WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

May 20, 2013
Kansas City, MO

Rob McCarron

They did it. They kept John Cena off the show.

The Ryback Challenges The Champion
Ryback came out in an ambulance, looking none the worse for wear after his big title match last night. Ryback said that Cena refused to go in an ambulance last night, but at WWE Payback, he won't have a choice. Ryback proposed a title match at Payback, Cena vs Ryback in an ambulance match.

Y2J & Miz vs FANDANGO & Wade Barrett
Wade, the IC Champion, lost again, this time in a tag match. Jericho has been in WWE for 14 years, and has had one theme song. Wade has been in WWE for 3 years, and debuted like his 6th or 7th theme already. During the match, while Wade and Jericho were in, FANDANGO grabbed a mic and pronounced his name. Then, his music hit and he began to dance with Summer Rae, leaving Wade confused. Jericho took advantage and hit Wade with the codebreaker before giving way to Miz who locked in a Figure 4 for the submission win.

After the match, Miz and Jericho cornered the dancing FANDANGO so he bailed through the crowd. Summer Rae was left by herself. Jericho gazed at her, and reached out for her hand. Summer took it, and Jericho dipped her. They were close, face to face, but Jericho gave her the hand and walked off, leaving Summer angry.

Vickie Guerrero came out. She made Jack Swagger vs TBD for later. The WWE Universe would pick the opponent through the WWE App, with choices: Randy Orton, R-Truth, or Great Khali.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan was angry. Kane was distraught. Kane was trying, still, to cheer up Bryan. The two started arguing until Kofi came in to break it up.

Sheamus vs Titus O'Neil
This match came about, apparently, because Titus O'Neil was critical of Sheamus on the WWE Extreme Rules Post-Show last night. Longer match than you may have thought, as Darren Young got involved to allow Titus to have the advantage for much of the match. Eventually Titus was no match for Sheamus, who hit White Noise and the brogue kick for the pinfall victory.

Paul Heyman's New Client
Paul bragged about Brock's win last night for a while before debuting his new client, Curt Axel. Axel is the former Michael McGuillicutty. Axel's theme music is a remixed version of his father's, Curt Hennig, music. Paul Heyman sold huge the pedigree and name origin of Kurt An...sorry, Curtis Axel. He wondered why Axel hadn't already been a main eventer, but Paul says the new brand will allow him to carve out his own niche. By the way, Axel's TRON has it 'Curt Axel', but Paul kept calling him Curtis. Triple H interrupted, and came to the ring to stand face to face with the third generation WWE Superstar. Triple H began to speak, and Axel tried to cut him off but he was basically "Shh"'d by HHH. Weak. HHH said Brock didn't walk away from the battle last night, he limped away. Triple H threatened to beat up Paul, but Curt again spoke up. Curt is taller than HHH in the ring, which helps him. Curt said to get to Paul, you go through Curt. Triple H slapped Curt. He then made a match between himself and Curt Axel for tonight. Tonight!?
Big E Langston vs Alberto Del Rio
Big E's theme music is pretty cool. During the match, early, the announcers were discussing Curtis Axel. JBL put Paul Heyman over as a man who makes stars, bringing up Undertaker and Steve Austin in WCW and Brock in WWE. So, anyway, something happened here. Big E... won. During the match, AJ Lee grabbed Ricardo's bucket and threw it in the ring. While the ref was distracted, Big E gouged Alberto's eyes and hit the Big Ending for the win.

AJ Lee vs Layla El
AJ Lee beat Layla via submission with the Black Widow.

Cody Rhodes vs Zack Ryder
Cody's Moustache beat Ryder's hair with the disaster kick in a fine short match. After the match, The Ryback paced to the ring and destroyed the beaten Zack Ryder with the meat hook clothesline and Shellshock. Ryback then carried the broken Ryder and put him into the ambulance still at ringside.

The Shield vs Kofi, Bryan, Kane
The Shield won a tremendous match, given almost a half hour, when Roman Reigns pinned Kane after a spear. Throughout the match, the Shield were using teamwork to their ultimate advantage. Daniel Bryan and the Shield really stole the show this weekend with this match. Earlier in the show, backstage, Daniel Bryan said he wasn't the weak link of the team. During this match, Seth Rollins repeatedly mocked Bryan for being the weak link. They were possibly building the breakup of Kane and Bryan with Bryan being frustrated that people think he's the weak member of the team.

Backstage, Larry came in and told Triple H that the doc doesn't think Triple H can compete tonight. Triple H responded that he's going to wrestle, and the doctor can quit if he doesn't like it.

Backstage, Kaitlyn and Nattie were going over who Kaitlyn's admirer could be. Cody Rhodes walked by, and the blondes stole his phone to see if he had been texting Kaitlyn. He hadn't. Kaitlyn was glad it wasn't Cody, calling him "gross."

With over 150,000 votes in, the WWE Universe chose Randy Orton to wrestle Jack Swagger.

Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger
Randy Orton won another 20+ minute match by pinning Jack Swagger after an RKO. Okay match, had the crowd into it. They got me to believe, albeit very briefly, that Jack might actually win the match. So that's a plus.

Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston for the US title was announced for Smackdown.

Triple H vs Curt Axel
Triple H's first Raw match in three years... ended with Triple H dazed and showing signs of a concussion. Really. Triple H should have listened to the doctor.

Axel and Triple H wrestled around for a good ten minutes before Triple H started to show signs of losing focus, and appearing to go out on his feet. The match just kind of ended, as the doctors checked out a blank staring Triple H on the floor as the show faded to black.

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