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I gave the card a solid thumbs up. Wasn't expecting much of the card and it exceeded my expectations.
Best Fight: Dunham vs dos Anjos
Worst Fight: Hollett vs Maldonado
Best KO: Vitor
Best Sub: Jacare
Thought the decision in the Dunham vs dos Anjos fight was suspect.
Thought the Natal vs Zeferino 50/50 leg lock attempts was entertaining as you don't see something like that in the UFC very often, the ref may have let them, go on a bit long in it though.
Also questioning Yamazaki not following thru on his warnings to Dias of holding the cage in the Lentz fight. He warned him after the 1st if he held the cage again he would dock him a point, 3 or 4 cage grabs later, no point deduction and again after the 2nd goes to the corner and warns him if he grabs the cage again he will dock him a point. Either dock him or don't make an idle threat of a point deduction which makes him look bad, especially after constant grabs after the initial warning.
Grant Zwarych
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WWE Extreme Rules
Thumbs Up
Best Match: Brock Lesnar vs HHH
Worst Match: Mark Henry vs Sheamus
Did anyone else notice that Extreme Rules had four versions of the same match? Big monster versus overmatched babyface.
Right away, JBL informed us that "Sheamus just can't beat Mark Henry."
He came up with a similar line with Randy Orton against Big Show.
And we still had to get through Ryback/Cena and Lesnar/HHH.
Talk about vanity booking though. WWE pays through the nose for Brock Lesnar - and has him job right away to Cena as part of the post-WM rebuilding of Cena last year.
Then who has Lesnar fought exclusively since then? HHH.
First match - an out of shape HHH is beaten and his arm is broken.
Second match - HHH is motivated, worked out, and beats Lesnar.
Third match - An in-shape 40something HHH is able to take down and cripple Lesnar, who needs his manager's interference to win.
How exactly does this help justify Lesnar's monstrous contract? How exactly does this help keep Lesnar packaged as a monster to fight the Rock, Undertaker, or anyone else?
Having Lesnar lose to Cena last year looks even stupider now. With the dearth of opponents for Cena, the WWE has nobody left for their champion to fight unless to flip Randy Orton - and we saw that feud extensively in 2009.
The chickens have come home to roost: WWE did not invest in any fresh heels and now they are scrambling and producing PPV shows to extend main event programs, since they have nothing stocked in the bank. NOTHING.
Jeff Cohen
Flushing, NY

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A loaded bill that didnt quite live up to expectation , but overall THUMBS UP.
Best match:HHH vs Brock
Worst Match: Cena vs Ryback (on its way to best match but the lame finish killed it).
Dennis Murray

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