OVW TV report for tomorrow night

Here is a recap of OVW TV Episode 718 which will air in Louisville on 5/25. OUR OVW announce team this week is Dean Hill and “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey, as “Rocky Mountain Mouth” Michael Titus is probably on assignment or something.
We open with the Coalition out at the ring area as “ThunderLats-the Ultimate Male” Joe Coleman, Squad Bravo (Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta), and the recuperated Ghillie Man (a/k/a Spanish Moss Guy) stand outside the ring while OUR OVW Tag Team Champions “The Washington Generals” (Crimson & Jason Wayne) are in the ring at a makeshift podium to give a “State of OVW” address. Crimson says it’s been a good day as a dictator has fallen, referring to Michael (not PS) Hayes being relieved of his duties as OUR OVW Director of Operations last week. Wayne steps up to accept questions from the “press”, really the four Coalition guys on the floor. Coleman asks the Generals about their most glorious moment and they reply that even though they drove the tank that ripped down Saddam Hussien’s statue in Iraq, getting Hayes fired was even more glorious! Lamotta asks about deporting the foreigners here in OVW and Crimson says they are still working on a plan for that. Jonze screams out “Who do I get to kill next?” then Ghillie Man communicates to the Generals “What’s next?” Crimson says “Operation OVW Freedom” is not over-but the Coalition’s dreams would become a nightmare because…
Here comes Danny Davis out to the ring and he is very angry! He tells the Generals to stick it! He then informs us that as of 45 seconds ago after a call with the OVW Board of Directors, the Director of Operations position at OVW has been eliminated and now he is in charge of his own company! Davis immediately reinstates Hayes as a wrestler then announces that at the next Saturday Night Special on 6/1, the Generals will have to face Hayes and a partner of his choosing. Davis says Hayes will reveal this person later tonight! Davis then runs off the Generals so he can deal with another matter, calling out Jay Bradley! Davis reprimands Bradley for his behavior last week where he roughed up OUR OVW Ring Announcer Terry Boddie, a cameraman, and Dean then fines him $5000 (since he has that big ol’ TNA contract, ha ha) to be paid within 30 days. Bradley thinks he should be the number one contender for the OVW Championship but OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia comes out to get all up in Bradley’s face. Davis separates them then says he has a contract for a title match but will let anyone sign it before he’ll let Bradley have it due to his actions last week. Davis does make a non-title match with the two for later on tonight. Davis tells Gilbert and Dean to go to break.
Davis appears to be getting stuff done since I checked the roster page and finally Michael Titus has his picture up! They also have Boddie’s picture up as well as OUR OVW Ladies Champion Trina Thompson!
Match #1: Marcus Anthony vs “Man-Beast” Ted McNaler (w/Brittany Devore)
Anthony is back here for the first time in about 2 years and Gilbert notes that he seems bigger, meaner, and stronger. Anthony shoves McNaler around a couple of times, so Brittany hand McNaler a swig of “rocket fuel”. It works a little as McNaler clubs away on Anthony but doesn’t quite clear him ion a leapfrog and comes down hard on his lower back. McNaler slowly gets to his feet and slips away from a chokeslam but Anthony catches him and gives him a backbreaker. Anthony hits a suplex thing (that Gilbert calls a Gamma Punch) for the pin. Brittany is joined by Adam Revolver and others from the back to check on McNaler.
Coalition is in their war room somewhere in the back. The Generals bark out orders to the other four, then remark that they love the smell of war!
Match #2: Taeler Hendrix vs Holly Blossom (w/Hannah Blossom)
Blossoms do not have identifying hair ribbons this week. Taeler piefaces Holly then reverse whips her in to the ropes only to get blocked down for 2. All this happens while Taeler is wearing the leather jacket she got from Heidi Lovelace. The ladies hairtoss each other down to the mat and Heidi comes out to the ring. She wants Taeler to stop the match and give her an answer. Taeler nods and the two leave the ring holding hands. Anyway, “Teidi” heads to the back and and Holly wins by countout.
OUR OVW TV Champion “Triple R Superstar” Randy Royal is in the back with Tony Gunn. Gunn is taken aback because Royal took some of his title defense money and bought himself a 60-inch plasma TV. Royal gushes over the TV while Gunn says he’s helping Royal so he can earn the money to pay off the doctor bills. They leave the room but Ghillie Man is standing behind the door.
Match #3:”The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling” Dylan Bostic vs OUR OVW TV Champion “Triple R Superstar” Randy Royal (w/Tony Gunn)
Dean taunts Bostic about losing Taeler to another girl. Bostic jumps Royal at the bell but gets backdropped and chopped on. Royal whiffs on an elbow drop and Bostic peppers him with kicks to the chest. Royal gets a flash rollup for 2 then hammers on Bostic with forearms. Bostic reverse whips Royal into the corner and charges but Royal sidesteps him plus ref Josh Ashcraft ducks to the apron. Royal then chucks Bostic over the top rope, which is noted would be a DQ if Ashcraft had seen it. Ashcraft gets to his feet and counts out Bostic. Gunn is puzzled by Royal’s actions as are Dean and Gilbert.
In the back, Hayes encounters “Diamond Steel” Ryan Howe and his guitar. Howe welcomes Hayes back to being a wrestler and encourages him. Rockstar Spud hugs him as does Olivencia. The lights flicker as the two chase Jonze and Lamotta away. Olivencia says nobody knows war like Hayes, who says he has something special for the Coalition later. The camera cuts to a clipboard sitting on a chair nearby as a hand snatches the clipboard away.
Match #4: Paredyse vs Sam Shaw
Paredyse now has short red hair as Dean observes that Paredyse is going through a transformation from being beloved to being bewildered. Shaw leapfrogs Paradyse then dropkicks and armbars him, but gets punched in the face as Paredyse escapes. Shaw tumbles into a monkeyflip but Paredyse blocks the second one. Shaw comes off the ropes with a Thesz press but Paredyse hits a running kneelift for 2 and puts the boots to Shaw. Paredyse misses on a bronco buster and receives an atomic drop. Paredyse goes for a sleeper but Shaw gets to his feet and launches Paredyse head first into the turnbuckle. Shaw hits the Shaw-shank (inverted lungblower thingy) for the pin.Shaw calls for the mic and says he is the most crazy, insane, off-the-wall person in OVW or TNA! He’s going straight to the top and no one is going to stop him!
Match #5: “Team Boomstick” Jay Bradley vs OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia
Dean taunts Bradley about signing the fine check. This is a non-title match. They trade moves for a bit until Olivencia backslides Bradley for 2 but then runs into a big boot. Bradley sets up for the Boomstick but Olivencia ducks. Bradley catches Olivencia off the ropes and bounces him off the top rope as Bradley and Dean talk smack to each other. Olivencia fights out of a sleeper but Bradley suplexes him and applies a second sleeper, taking Olivencia down to the mat. Olivencia slips free but Bradley back elbows him to the apron. Olivencia goes for the Standing O but Bradley stays upright and squashes him in the turnbuckles. Bradley goes for another Boomstick but Olivencia pulls down the top rope and Bradley tumbles to the floor. Olivencia baseball slides but Bradley sidesteps him and the fight back up to the apron, where Olivencia bulldogs Bradley and rolls back into the ring. Olivencia charges at the fallen Bradley but “Mr. PEC-tacular” Jessie Godderz runs out and pulls Bradley out of the ring, causing Olivencia to crash into the turnbuckles. Bradley quickly runs back in and Boomsticks Olivencia for the pin.
Godderz is holding the clipboard from earlier. He says that Danny Davis said that anyone could sign the title shot contract for SNS, so he put “Mr. PEC-tacular” on the contract. Godderz tells Olivencia “Don’t worry, I’ll be tanned!”
Coalition is in their room, the four non-Generals have nothing to report from their missions, so the group heads to the ring.
Gilbert tells us that McNaler has been taken to a medical facility. He then announces that the main event for the 5/25 house show in Elizabethtown, KY will now be Adam Revolver vs Jason Wayne in a steel cage! He also updates us on James “Moose” Thomas, who is still rehabbing a neck injury suffered a while back (courtesy of the Coalition) and “Smooth” Johnny Spade, who Dean mentions something about a staph infection before being interrupted by the Generals, who stop to yell at Dean and Gilbert. They get in the ring and demand for “civilian” Hayes to come out.  Hayes obliges and the Generals break out the old “one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest” line then hop around on one leg to get on Hayes’ level. Lights go out! Lights come on! Standing behind the Generals is THE EIGHT TIME OVW TV CHAMPION MOHAMMED ALI VAEZ!!!!!  Vaez clotheslines both Generals then he and Hayes clear the ring! The Coalition cowers in fear of Vaez and his swimmer’s build as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS:  Nice surprise with Hayes calling on longtime rival Vaez for his partner.  Though he’s not getting his title shot, I would expect Bradley to be involved somehow in Olivencia/Godderz. Perhaps Paredyse is simply “like a ship without a wheel, a touch without a feel” without his tag partner Brandon “Espy” Espinosa. Wonder if Gunn will get aggravated with Royal and turn on him as opposed to the other way around.  Notable that Heidi has gone from a rocker chick look to a Rachel Berry (from Glee) look. I didn’t have any real problem with a Director of Operations but it was a nice touch to officially eliminate it. So there was a lot going on here but the two times I watched kept me interested so this show gets a thumbs up from me.

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