WWE Smackdown TV report - Kingston vs. Ambrose

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The opening video told us to stay tuned for an update on Triple H.

The Miz was set up in the ring for MizTV and introduced Fandango as his guest. Summer was with him tonight and they took a bit too long to get to the ring so the announcers just ran out of things to talk about. Fandango immediately shh'd Miz to correct his pronunciation. They showed the replay of Miz tapping Fandango's tag partner on Monday and the Jericho/Summer interaction afterward. Fandango said he'd dance on the next person's face that got close to Summer. The crowd followed Miz's direction and chanted “bag of skittles” at Fandango.

Wade Barrett came out, angry at both men in the ring. He warned Fandango to never cross him again or the whole world will forget the name Fandango. Miz brought up that he and Wade were having a title match tonight and he had beaten him for the same title before. Wade then asked if Miz remembered this, and clocked him. They were rolling for a moment and Miz tried for an omoplata before refs were in to break it up.

Match Number One: Wade Barrett (c) Vs. The Miz, IC Title Match.

The match officially started during the ad break. Fandango stayed to do commentary and complained of a hang nail. Just a minute or two into the match Fandango told them to hit his music as he needed to stretch his legs. He started dancing with Summer to the frustration of both men in the ring. When Miz got control of Barrett, he took the time to dropkick Fandango through the ropes. Barrett kicked Miz away when he tried for the figure four though, and with Miz's head in the ropes Fandango kicked him for the DQ.

Winner: The Miz, DQ.

Barrett and Fandango both beat on Miz after the bell. Barrett set for the Bull Hammer elbow, miss directed it at Miz and cleaned up Fandango. He grabbed his belt and walked away from both men in disgust.

Daniel Bryan was fuming backstage when Kane walked in. Kane tried to reason with him, saying they were still a team, they both lost the titles and he (Kane) lost on Monday. Bryan twisted it and thought Kane was blaming him for not being there Monday. He yelled that he wasn't the weak link and left.

Match Number Two: Daniel Bryan w/ Kane Vs. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter.

Swagger was waiting in the ring. Bryan continued his aggressive streak. It's really entertaining, but it's strange that now he's getting in offence, the crowd are right with him. But he's also moving away from a position where they want him cheered, if they do turn him.

It was a really fun match as most with Bryan are. Bryan turned a Doctor Bomb into the No Lock, which was turned into an ankle lock from Swagger, which Bryan turned into a pin. He only got two but he nailed a head kick as Swagger was on his knees. He didn't go for the pin when Swagger was clearly out, instead he grabbed Swagger's arms and repeatedly stomped Swagger's head. He then let go of one arm and turned it into the No Lock for the submission. Wow. I was not expecting a clean win for Bryan.

Winner: Daniel Bryan, Submission.

Bryan wouldn't let go of the hold until Kane got in the ring. He had been yelling that he wasn't the weak link. He then put the hold back on until Kane got him away again. Bryan walked up the ramp alone with the look of madness.

JBL, Cole and Josh showed stills of the Cena/RyBack match from Extreme Rules. They said Cena was recovering faster than doctors expected. Then they recapped RyBack's ambulance match challenge.

Damien Sandow was in the ring with Matt Striker. Both were in suits and there was nice wood table set up. He complained about the contests Sheamus and Henry had been having, and complained how the crowd were being appealed to by the lowest common denominator. He said the true test of a man was his ability to deal with mental challenges. The table had a Gordian knot on it (a piece of rope with a series of complicated knots, fable has it that the man who can undo it would rule Asia). Sandow asked Striker to have a go at untying it, but he quickly gave up.

Sheamus came out to tell Sandow that he needs to get a girlfriend instead of playing with knots. Sheamus said he played and broke a lot of rubik's cubes as a kid and would like a go at the knot. Sandow snatched it away from Sheamus after he didn't solve it in a few seconds. Sandow pulled out a big pair of bolt cutters, cut the rope and showed it to the crowd. Sheamus congratulated him by attempting a Brogue Kick. Sandow slipped out admonishing him for using brute force when he couldn't meet the mental challenge. I was really happy that the didn't hit it, letting heat build for more than a single segment. Sheamus very rarely ends a segment without laughing last. Oh I spoke too soon, Sheamus demonstrated Newton's law that what goes up must come down, by throwing Striker through the ropes at Sandow. Heat gone.

Match Number Three: Chris Jericho Vs. The Big Show.

They had a simple TV big man/little man match. Jericho avoided a middle rope elbow drop, hit a Lionsault to Show's back and tried for the Code Breaker. Show was too strong and just held him up, but Jericho managed to hit a DDT. Show was again too strong for Jericho and kicked away a Walls of Jericho attempt. Show hit a chokeslam and Jericho rolled outside.

Show followed him and tried to send him into the ringpost. Jericho slipped off and hit the Code Breaker outside. Show fell over the barricade to the time keeper's area and Jericho won by count out. Just a simple match at the start of a feud.

Winner: Chris Jericho, Count Out.

Show was angry as he was on his feet when the ref got to ten. He grabbed a chair and went to get in the ring, but Jericho drop kicked the chair back at Show. He then got the chair and hit Show in the guts and back so Show left up the ramp and Jericho celebrated in the ring.

They showed a replay from Raw of Heyman introducing Curtis. They recapped all of Hunter's involvement, including the main event where he went out on his feet. Cole speculated that it was the result of the sledge hammer shot from Extreme Rules.

Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel came to the ring. Heyman talked up his recent managing accomplishments with Brock and Punk. He said when he points his finger at someone and says they're the next WWE HOFer, you can invest in that stock. He had Curtis explain what he did to Hunter on Monday. He said in one day he accomplished more than his father and grandfather did in their entire careers, put together. He then declared himself the winner of the match from Monday, and said that was just day one.

Match Number Four: Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman Vs. Sin Cara.

Not how I'd want to return if I was Sin Cara. Especially because they still had his lighting. Axel was keeping Sin Cara grounded with some classic wrestling, until Sin Cara came back with some really sharp arm drags that Axel kept up with well. They showed Orton talking about Axel and being born into the industry on the WWE app. Sin Cara got a lot more offence than I expected until he missed a dive and Axel hit what was called the McGillicutter for the pinfall.

Winner: Curtis Axel, Pinfall.

Match Number Five: Kofi Kingston Vs. Dean Ambrose (c) w/ Rollins & Reigns, United States Championship Match.

Rollins and Reigns came out with Ambrose, but they headed back through the crowd once Ambrose walked to the ring. There was no tension, they just made a note of showing them walk away after appearing.

Kofi started strong, staying fast and flying. He hit Shadows over Hell, a splash to the back off the top rope while Ambrose was on his knees for a nearfall. He then got back on the top rope and kicked away Rollins who appeared from nowhere trying to interfere. He then jumped onto Reigns who was on the floor.

Kofi got back in the ring to keep going with Ambrose but Rollins and Reigns followed him for the disqualification.

Winner: Kofi Kingston, DQ.

Kingston was being stomped when Orton's music hit. He was fighting with all three when Sheamus' music hit. With Sheamus they got the Shield out of the ring. That brought out Teddy, who as of yet had not booked a tag match during the show. He made up for it by booking a six man.

Match Number Six: Kofi Kingston, Sheamus & Randy Orton Vs. The Shield, Six-Man Tag.

Orton, Sheamus and Kofi started by tagging quickly and staying on top. That changed when Sheamus tried his clubbing forearms in the ropes on Rollins. Ambrose and Reigns slipped off the apron and pulled Rollins down so Sheamus couldn't hit him. Then, during an ad break, The Shield took over on Sheamus.

Sheamus knocked Rollins and Ambrose off the apron and dodged a spear attempt from Reigns to get the hot tag to Orton. Orton hit two bodyslams and the crowd went crazy when he went for the draping DDT on Rollins. They were unglued when he set for the RKO, but again the Shield protected their own and got Rollins out of the ring before it was hit. Reigns then flew in to hit Orton as the ref held Kofi back. The Shield were letting the ref count Orton out while Reigns sold his ankle. Orton got back in the ring at nine.

Reigns kept massaging his ankle while standing on the apron, so maybe it actually was hurt, though the announcers made sure you knew. He was doing a good job of looking like he wanted to be sick if it wasn't hurt.

Orton got a hot tag to Sheamus, who this time did hit his clubbing forearms on Rollins. He then grabbed Ambrose for White Noise but was speared by Reigns. Reigns slipped outside but was met with an RKO on the floor. This had everyone down except Kofi who was on the apron calling for the tag from Sheamus. The crowd were eating it up. Kofi got his hot tag and got a nearfall on Ambrose with a cross body. He set for Trouble in Paradise but Rollins, who had just been lying in the corner, was close enough to grab his leg for a moment's distraction. It let Ambrose hit the headlock driver for the pinfall of a much much better six man than last week.

Winners: The Shield, Pinfall.

The show went off the air with The Shield holding up their three titles as Sheamus, Orton and Kofi tried to recover on the floor.

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