Final Satuday Morning Slam TV show report from last week

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Report

By: David Parker

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Date: 5/11/2013

The Big News: On the last show of the season, Santino Marella defeats Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton and Sheamus defeat the Primetime Players.

Show Analysis:

At the beginning of the show (which is from the UK this week), the host announced that SMS GM Mick Foley has made history by making what is perhaps the biggest match in Saturday Morning Slam history, Randy Orton and Sheamus vs. The Primetime Players. He also noted that Foley just made another match, and video was shown as to why it was made.

Back in Foley’s office, Santino’s cobra and Mr. Socko “met” once again. The camera then pulled back to show Santino and Foley. Santino asked if the two could team up to face the 3MB, though Foley never answered him. Jinder Mahal then appeared; he talked  about the legend of 3MB, though Foley and Santino just made fun of him. Foley made a match between Mahal and Santino; Mahal thought he was going to team up with the rest of 3MB, but Foley told him he was going to make his debut as a “solo act” and banned Slater and McIntyre from ringside.

Santino Marella defeated Jinder Mahal. Josh Matthews and Alicia Fox did commentary on today’s show. Santino came to the ring on a Boris bike; Fox explained what it is to the audience. He did some comedy during the match, including starting to walk after being pushed into the ropes by Mahal and failing to do a nip-up. Mahal dominated for the majority of the match, and he had him in a submission as the show went to a break. When the match returned, Mahal was going to head to the top rope to hit a move, but he climbed down after Santino rolled out of the way. When Mahal walked over to him, Santino took the opportunity to roll him up for a two count. Mahal then knocked down Santino with a punch to the gut. Mahal then taunted the crowd, which gave Santino the opportunity to do a successful nip-up and make his comeback. Mahal never recovered, and Santino eventually hit the Cobra (which was not cut, unlike the past). Santino rode his Boris bike to the stage as the show went to Foley’s office.

Backstage, Foley greeted Sheamus, who thanked Foley for making his match. Foley told Sheamus that his last name is Irish, and he asked him if he ever wants to come to his house to eat shepherd’s pie and Irish stew and sing “Danny Boy.” Foley, and eventually Sheamus, started to sing the song, until Orton came into the office with a “you are such a dork” look on his face.

After the break, this week’s “Saturday Morning Spotlight” took a look at Orton and Sheamus (or as Michael Cole described them, the “Celtic Vipers”).

During Orton’s and Sheamus’ entrances, the words “religion,” “dying,” “blood,” and “hell” were edited out of their entrance songs. It was strange that dying was edited out when Foley and Sheamus sang the word in “Danny Boy” earlier.

Randy Orton and Sheamus defeated the Primetime Players. Orton and Titus started the match. Both teams went back and forth at the beginning, though the Celtic Vipers eventually took control. As the match went to a break, Orton looked like he was going to try to hit the draping DDT on Young, but Titus called for a timeout, and Orton decided not to do it for some reason. When the match returned, Titus was beating up Orton; the PTP made a recovery during the break when Young managed to slam Orton into one of the ringposts during the break. Titus had Orton in a headlock, but the Viper managed to escape it after hitting a backdrop. Titus managed to tag in Young, but Orton was unable to tag in Sheamus, and the PTP continued to dominate. Young tagged in Titus again, and the momentum started to slip away from the PTP after Orton moved out of the way when Titus tried to hit the 3 point stance. Both men tagged in their partners, and Sheamus made a comeback. Sheamus hit the White Noise on Young (which was not cut) and was tagged in and hit the RKO on him (there was a camera cut to try to hide the bump).

Afterwards, Matthews offered Fox the opportunity to come back, but he didn’t say there will be a show next week.

Final Thoughts:

I think it’s pretty obvious that I ended up not having as much time to do this as I thought.

Unless it just wasn’t on the version I watched, this is the first episode of SMS that didn’t have a “Do Not Try This at Home” promo. 

I’m disappointed that the show is coming to an end, though I can see why Saban doesn’t want to do new episodes in the summer, since the demos for kids are probably going to be down during that time.

It’s been fun writing these reports. If it comes back in the fall, I hope to do them again, though I have an idea for something else for the site that will hopefully come to fruition.

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