed punches. Zeferino landed a right. Zeferino going for a takedown but it was Natal who got the takedown. Natal moved into side control. Crowd is booing. Natal landing a lot of punches. Natal got his back. He’s pounding on him as time has run out. Natal’s round solidly. Almost a 10-8, but not quite so 29-28 for Natal.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Natal.


First round: Low kick by Dos Anjos. High kick by dos Anjos. Left by dos Anjos. Trading punches. High kick and a punch by dos Anjos. Dunham with a trip and got on top. Dunham with some body shots. Both throwing elbows. Dunham dropped an elbow. The ref ordered a standup with ten seconds left. Dunham close 10-9

Second round: Both thowing punches. Dunham almost got a takedown. But Dos Anjos back up. Nice body shot by dos Anjos. Dos Anjos moving for a takedown. Dos Anjos with a right off the break. Hard left by dos Anjos. More good punches by dos Anjos. Dunham with a right. Dos Anjos bleeding from under the right eye. Dunham went for a takedown but didn’t get it. Dunham with a few punches to the bloody right eye. Dunham starting to land late in the round. Dos Anjos back. Hard left by dos Anjos. Low kick by dos Anjos. Dunham went for a takedown just as the round ended. Close round but I’ve got dos Anjos so 19-19.

Third round: Dos Anjos landed a left . Dunham moving in. Crowd is quiet. Dunham going for a takedown. Dos Anjos blocking . Both working the body. Body kick by dos Anjos. Body punch by dos Anjos. Dunham with a right. Dunham is landing more punches. Knee and punches by dos Anjos and Dunham back. Dunahm clearly the aggressor. Dunham landed a lot of punches. He went for a takedown but didn’t get it. Elbow by Dunham. Dunham again going for a takedown. Dunahm with body punches. Dos Anjos back. Both swinging wildly as time ran out. Dunham close so I’ve got him 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 dos Anjos. It’s not a robbery or anything but I think Dunham won the third round and the fight.


First round: Crowd really into Souza, who is super at Jiu Jitsu. Souza having trouble geting him down. Souza landed a right and then a leg trip to get Camozzi down. Camozzi with up kicks. Camozzi with another up kick. Souza moved to side control. Souza back to side control , mount and went for a head and arm choke and finished Camozzi.


First round: It’s hilarious how everyone in Brazil goes "It’s time" with Buffer. They didn’t touch gloves. Vitor looked ridiculous, but you knew that going in. Rockhold threw a kick, missed and fell on his ass. He got up before Belfort could jump on him. Belfort missed a spin kick. Belfort went for a takedown didn’t come close. Belfort tred to light him up but Rockhold tied him up. Rockhold landed a right. Spin kick to the body by Rockhold. Left by Rockhold. Low kick by Rockhold. Belfort with a spin kick to the head, killed him, and it’s over. That was a super incredible knockout.  2:32

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