Championship Wrestling Alliance 5-24 Fallon Fox, Mike Kyle vs. Travis Wiuff

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* Eddie Gordon (5-1) vs. Oscar Delgado (6-2) - 190 Pound Catchweight

6 foot, 189.5 pounds, representing Serra Longo, fighting out of Freeport, NY is Gordon. Delgado is 6 foot 1, 190.5 pounds, representing MMA Masters, fighting out of Miami Beach, Florida. Our referee in charge is James Warring. Here we go!

Gordon is in the red trunks and Delgado the white. Delgado lands the first strike of the fight via high kick. Gordon tries to back him up, Delgado responds with a leg kick. 90 seconds gone so far. So far all of Gordon's offense has been boxing-esque which would be fine if he could connect. Delgado is landing all the damage. 2:20 gone. Gordon lands a stiff left jab once he finally backs Delgado into the fence, and we get a little bit of an exchange. Schiavello calls it "a glorified kickboxing contest so far" and he's right. 3:20 gone. Gordon lands a body shot with under 50 seconds left in the round. Gordon lands a big right as Delgado throws a left. Despite that Delgado still circles that direction. There's an accidental eye poke right before the end of the round that seems inconsequential since the bell rings anyway. Delgado does get a warning about it between rounds though.

R2 is underway at 9:19 ET. Schiavello tells us that our referee is a former kickboxing world champ so he probably appreciates this action. 1:15 in and right as Schiavello says that Eddie Gordon gets a takedown and goes for the back, getting a rear naked choke and THIS ONE IS OVER. We await the official announcement. OFFICIAL TIME OF THE SUB VIA RNC - 1:32 OF R2 FOR THE WINNER EDDIE GORDON. He improves to 6-1.

* Czar Sklavos (7-2) vs. Alexis Vila (11-3) - Flyweight Bout

Sklavos gets not much recognition, but Vila gets the pop you'd expect from the Florida crowd. Schiavello reminds us he never finished less than 3rd in any wrestling tournament in the world and defected from Cuba back in 1997. Sklavos is 5'5", 125 pounds, fighting out of Twin Falls, Idaho. Vila is 5'4", 125 pounds, representing ATT and fighting out of Coconut Creek, Florida. Our referee in charge is Jorge Ortiz. Here we go!

Vila wears the solid red trunks while Sklavos has white trim. Sklavos is trying to swarm Vila early and it's working - he hurts Vila with a counter left. Vila has to resort to a single leg to save himself and he gets it. 1 minute gone. Vila rolls for a choke but can't sink it in and both men scramble to their feet. 2 minutes gone. The partial crowd pops for any strike that Vila's able to land, and one opened up a small cut on Sklavos' face. He lands a head kick and has Sklavos stunned for a split second. 3:12 gone. Sklavos rolls backward after a hard punch but skillfully avoids the follow-up shots. 20 seconds. Sklavos lands a nice side kick. Vila throws a left hook and is scrambling for a takedown even after the bell - the ref has to break it up.

Sklavos' corner appears to have closed the cut over his eye between rounds. 1 minute. Pat Miletich is surprised Vila hasn't gone for more takedowns. Vila avoids an uppercut against the fence. 2 minutes. Schiavello feels Vila is leaving his hands too low. VILA LANDS TWO RIGHT HANDS and Sklavos is running. Vila is on top of him against the fence at 2:50 looking for a choke. Sklavos tries to push off the fence with his feet to get free. He does manage to get to guard though and Miletich says Vila should give up the choke - which eventually he does. Sklavos is back to his feet with a minute left. Vila gets a double leg with 20 seconds left to finish off the round.

R3 underway at 9:42 ET. Vila lands a right but Sklavos avoids a takedown follow-up. 1 minute. Vila times a spinning backfist for another takedown. The ref calls for more work (TRABAJAR) when he's not satisfied with the ground game of either man - but no stand-up so far 2:45 in. 3:30 and we're still on the ground with Vila on top. Sklavos tries to get a triangle and Vila backs out, then lands a knee and single legs him to the ground again. 4:10. Vila rides out the clock despite several ref warnings. He should get a unanimous decision.

29-28, 30-27 X2 FOR VILA UNANIMOUS.

* Elvin Leon Brito (7-0) vs. Sean Soriano {C} (7-0) - Interim Featherweight Title

5'7, 144.5 pounds, fighting out of Joliet, Illinois is Brito. 5'9", 145 pounds, fighting out of Boca Raton, Florida for the Blackzilians is Soriano. The referee is Troy Waugh. The fight's underway just before 10 ET. Brito is in the yellow trunks, Soriano the black. He lands a high round kick early but Brito survives it. Soriano lands another at near the one minute mark. Soirano is landing kicks up and down all over the body. 90 seconds. Soriano body locks and slams Brito down at 2:05. He's got side control at 2:25 and full mount 10 seconds later. Brito gets free but Soriano takes his back and then gets full mount a second time. Brito goes for a leg lock and Soriano has to work pretty hard to spin out of it. 3:45. He spins and takes Brito's back looking for the RNC then takes full mount again at 4:15. This has turned into an incredibly one-sided round.

Brito gets a takedown in R1 but Soriano sweeps to the top at 0:45 and is once again picking his opponent apart on the ground. He has another full mount at 2:15 but has to give it up when Brito once again goes for leg locks. He takes side control and snakes an arm around the neck but Brito won't tap out. The round pretty much stalls out after that although it's another 10-9 for Soriano.

R3 is underway at 10:12 ET. Soriano lands a knee and Brito tries to respond with his hands. Soriano pushes him into the fence. Brito is bleeding profusely from his nose and Miletich says the knee may have broken it. The close-ups on Brito's face are pretty gruesome in the second minute and Schiavello makes a Jackson Pollack joke. Waugh finally stops the action at 3:05 so the doctor can take a look. He's cleared to continue and Soriano takes him to the ground at 3:50, once again punishing his foe with elbows and going for an arm triangle. Waugh warns the fighters to get their toes out of the cage as Soriano changes tack and goes for another mount. Brito is able to keep guard but that's all he can do.

Schiavello teases a chat with 'Sugar' Rashad Evans after the end of this fight. Meanwhile Soriano is once again throwing knees. We have another takedown 53 seconds in and I love the dominance by Soriano but it lacks excitement so I'm going to get a sandwich - will rewind if I miss anything. I didn't - just a bunch more elbows that sliced up Brito's face. He's still going to come out for the fifth and final round though.

Schiavello's commentary tells the story here in R5. "It is all one sided traffic here." "Does Brito have anything left?" Miletich has a good quip: "I don't know what will be more sore tomorrow - his leg or his face." Also: "Brito hasn't checked a single kick this entire fight." We're left with analysis of the beauty of his kicks before he gets another takedown at 2:50. I'm starting to wonder how Brito got to 7-0 - he clearly never faced anybody of Soriano's class up to this point. Soriano rides it out to the finale for what should be a clean sweep.


After commercial Rashad Evans joins Miletich for thoughts on fellow Blackzilian fighter Soriano. "I thought it was a good fight. His biggest edge, he didn't go to, which was his stand-up. Everything looks different when you're on the outside though." Miletich praises his broadcast work, and Evans says he enjoys it, but the fighter is still in him. "Doing this is a different kind of challenge (though) for me." Miletich asks him about his upcoming fight with Dan Henderson and if he deserves a title shot with a win. "What I want to do is fight my best fight every single time, and that's what I want to do right now, and have the crowd be like 'I want to see Rashad fight.'" Good interview.

* Robert Washington (15-7) vs. Luis Palomino (20-8) - Lightweight Bout

Palomino is the favorite going into this fight, having won 4 of his last 5, including some notable names like JZ Calvan. Troy Waugh is our referee in charge. Palomino rocks the pink trunks tonight and Washington the white. Here we go!

The first 30 seconds are both men just feinting and dancing. Palomino finally lands a spinning leg kick. 1:10 gone. At 2 minutes in Schiavello points out all we've seen so far are 2 punches and the aforementioned leg kick. At least in the last fight one man was beating the other - in this fight neither guy is winning. Well maybe Palomino. He's landing a FEW strikes compared to less than that from his foe. Happily PALOMINO ENDS THIS WITH ONE RIGHT HOOK AND WALKS AWAY. Fantastic finish. He celebrates with cartwheels, which we get to watch on replay while waiting for the official time.

3:26 OF R1 FOR YOUR WINNER BY KO: LUIS 'BABOON' PALOMINO. He improves to 21-8 and happily proclaims "THIS IS MY HOUSE" as the camera zooms in.

* Fallon Fox (2-0) vs. Allanna Jones (2-1) - CFA Women's Featherweight Tournament

In the other half of the bracket Ashlee Evans-Smith gets a by to face the winner of this fight, because her scheduled opponent weighed in 11 POUNDS OVER. Jones makes her way to the cage at 11 PM ET wearing pink trim with black. Schiavello tells us she's held two titles as an amateur. Her entrance song comically is "Dude Looks Like a Lady." Fallon Fox gets a mixture of cheers and boos as she walks out in solid black, and Schiavello tells us she's a purple belt in BJJ as we see highlights of her previous fights. On the Tale of the Tape Fox has almost all the advantages, but she's older by 11 years. Jones is out of Lansing, MI at 145 pounds even with the nickname 'Hands of Stone'. Fox fights out of Shaumburg, Illinois at 144 pounds with the nickname 'Queen of Swords'. Our referee is Jorge Ortiz. Here we go!

Fox punishes Jones with leg kicks for the first minute of our fight. Schiavello believes both fighters are keeping their chins up too high. 90 seconds gone. "Allanna Jones would bring the house down here if she can get an upset tonight." Fox throws a double right and Jones backs away. 2:30. Fox is starting to throw the cliched "punches in bunches." 3 minutes gone. Allanna avoids a takedown. She may have opened a trickle of blood from Fox's nose with counter shots but ends up on her back with a minute left. Fallon takes her down when she scrambles up and goes for a shoulder lock - Jones is able to survive it and spin out! They're on their feet for the final 20 seconds until the bell.

R2 is underway at 11:11 ET. Jones throws a combo but Fox blocks with her arms, side kicks Jones and she stumbles. High kick just misses. Schiavello thinks Fox has lost the quickness in her step and is wary of Jones' power. Both girls seem willing to trade at close range now. 2 minutes gone. Fox is throwing elbows as well as hands. Leg kicks. A single leg gets stuffed but Fox rolls with Jones and winds up on top in the guard. With 1:10 left in R2 she's looking to pass but not finding the opening she wants. Fox backs away for a second and lands a right as she jumps back on. 30 seconds. Fox with three more rights coming over the top before she gets in the guard again. Another 10-9 round for Fox.

Schiavello gives Fallon Fox credit for weathering the storm of press surrounding her and still being able to fight this fight as R3 gets underway. Not much happens in the first minute except for a counter left by Jones and two high kicks by Fox. Fox gets a takedown at 1:24 catching the leg on a kick. Nothing happens for a minute or two. Jones tries to throw her legs up for a submission and gives up side control in the process and FALLON FOX TAPS HER OUT WITH A KNEE ON HER THROAT AS THE CROWD BOOS. The fighters show each other respect afterward. We await the official announcement of the time.

3:36 OF R3 BY SUBMISSION AND ADVANCING TO THE WOMEN'S FEATHERWEIGHT FINAL. Miletich with the post-fight interview. "She tried to get away a lot - it was hard catching up to her. It was a knee ride choke that I picked up - it works pretty well." He asks Fox about the next tournament fight. "We're gonna rock, we're gonna win the $20,000."

* Travis Wiuff (68-17) vs. Mike Kyle (19-9-1, 2 NC) (CFA Heavyweight Main Event)

Wiuff enters first wearing a Mental Aerobics warm-up, having taken the fight on 10 days notice, replacing Valentijn Overeem. This actually rematches a fight both men had a while back where Kyle got a knockout that was later determined to have come AFTER the bell to end the round - ultimately causing the victory to be taken away. Former WEC Heavyweight Champ 'MAK' Kyle comes out at 11:37 ET. The referee for this main event is James Warring. Wiuff is 6'2", 258.5 pounds, fighting out of Rochester, Minnesota with the nickname 'Diesel'. Kyle is 6'3", 227.5 pounds, fighting out of San Jose with the nickname 'MAK'. Here we go!

Wiuff is in the white trunks and Kyle the black. The opening bell comes at 11:40 ET. KYLE HAS ROCKED WIUFF AND DOESN'T WANT TO THROW ANOTHER PUNCH - HE TELLS THE REF WIUFF IS OUT - BUT THROWS ANOTHER BECAUSE HE HAS TO. That was 18 seconds or less. We await the official announcement. Wiuff is flat on the canvas. We see the left hook that dropped Wiuff on replay, and Miletich justifies the way Kyle verbally berated the ref for not stopping it before he had to drop another punch. On replay we see Kyle had to throw 3 extra punches AFTER he told the ref Wiuff was out. I have no idea what Warring was thinking. Wiuff was already on his back, not fighting back, and his opponent had NO desire to punch an already bested foe.

Here's the official time - 21 SECONDS OF R1 BY KNOCKOUT FOR MIKE 'MAK' KYLE. Wiuff is back up now so Kyle goes over to give him a big hug. That's it for CFA 11!

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