CMLL TV report

Angel De Oro vs Dragon Rojo Jr in a Relampago Match
First fall saw Angel De Oro hit a Tope Suicida to the floor onto Rojo.  Dragon Rojo came off the tope with a double stomp to De Oro's back onto the floor.  Angel De Oro used an Asai Moonsault to the floor on Dragon Rojo Jr.  De Oro got a near fall with a Huracanranna.  Dragon Rojo Jr got a near fall with a double foot stomp to De Oro's midsection from the top rope.  Dragon Rojo won the match with a slingshot Sitout Powerbomb.
Final thoughts:  Just ok, nothing really great.  Crowd was mediocre throughout the match.
Namajague/Vangellys/Okumura vs Rey Cometa/Valiente/Hijo Del Fantasma.
Rudos took the first fall when Namagague pinned Rey Cometa with a Plancha from the top rope and Okumura loked Valiente in a Camel Clutch and rolled forward hooking Valiente's shoulders with his legs for the pin.  In the second fall, Rey Cometa hit his Cometa Especial, which looked great, on Namajague onto the floor.  During the second fall both Valiente & Hijo El Fantasma hit simultaneous Tope Suicida's on both Okumura & Vangellys.  Meanwhile in the ring, Cometa pinned Namajague with a 450 Splash and Okumura & Vangellys were both couinted out giving the Techniocos the win.  Technicos ended up winning the match when Valiente made Vangellys tap to an armbarr & Fantasma made Okumura tap to a Boston Crab.
Final Thoughts:  It wasnt as good as some the previous tags with Cometa & Namajague but Cometa's flying was still excellent.  Crowd still kind of dead for the match.
Commadante Pierroth/Rey Escorpion/Bobby Zavala vs Mascara Dorada/Blue Panther/La Mascara
Rey Escorpion pinned La Mascara with a sitout Powerbomb and Bobby Zavala used a modified STF to tap out Blue Panther for the first fall.  Technicos won the second fall when Blue Panther had Bobby Zavala in an Adominal Stretch and turned it into a cradle for the pin and Dorada pinned Escorpion with a Sunset Flip.   Nice spot in the third fall when Dorada dove over the tope rope and hit an armdrag in midair.  Rudos were disqualified when Commandante Pierroth hit La Mascara with a garbage can lid. 
Winners:  Blue Panther/Mascara Dorada/La Mascara
Final Thoughts:  Match was really good due to the third fall.  Dorada really looked great and this match got the biggest crowd reaction.
Mark Black
Pittsburgh PA

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