WWE house show report 5-17 Bowling Green

Mike Farmer


Seemed like a good crowd for what was there. None of this "Let's go Cena/Cena sucks" business during the main event.

Details may be fuzzy. Personally disappointed that Mark Henry was not in attendance. He was billed and promoted as being there as recent as the day of the show. "Card subject to change".
Seven matches: Cena/Sheamus def. Big Show/Ryback when Sheamus pinned Ryback after a brogue kick and an AA respectively in the main event.

Fandango pinned the Miz after an eye poke and pull of the tights. He had Summer Rae (the blonde dancer) with him and got a lot of heat off the name deal, taunting and bad dancing. He stood on the top of the turnbuckle at the end of the match and Miz grabbed for a slam and slapped on the figure-four. They were both over and played to the crowd well.

Usos pinned Prime Time Players in the match back from intermission. I can't remember who pinned who. The stranger next to me asked "who are these guys?"

Del Rio submitted Swagger in a no-DQ match. This stipulation was voted on by the fans in attendance who texted one of two choices (the other being 2-out-3-falls, which lost 94 to 6%). AJ ran out, followed by Big E who attacked Del Rio, and hit his finisher but Del Rio kicked out of Swagger's cover and later dropkicked Big E off the apron before submitting Swagger with the armbreaker.

A very uncomfortable pair of promos by Swagger and then Zeb Colter before Del Rio came out with Ricardo, especially Zeb Colter's. The Bowling Green crowd was very mixed with a lot of whites, African-Americans and Hispanics, and Colter went on about Bowling Green being the home of Sen. Rand Paul and "a part of Jack Swagger's America". Swagger carried out a "Don't Tread On Me" flag. Very heated, and as I said very uncomfortable at least personally.

Kaitlyn pinned Tamina Snuka who was lead to the ring by Vickie Guerrero. Divas' title match. I wish I had more for you on this one.

R-Truth pinned Cesaro. There was a big USA chant against Cesaro. Which is peculiar because two matches later the heel We The People guy is fighting the face Mexican aristocrat.

In the opening match, Team Hell No and Kofi beat the Shield by DQ after Roman Reigns hits Bryan and Kane with a chair. I believe Kane chokeslammed Ambrose and Bryan had Rollins in the No Lock when the finish came. Afterwards there was a funny spot where Bryan took both the tag team belts and celebrated. Kane took the belts back from him and Bryan demanded them back, which started a giant "Yes/No" thing with the crowd until Kane taunted him with the belts like a matador. Then they did the group hug, and Kofi joined in. It's not as funny to write down as it was when I saw it. You kinda had to be there.

All things considered, had Mark Henry been there I would have been over the moon. I knew Ziggler wouldn't be there because of his concussion, which is understandable. Overall, an enjoyable show in front of a crowd that really was into a lot of the action.

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