More Extreme Rules feedback plus UFC on FX feedback

Hi Dave,

Congratulations on your New York Times feature. Also your Kenta Kobashi article on the Observer was awesome. Really captivating. I was recalling all the matches and moments of his career as I read it!

Extreme Rules:
Thumbs down! Way overbooked. It was obvious they were trying to lead people into the post-game show. The undercard was fine, but none of the top 3 storylines (ADR vs. Swagger, Cena vs. Ryback and HHH vs. Lesnar) got a clean finish. There must be something wrong when your goal at a PPV event it's use your fans (buyers) to bust your numbers at a post-show instead of giving them what they paid for. Isn't the purpose of your regular scheduled programs to lead people to buy your PPV events and not the other way around?
Best Match: Lesnar vs. HHH (Shield vs. Bryan/Kane was actually better but a bit too short for my taste)
Worst Match: Cena vs. Ryback, not only this was a bad match with a lame cheap finish, but they killed the crowd for the main event. Not even Undertaker at Mania could have follow this crap.

Keep on the good work!

Leonardo Mendez
San Sebastian, PR

What a thumbs down show.
Very boring with  bunch of nonsensical finishes due to them booking themselves into a corner. This PPV is only going to be remembered for one thing down the line, three future stars winning their first gold.
Best match was the tag team title match. Just really good work from all involved.
Worst match was the Fandango Jericho match. Fandango's momentum was killed dead. Terrible booking.

Damien Williams

Thumbs way up. Six and a half hours of almost all entertainment. And the Brazilian ring card girl has a BUTT! Biggest negative, homie reffing by Yamazaki.
Best fight: The better fights were early on the card. Gonna say Formiga-Cariaso.
Worst fight: Nothing was out and out awful but Natal-Zeferino wasn't very good after the 1stR.
KO: Vitor, duh
Sub: Okay THAT'S a close one. Gotta say tie between Jacare and Massaranduba.

fb undercard gets off to a spirited start as Martins and Larson think defense is de ting around de yard. Larson getting the best of the brawl until he walks into a right hand early in the 3rd and is knocked cold. Good fight as Formiga wipes the mat with Cariaso for two rounds of technical grappling then Cariaso comes on strong in the 3rd and comes close to a finish with both a D'Arce and G&P. Borderline 10-8 but the first two were onesided if not heavy damage, so 29-28 Formiga. Judges agree. Lineker just hits way too hard for Gashimov and stops him in the 2nd with body shots and G&P. Yamazaki had already deducted a very fast point from Gashimov in the 1st, which was close to a 10-8 anyway, for a dubious fence grab.

Opening the midcard, Fabio never looks in shape but he looks worse tonight. Hollett immediately throws a SBK as blind as Goldberg's and nails Fabio right in the nuts. He's too musclebound to turn his head. SHOULD have been a point but wasn't. Not a good fight. Hollett manages to take the 1st with TDs after the cheap shot but his offense consists of laying. Maldonado gets his legs back in the 2nd and most of the rest is him pinning Hollett on the cage and battering his body. Maldonado gets a late TD to seal the 3rd. 29-28. Two 29-27s from the judges, so either the judges arbitrarily took a point for the low kick or scored a 10-8. Hollett REALLY sucks. Like I said last time when he got beat by what's left of Matt Hamill, triple threat---can't punch, can't kick, can't grapple. Quad threat I guess, no cardio either. Fabio looks like he should really be fighting at 170, not 205. 

Little Alcantara blows through initially-willing but much smaller usually-flyweight late sub Santos, finishing a couple minutes in with a punch KD and G&P.

Despite huge size edge, the methodical Paulo Thiago has all kinds of problems with the versatility of the short and squat but very quick and rubbery Michel Prazeres. Very close fight. Thiago may steal the 2nd and 3rd with strong finishes but I think Pazeres dominated overall and edged it. Judges go with Thiago 29-28 UD, and probably saves his job.

Career best performance from Gleison Tibau, the most fluid I've ever seen him, letting his hands and feet go, mixing it up, and finishing in the 2nd staggering John Cholish with a punch and snatching the Guillotine for the tap. He never let him into the fight for even a second.

Massaranduba quickly grabs a very rare arm tri from wrong side half guard sub on Mike Rio after some very heads up grappling from both. That was something. Note to Buffer and Pipik: 'Massa' is not pronounced as in 'Yes, Massa'.

In the undercard main, Nik Lentz and Hacran Dias have the EXACT same style, grinders who can box some. Lentz imposes will the first two rounds, Dias the 3rd. Clear 29-28 for Lentz. One judge has 28-27, giving each guy one 10-8, which is actually not unreasonable as no round was close. Yamazaki somehow doesn't call the fence grab point when it's the Brazilian doing it to the other guy even when he does it all night.

In a very NOT top card level fight, late sub Joao Zeferino gasses after a close 1st (which includes a protracted Dueling Heel Hooks that sorta resembles the Reversed-Figure-4 Spot) but Rafael Natal can't finish him and has to settle for a 29-28X2, 30-27 UD.

Very close but sloppy fight with Rafael dos Anjos and Evan Dunham both lunging and telegraphing and neither really making any effective adjustment. Close enough for a draw. If anybody edged it it was Dunham but I doubt that'll play in Brazil. And of course it doesn't. 29-28 UD for RDA. Neither looked good.

Jose Aldo ITH and his facial scar seems to have disappeared.

Jacare, showing more and more integration of striking and grappling, rocks late sub Chris Camozzi standing, takes him down and works his way to arm tri and puts him to sleep. Took about two seconds once he sunk it. Other people get a sub on you, you have time to tap. Camozzi actually showed some good stuff just to survive even that long, and probably would have beaten Natal if that fight had come off as scheduled. Lotta people saying Phillipou was happy to get injured rather than fight Jacare. That camp certainly seems to have perfected the tactic of career advancement through not fighting.

Rockfish obviously very tight, you could see it warming up and early in the round, and was just starting to get untracked when Vitor put him to sleep with a spin back hook high kick and G&P. Octagon Jitters plus the AKA Strikeforce guys like him and Cormier had gotten used to fighting at home in San Jose. Plus TRT or rocket fuel or whatever Vitor's shooting up, of course. He's doing stuff he couldn't do when he was 19. It's ridiculous but hey, it sure is fun to watch. But what do they do now? Nevada already said they won't license him.

Crimson Mask

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