CMLL TV report

Starman/Pegasso/Triton vs Hooligan/Skandalo/Nitro
Tecnicos took the first  fall when Pegasso hit the 450 splash onto Skandalo and Triton pinned Hooligan with a flying legdrop from the top rope.  Rudos took the second fall when Skandalo pinned Pegasso with his Skandalo Driver and Hooligan pinned Starman with a Senton from the top rope.  Technicos won the third fall and the match when Starman pinned Nitro with an Air Raid Crash. 
Winners:  Starman/Pegasso/Triton
Final Thoughts:  Match was just ok.  Crowd wasn't really into it.
Diamante Azul/Maximo/La Sombra vs Negro Casas/Comandante Pierroth/Shinsuke Nakamura
Rudos won the first fall when Negro Casas pinned Maximo with a La Magistral cradle and Comandante pinned Azul with a standing powerslam.  Technicos took the second fall when Azul had Casas up in an La Atlántida and made him tap and Maximo rolled Comandante up for the pin.  The Technicos won the fhird fall when Nakamura went for Boma Ye on La Sombra but Sombra moved and used his Brilliante Driver for the pin.
Winners:  Diamante Azul/Maximo/La Sombra
Final Thoughts:  A very good match due to the third fall and when Nakamura & La Sombra were in with each other.  The crowd cheered the Technicos for winning the match but otherwise kind of quiet.
Mark Black
Pittsburgh PA

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