ROH TV report

5/18/2013 ROH TV Tapings Report

The show starts with footage of the recent challenge from ROH match-maker to Steve Corino to have Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal face two members of SCUM at Border Wards with the stipulation that if SCUM lost Corino would leave ROH but if they won a member of SCUM would get a title shot and Steve Corino would be color commentator. Highlights are shown of the match from Border Wars with Lethal getting injured on a dive and Kevin Steen taking his place, with SCUM winning the match.

Steve Corino is shown coming to the ring with Jimmy Jacobs for this week’s show from the Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto, Ontario (with myself in attendance). Corino says a new era has begun. He says the last era of ROH has begun, the end is near and the era of SCUM has begun. Corino says he will be the new color commentator until the show is cancelled and that a member of SCUM will get a title shot and will be the next ROH World champion and the last ROH World champion. Corino goes to the commentary table. Jay Lethal comes to the ring and says what happened to his leg at Border Wars was an unfortunate mistake but so was allowing Kevin Steen to replace him as they do not know where his loyalties lie. Lethal says that his loyalties lie with ROH because tonight he is going to stand over Jacobs’ dead body. Lethal says he has already asked for the match from Nigel and there is only one thing left to do, for Jacobs to get in the ring.

Lethal is attacked by Jacobs who rams Lethal’s leg and knee into the ring apron repeatedly. The match is started as Lethal fights back with chops to Jacobs on the outside and punches to the head. Jacobs kicks Lethal in the knee and runs his knee into the ring barrier. Lethal reverses an Irish Whip and throws Jacobs into the ring barrier and then continues with chops before rolling Jacobs into the ring. They trade chops on the inside. Jacobs attempts a tornado ddt but Lethal throws him off and hits a basement dropkick. Lethal hits Jacobs with punches and nails a back elbow to his face. Lethal is selling his leg while trying to chase Jacobs around the ring and Jacobs knocks Lethal down with a dropkick to the knee. They trade punches on their feet until Jacobs does a chop block to Lethal’s knee to knock him down. Jacobs works over Lethal’s knee but Lethal fights back and rolls up Jacobs for a pin attempt. Lethal does a handspring but Jacobs catches him and ties up his leg in the ropes and attacks the knee while Lethal is upside down. Lethal is helped out by the referee as the show goes to commercials. After the break Jacobs has Lethal’s legs tied up in a submission hold. Lethal punched Jacobs to release the hold and then chops Jacobs. Lethal misses an enzuiguri and Jacobs holds Lethal’s leg and drops it back in a ddt-like move. Jacobs comes off the top rope and although Lethal gets his foot up Jacobs lands on his feet. Lethal rolls him up for a two-count and then hits an enzuiguri to the back of Jacobs’ head. They’re both on the mat and as they get up Jacobs kicks at Lethal’s knee while Lethal throws punches and chops. Lethal starts hitting Jacobs with clotheslines and then backdrops him. Lethal goes to throw a superkick but his knee gives out. Jacobs swoops in but gets rolled up in a small package for a pin attempt. Lethal does another roll-up and then hits his Lethal Combination. Lethal does a handspring but falls to the mat. Jacobs hits an Ace Crusher after jumping off the ropes and then uses a Contra Code to pin Lethal and win the match.

After a commercial break Nigel McGuinness comes out and talks about the Jay Briscoe vs Adam Cole title match, saying Jay is no paper champion and Cole showed he is championship material and deserves a rematch. Nigel says other people are on the list first and that the first one is Michael Elgin which gets a big response. Nigel says that Elgin is ready at any time but while he is waiting he wants to redeem his loss to Karl Anderson and also rid ROH of SCUM forever. Nigel says that the American Wolves of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are then next in line and that they were out of the picture when Kevin Steen was champion. Nigel then starts to talk about Best In The World on June 22 in Baltimore when Jay Briscoe comes out and says that giving him tough opponents is good because he likes whooping people’s asses like he did with Cole. Jay says there is not a man in the company who can beat him and anybody Nigel puts him against, he’s gonna whoop their ass. Mark Briscoe comes out and says that since he won the title all Jay talks about is how he can whoop everybody’s ass. Mark asks didn’t the big man bring them up to be humble? Mark says that Jay talks about this when they’re picking up dead chickens, when they’re picking up dog crap and when they’re drinking cold beer. Mark says he has heard enough and says “Good lord!” Mark reminds Jay that at in his first match in ROH Mark whooped Jay’s ass. Jay says that Baltimore is down the road from Sandy Fork and they should bring the whole family to the Du Burns Arena. They tell Nigel to make the match at Best In The World on June 22 in Baltimore with Jay Briscoe vs Mark Briscoe. Nigel says that nobody fights like family and that it is something for them to think about while the fans chant “Do it now”.

Cliff Compton and Rhett Titus come to the ring followed by their opponents of Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman. Coleman’s shoulder is taped up.   All four men start brawling. Titus and Compton whip Coleman and Alexander into the ropes and charge them but get dumped to the floor. Coleman follows and gets whipped toward the ring post by Titus but he does a 619 around the ringpost into Titus. Alexander hits a tope onto Compton and Titus. Coleman and Alexander take Titus back inside and double-team him. Alexander holds Titus for a bearhug while Coleman hits a leg lariat into a legdrop. Compton breaks up the pin and Alexander hits him with an enzuiguri.   Alexander hits Titus with elbows in the corner and then gives him a high backdrop. Coleman tags in and they hit a double back elbow. Coleman attempts a pin and tags in Alexander. Compton enters and throws Coleman should-first into the ringpost. Alexander hits an enzuiguri on Titus but Compton then hits Alexander with a falcon arrow. Titus then hits Alexander with chops and tags in Compton. Titus drapes Alexander across the ropes and Compton drops an elbow on him. Coleman is carried to the back and Compton hits a dropkick on Alexander followed by a butterfly suplex. Titus and Compton grab Coleman from the ring entrance and drag him back toward the ring and beat him down on the floor. Compton and Titus double-team Alexander in the ring. Alexander fights back with punches and attempts to suplex Titus to the outside. Compton blocks him and Titus suplexes Alexander back into the ring. Titus holds Alexander while Compton jumps off the top rope with a forearm to the ribs. Alexander blocks a clothesline from Compton and hits him with a facebuster. Coleman is shown at the entrance area shoving a referee and working his way back to the ring apron. He attempts a tag but Titus grabs Alexander who hits a back-kick and gets the hot tag to Coleman who unloads on Titus with clotheslines. Coleman knocks down Titus with a punch and then starts stomping on him in the corner. Compton grabs Coleman who kicks him in the gut and gives him a back-kick to the back of the head. Coleman ducks a clothesline from Titus and hits a flying legdrop to take Titus down for a pin attempt. Coleman goes for a suplex but Titus pulls him into a shoulder-block. Titus misses a dropkick and Coleman slingshots him into a forearm from Alexander who tags in and drops an elbow on Titus for a pin attempt. Compton breaks up the pin and Coleman and Alexander spill to the floor and Compton throws Alexander into the ring barrier outside. Compton snaps Coleman’s arm across the top rope Titus gives Coleman a brainbuster to pin him and win the match.

Adam Cole comes to the ring for the main event followed by his opponent Kevin Steen. Cole offers a handshake and Steen blows his nose on his hand and then does the handshake. The circle each other and tie up and Cole whips Steen into the ropes but Steen knocks him down with a shoulder-block. Steen yells at Corino at ringside. Cole and Steen trade forearms and Cole grabs a headlock. Steen whips Cole into the ropes and hits a shoulder-block and then chops Cole to the mat. Steen throws Cole into the corner and hits him with a chop. Cole hits a forearm but Steen headbutts him. Steen stays on him with kicks, chops and forearms. Steen charges Cole on the ropes but gets backdropped outside. Cole dives at Steen with a pescado but Steen walks out of the way causing Cole to crash on the floor. Steen throws Cole into the ring barrier and then gives Cole a powerbomb on the apron three times in a row for three sides of the crowd. Steen rolls Cole back inside and then taunts Corino and gets in a conflict with him. Cole then dropkicked Steen’s knee and continued to work on Steen’s knee as the show goes to commercials. After the break, Cole has Steen’s knee tied up. Steen fights out and Cole goes for a figure four but Steen kicks him off and Cole goes to the outside. Steen reaches through the ropes to try to pull Cole back in but Cole hits a leaping enzuiguri from the floor. Cole returns inside and attempts a pin. They trade several chops and forearms until Cole kicks Steen in the knee. Steen gives Cole a knee in the gut and then throws him in the air and brings him down in a powerbomb with Steen’s knee buckling in the process. Steen hits a clothesline and attempts a pin. Steen charges Cole in the corner but Cole gets up and kicks him in the knee and then hits a back suplex followed by a shining wizard for a two-count. Cole attempts to whip Steen into the ropes but Steen holds onto the ropes. Cole hits him with a forearm and a kick to the knee. Cole attempts to whip Steen again but Steen picks up Cole in a wristclutch and gives him a neckbreaker on his knee. Steen attempts a package piledriver but loses it. Cole goes for the figure four leglock but Steen fights back with punches. Cole switches into a sharpshooter that Steen breaks by getting to the ropes. Steen blocks a superkick from Cole and hits his own superkick and an F5 but Cole kicks out. Compton hits the ring apron and distracts the referee. Steen goes to apply a sharpshooter but Jacobs attacks Steen with a chain in his fist. Cole hits Steen with the Florida Key to get the pinfall and win the match.

This was a really good show live and that translated well to television. All three matches were good and the main event was very good. Fans really enjoyed the Briscoe vs Briscoe promo. This is the first of four solid weeks of television that should do a good job of setting up Best In the World.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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