UFC 160 live coverage from Las Vegas - Velasquez vs. Bigfoot, Hunt vs. JDS

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First round: Stephens won the round, getting a few takedowns and connecting with strong punches late in the round that had Payan rocked just as time ran out. Payan made a few guillotine attempts off takedowns but nothing dangerous. Payan bleeding bad from the forehead. 10-8 Stephens

Second round: Stephens got the takdown and is on top. Stephens remaiing on top and moved to side control, now has Payan’s back. He’s working for a choke. Payan slipped out. He’s trying again but doesn’t have the throat. Stephens right foot is covered in Payan’s blood. 20-17 Stephens.

Third round: Hard body kick by Stephens. Stephens landed a right. Stephens took him down again and has his back. Stephens throwing knees to the back. Stephens took him down again. Stephens should win 30-26

Scores: 30-26, 30-26, 30-27


First round: Front kick by Roop to the body a hard knee. Trading punches. Body punch by Bowles. Roop is the bantamweight Semmy Schilt. Trading hard punches. Bowles landed a good one on Roop. Both swinging away again. Roop with a head kick. Punches and a high kick by Roop. Bowles with a hard right. Bowles landed more punches. Low kick by Roop. Roop with a kick and punch combo. Hard body shot by Bowles. Bowles knocked him down with a right and grabbed a guillotine. He doesn’t have it though. Bowles is in full mount. Bowles 10-9.

Second round: Front kick by Roop. Body kick by Roop. Roop dropped him with a jab and Roop landed some big punches on the ground. Bowles is in a lot of trouble and it’s over. Roop ran to the corner and then superplexed one of his cornermen into the cage and did fake punches on him. It was a left jab that flattened Bowles. Bowles came out tired at the start of the second round. 1:43


First round: Thompson grabbed a clinch. Burrell throwing knees and Thompson back with short body punches. Thompson landed a few punches and Burrell clinched. Thompson trying to keep distance. Now Thompson shot in and took him down as Burrell wasn’t expecting that. Burrell back up. Burrell tried to throw him, Thompson landed in mount and then got his back. Thompson 10-9.

Second round: Thompson landed body shots. Left to the head by Thompson. Burrell back with punches and a knee. This is a good fight but crowd not really reacting. Thompson’s technical standup is fun to watch. Back in a clinch. High kick and punches by Thompson. Body punching by Thompson. Burrell threw a punch and Thompson ducked, tried a takedown but this time Burrell was ready and blocked it. Trading punches. Big high kick and punches by Thompson. Burrell back with punches. Spin kick just missed by Thompson. Burrell threw a flying knee and Thompson moved he almost went into the cage with the knee like Lesnar did on Sunday. They were back in a clinch, trading knees. Thompson’s round 20-18.

Third round: Thompson landing kicks and Burrell with punches. Burrell landed lot of punches. Thompson’s strikes are lacking power as he’s tired. Burrell nailed him with a punch that hurt him and another punch. Thompson landing a good high kick and punches. Burrell with a hard left. Thompson got the takedown. Burrell right back up. Burrell missed a flying knee and Thompson got behind him. Burrell’s round so 29-28 Thompson

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28 for Thompson


First round: Trujillo landed a right as both were dancing. Trujillo rushed in. Trujillo rushed in again and got the takedown. Khabib tried a reverse into an armbar but Trujillo reversed back to the top. Khabib got behind him and took him down. Two more takedowns by Khabib. He let him up to throw him. And threw him again. Another takedown . And another. I think he’s trying to set the takedown record for a round. He let him up again. And took him down again. And one more time. And again. Trujillo maneuvered to the top as Khabib was sleeping. Kahbib then locked on a triangle from the bottom. Now Khabib moved to a mounted triangle. He’s trying to switch to an armbar but time is running out. The round ended, saving Trujillo. Khabib 10-9

Second round: Khabib ducked a punch, landed one and got behind Trujillo. He took him down but Trujillo back with hard punches. He’s swinging big and Khabib moving enough to not take the full punches. Khabib landed two rights, got behind Trujillo again and took him down. Khabib with knees to the body. Trujillo up and taken down again and Khabib now has his back. Trujillo up. Khabib with another takedown. And another. And another. Trujillo ended up in top position on the last takedown. Khabib up and Trujillo threw a knee. Another takedown by Khabib. He’s got Trujillo’s back agian. Another takedown by Khabib. Khabib 20-18.

Third round: Trading punches and Truijllo went down momentraily. Khabib took him down again. Dude, you aren’t going to tech him out no matter how many times you take him down. Another takedown by Khabib. Another takedown. Khabib with a knee. Another takedown. Another takedown. Now he’s decided to work from the top instead of letting him up. I’m not keeping track of back exposure points and pins but Khabib in amateur wrestling must be up by 25 points by now. He suplexed him and threw some punches. And took him down again. The crowd is booing as he took him down again. He’s got to be nearing a record for takedowns at this point. He just got another one. Another takedown. Uranage suplex and another takedown and it’s over. Khabib should win 30-27 easily, maybe more as every round could be 10-8 honestly. He didn’t damage enough for10-8 but was dominant enough for10-8.

Scores: All three had it 30-27 for Nurmagomedov.  Numagomedov scored 28 takedowns in the match, which has to be a record.


First round: This is a battle of Ultimate Fighter winners from December. Whitakker winning in Australia and Smith in the U.S. Whittaker landed an uppercut. Smith tried a takedown, and didn’t come close. On paper, Smith shouldn’t be able to stand with Whittaker. Smith chasing him trying to get a takedown. Whittaker landing punches and dancing away from takedowns. Smith landed a good punch. Smith dropped him with a punch and is working for a Kimura. Whittaker escaped. Crowd giving both a big hand. 10-9 Smith, winning with that knockdown as he was losing up to that point.

Second round: Whittaker dropped Smith. Smith keeps coming forward. Crowd loves this fight. Smith with a good right. Smith got the takedown but Whittaker back up. Whittaker hurt him with a left. Smith back with a hard right. Smith bleeding from under the left eye . Whittatker with a series of uppercuts and Smith with a hard knee. Very good round. Whittaker takes this so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Whittaker dropped him and again and finished Smith with punches on the ground. Smith was pissed it was stopped. Smith went over to hug him after the fight.


First round: Bermudez went for a takedown, Holloway tried a guillotine and Bermudez let go. Bermudez landed two punches solidly and a low kick. Holloway nailed him with an awesome spin kick and is trying to finish him. Hard knee by Holloway. Bermudez grabbed a bodylock to slow him down. Great spin kick again by Holloway. Bermudez with a hard right. Holloway with a spin kick and a second spin kick to the body put Bermudez down. Crowd loved the spin kicks. Holloway 10-9.

Second round: Bermudez went for a takedown, Holloway got behind him. And nailed him with a high kick. Bermudez may have been cut from that one as he’s bleeding down the cheek. Knee by Holloway. Punch and kick by Bermudez. Left by Bermudez. High kick by Holloway. Holloway wth a body shot and one over the top. Low kick by Bermudez and Hollway stumbled. Trading punches. Bermudez shot for takedown, didn’t get it. Both missing flying kicks. Bermudez finally got the takedown. He’s landing punches while Holloway went for an armbar. Holloway’s round up 20-18.

Third round: High kick by Holloway. Takedown by Holloway. Both swinging but not connecting solid. Bermudez with another takedown. Holloway back up. Holloway with a momentary takedown. Another takedown by Bermudez. Bermduez landing punches on the ground. Bermudez won this round. So it’s really up to the second round which was close but I’ve got Holloway 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Holloway 29-28 Bermudez 29-28 Bermudez. Close fight, all up to the second round.

Officially, they are crediting Nurmagomedov with 21 takedowns, breaking the record of 16 set by Sean Sherk in his win over Hermes Franca.


First round: Takedown by Story. Pyle went for an armbar and Story escaped back to the top. Story landed several punches as Pyle got up. Hard punches by Story. Story dropped him with a left and is pounding on him on the ground. Pyle is in big trouble taking a lot of shots. But he got guard and stopped the onslaught. Fans gave Pyle a big hand for surviving. 10-8 Story.

Second round: Story landed a hard left . Pyle knocked him down for a moment with a knee. Story with a takedown and Pyle working for an armlock. Story staying on top but not doing much of anything. I think the judges will give this to Story but he did nothing on top and Pyle at least had the knee and the Kimura attempt, so 19-18 Story after two.

Third round: Story swinging but not hitting. Story tripped him down but let him up. Front kick by Pyle. Another front kick by Pyle. Elbow by Pyle. Story pushed him into the cage. Pyle cut him with an elbow. Pyle landed a knee. Pyle starting to land now. Story pushed him into the cage. Takedownj by Story. Story behind him throwing knees to the side. Trading punches and Pyle getting the better of it until Story took him down. Pyle working for an armbar but Story out of it. Pyle now has his back with 17 seconds left. Pyle’s round for sure. I’ve got a 28-28 draw but I don’t think the judges will give the first 10-8, which would mean Pyle wins, but they may give Story round two even though I don’t think he should get it.

Scores: 29-28 Story, 29-28 Pyle, 29-28 Pyle. No arguments, I’m glad 2 judges gave Pyle the second.

The place right now is nowhere close to full.  the cheap seat are all full gone, but the middle section has a lot of empties in large blocks so I doubt they were sold.  They may fill in late because this is Las Vegas.  

In the opening video, Velasquez was by far the most popular.  He was the only one who got a superstar reaction.


First round: Both trading low kicks. Hard knee by Cerrone as he went for a takedown. Cerrone with a left. High kick by Cerrone. Noons bleeding from the right eye and it’s swelling already. Knee by Cerrone. Takedown by Cerrone. Noons back up. Low kick by Cerrone. Noons landed a left. Noons landgin more punches. Good right by Hnoons. Great hea dkick by Cerrone. Trading kicks. Good right to the jaw by Noons. Cerrone 10-9.

Second round: Cerrone with a takedown and a knee as Noons got up. Cerrone went for a takedown but Noons blocked it. Noons landed a good shot and Cerrone back with one. Cerrone tried a takedown, didn’t get it but landed a knee. Noons’ face is a mess. Spinning backfist hurt Cerrone. Noons went for a knee and Cerrone took him down. Cerrone landed a punch on the ground. A few forearms on the ground by Cerrone. Cerrone’s round up 20-18.

Third round: Cerrone playing to the crowd as the third round started and hugged Noons. Left by Cerrone landed and a knee. High kick by Cerrone and a left. Noons with a right and got mad that Cerrone is going backwards. Cerrone then moved forward and took him down. Noons’ left eye is bleeding from an elbow by Cerrone. Noons throwing elbows from the bottom. Noons covered in blood now. Cerrone moved into side control with :45 left. Cerrone with elbows as time ran out. Crowd liked the fight a lot. Both got big hands. Has to be 30-27 Cerrone, no other score possible.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 30-26 for Cerrone.


First round: Grant out to "Here I go again on my own." It must be 80s night when it comes to entrance music. Grant looks bigger than Maynard which usually nobody does at this weight. Maynard connected with hard shots. Grant told him to bring it. Grant hurt him with a punch and Maynard back swinging with conviction. Grant dropped him with a right and has him trouble. Grant taking Maynard apart. Gray is in a ton of trouble. Grant throwing punches and a hard knee to the chin. Grant knocked him down again and it was called. I’ll say this much, Grant does deserve the next title shot for this performance. 2:07

Grant directly challenged Benson Henderson for a title shot. He should get it.


First round: Teixeira got a nice reaction. People see him as a star. He clocked Te Huna. Crowd super loud for Texiersa. Both guys swinging big punches but neither connecting with their shot yet. Takedown by Teixeira. Teixeira throwing punches. Te Huna up. Teixeira grabbed a guillotine standing and dropped to the ground and tapped him out. The place went nuts. Teixeira is a really big favoite. Lots of Brazilians in this crowd and they are going crazy. 2:38

Mike Tyson and Chuck Liddell hit the ring to endorse Teixeira. Teixeira said that having Tyson come out to endorse him after was bigger than winning because he was watching Tyson tapes before the match. Liddell has trained with Teixeira for years.


First round: Hunt looks in better shape than I’ve ever seen. If this was a tug-of-war contest, JDS would be up shit creek. Fans booing the hell out of Hunt. So much for the people’s champion. Dos Santos got a very big reaction. Crowd is buzzing for this one. Dos Santos landed a right. JDS looks nervous and Hunt looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world. JDS landed a punch. JDS knocked him down with a punch and Hunt right back up. Hunt threw a wild punch that missed. There will be a lot of that. Loud Cigano chant. Hunt landed a left. Hunt missed a right big. JDS with a right. Hard right by JDS. Hunt is the one moving forwrad. He hit a spinning punch. Body kick by JDS. JDS killed him with a punch but Hunt didn’t go down. JDS 10-9

Second round: Hunt moved in and landed a punch. JDS landed a big punch and Hunt back with a low kick. Trading big punches. JDS missed a punch big. JDS not even thinking takedown. Hunt with a jab and JDS back with a jab. Low kick by Hunt. Big punches by JDS. Jab by JDS. Hunt threw a big punch and JDS was gone when it got there. Spin kick by JDS. Hunt landed a punch and JDS missed a big punch. Hunt tired and bleeding from the left ear. JDS with a jab. Hunt hurt him with three punches, JDS stayed up. JDS with a takedown. Some fans booed and other cheered. Fans actually booing a lot that JDSis tyring to beat him on the ground. JDS with elbows. Hunt up. JDS 20-18

Third round. Crowd cheering loud as the third round started. Hunt threw a wild punch that missed by a lot. Hunt with a low kick. Hunt is breathing heavy right now. Hunt missed a kick. Body kick by JDS. JDS with two jabs. Hunt missed another big punch by a lot. Hunt landed a left. JDS with two jabs. Big right by JDS. Punch and low kick by JDS. Another big right by JDS. Hunt in with a knee. Hunt missed a right by a lot. Uppercut by JDS. JDS hurt Hunt with a right and another right. Both crazy swinging and both missed. JDS landed another right. Awesome spin kick by JDS knocked Hunt out. What a fantastic finish. 4:18

Dos Santos did a super interview after.  It wasn't what he said, or the fact he doesn't speak English well, but how he said it.  In the end, everyone loved him and probably want to see him go for the title next. 

This PPV has been great in elevating winners and creating bona fide title opponents.


First round: Brazilians are behind Silva, Mexicans are not. Velasquez easily got the biggest pop of the show. Cain shot for a takedown and didn’t get it. Velasquez again couldn’t get the takedown. Velasquez dropped him with a right and is pounding on him on the ground until ref Mario Yamasaki stopped it. It was a right to the jaw and 11 punches on the ground. One or two of them were to the back of the head. That was easier than expected. 1:21

Obviously Velasquez vs. Dos Santos III will be coming in the fall, barring either man being injured.

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


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