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Extreme Rules review

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango: Decent but short opener. Should have been the pre-show match so that other matches could have gotten more time. WM 29 match was better. ** stars

Dean Ambrose vs. Kofi Kingston: Short but okay match again. Glad Ambrose is the one that is being pushed as a singles star. Could have some good upper mid-card feuds with Jericho, Bryan, and the returning Christina. ** stars

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry: Below average strap match but not given a lot of time but probably a good thing. I think both these guys are a little stale right now. Don't want to see either in the main event. I'd like to see Mark Henry and Big Show teamed up just so that they can combine their stale acts together. *1/2 stars

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger: Finish seemed kind of stupid but decently worked for a 13 minute I quit match. Maybe they are bringing in instant replay as a permanent thing? **1/2 stars

The Shield vs. Team Hell No:
As good as a 7 minute long tornado tag team match you can get.  I wish WWE would do more tornado matches since they really do help teams shine in terms of team chemistry. *** stars

Randy Orton vs. Big Show: Solid but pretty forgettable match.  I guess this is the end of a pretty forgettable feud.  *** stars

John Cena vs. Ryback: Finish was absolutely terrible.  They should have just did a double count down.  But the match was good.  Ryback isn't as bad as a lot of people say, IMO but last man standing matches are one of the easier gimmick matches to get over, IMO. ***1/2 stars

Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H: Told a good story but the finish with Heyman seemed unecessary since it made the whole feud seem like nothing came out of it.  Great selling by Lesnar. ***3/4 stars

Overall a decent but forgettable show.  WWE really needs to stop making 8 match PPVs.    The ideal amount is 6 or 7 matches IMO.

Bob Syrup

WWE Extreme Rules feedback
Thumbs Up
Best Match: Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger
Worst Match: Sheamus vs Mark Henry

I enjoyed the show. I was distracted at times watching it was a restaurant with friends but really was happy that the Shield were put over in their matches. Del Rio may be my favorite wrestler this year so I enjoyed his match. I also thought Cena vs Ryback was good other than the finish but it is set up well for a rematch. HHH vs Brock was better than I expected as well.

Dave Musgrave
Oshawa, Ontario

Thumbs in the middle

Best match: John Cena vs Ryback

Worst match: Mark Henry vs Sheamus

Firstly, I had problems viewing the pre-show on and Yahoo. What I did see was good. Foley and Barrett was great. Titus was uncharacteristically uncharismatic, but his content wasn't bad.

Jericho-Fandango: A below average match saved by a red hot finish.

Kingston-Ambrose: Being a Shield mark, I enjoyed this a lot. From the S.O.S near fall I was into it. Certainly not a good match. There was some good stuff in there. The best being the result.

Henry-Sheamus: This match will not be remembered for the rest of existence.

Del Rio-Swagger: if the most exciting thing was Mike Kiota looking at an action replay, this "I quit" match sucked. The best thing about it was Colter's promo. His best since his first night on Raw.

Team Hell No-The Shield: Awesome match. Great double teaming from Bryan and Kane, making good use of the Tornado rules. The finish was an amazing spot.

Big Show-Orton: Not bad, but I've forgot most of it already. The fifteen year old inside me was disappointed not  to see a high spot off the ladder. Although, Big Show Vader bombing through one was good enough.

Cena-Ryback: This exceeded my expectations. Ryback was this year's Lesnar. He looked reckless and gave Cena a hell of a beating with many power moves. For me, the fallaway slam through the table was probably the best spot of fhe night, even though Cena only sold it for six seconds.

Lesnar-HHH: I'm the only one, but I liked the first two matches. This one made me hope it's the last. It was better than the other two, but the finish came out of nowhere and compared to the other matches on the card there was nothing too extreme about it. WWE are paying a lot for very little when it comes to Lesnar and they've wasted three matches that served no one except HHH's vanity.

Yours sincerely,

Jonny Clare

WWE Extreme Rules: Thumbs Up
Best Match:Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H
Worst Match: Mark Henry vs. Sheamus
Overall I would give the show a Thumbs Up.  Not like last year's with Lesnar vs. Cena, but still a good show.  Fandango vs. Jericho was good mostly because of Jericho.  Fandango botched some spots and while he is a decent character I don't think Fandango's wrestling ability is much.  He needs more work.  Dean Ambrose vs. Kofi Kingston was good, but too short.  Hopefully now Ambrose can give the title some credibility.  Of course Wade Barrett is the I-C Champ and not only is he losing matches all the time, he is relegated to the post game show here.  Swagger vs. Del Rio was good and the finish was interesting, although they like to use rules that they don't follow when they are convenient like the instant replay.  Besides I didn't know throwing in the towel was the same as making someone say I quit.  Really it's not.  Shield vs. Team Hell No also a good match.  The Shield has the gold, now let's hope they continue to push them strong.  Sheamus vs. Henry was alright, but probably my least favorite match.  Sheamus wins.  Orton vs. Show was better than expected.  Orton didn't job in his hometown?  Hopefully this feud is done though.  Orton needs to go heel and gets some new opponents.  Cena vs. Ryback was also better than I expected.  I thought the spot through the stage was really cool, but didn't like the non finish.  That's kind of a cheap way not to have to come up with a winner.  The cage match was very good.  I am glad that Lesnar won.  Not sure who he faces next, presumably at Summer Slam I would imagine.  I would like to see him stay on the winning side until Mania.  Overall a good show.
Robb Block

I'll make this short and sweet. Paying for a title match with no finish is bullshit. Thumbs down.

Andrew Richards

thumbs up
best match: cena vs. ryback. lemme tell ya, dave, this match was good as hell, and i say that as a man who hasn't had one positive thought about ryback before tonight. he brought it. john cena brought it. lots of people won't be happy with the finish, but i wasn't bothered by it. they booked themselves into a corner, and there were worse potential ways out.
worst match: del rio vs. swagger. haven't liked this feud since day 1, and have never given a flying firetruck about either of these men. this match just didn't work for me. thought it was disjointed, even before the finish (which i hated). i'd rather get a blowjob from a beaver than ever see these two heavyweights lock horns in the center ring again.
other matches: hhh vs. brock was great too - probably on the level with their summer slam match - just a notch below cena vs. ryback for match of the night honours, imo. show vs. orton was a ***1/2 match, and the best orton performance i've seen in a long time. i thought the tag match was a very fun sprint. sheamus vs. henry was frustrating but it set sheamus up to do... something. ambrose vs. kofi was short and too the point. i missed fandango vs. y2j. if anything else happened, i can't remember it.
anyway, i liked this show. not entirely sure if i'd be too enthusiastic about it if i actually paid for it, as i wasn't overwhelmed with the feeling that Important Things Happened (with apologies to the shield members who won gold). but there were enough good matches and enough of an absence of bad matches to put this one in the thumbs up column.
keep in touch,when you can,
Tufic Napke

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