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***This week, another Ultimate Fighter superstar announces retirement but not before making one last grandstand challenge.  An Olympic wrestler tears through the MMA world, Invicta FC makes a strong statement to defend its fighters against unwanted sexual advances, and a UFC fighter damages his penis!  All this week on Inside MMA! ***


Inside MMA Live on AXS.TV report by Steve Te Tai

Originally aired LIVE Friday, May 24 at 9pm EST on AXS.TV

With your host Kenny Rice and co-host Bas Rutten.


Pettis Brothers LIVE


Anthony Pettis and younger brother Sergio join us on the big screen from the Roufus gym in Milwaukee.  Anthony says his title shot against Jose Aldo means everything, as he’s been waiting for a UFC title shot for a long time.  He’s as excited as ever, even if he had to drop a weight class, and doesn’t care if it’s in Rio, Las Vegas, anywhere is fine with him, he’s ready to fight and be champ. 


He honestly doesn’t know what would happen if he beat Aldo to become champion as far as what he would do weight-wise, if that means staying at featherweight permanently, challenging the lightweight champ or what.  He’s only looking as far ahead as the Aldo fight and will decide what happens afterwards.

Aldo is one of those that don’t have a lot of holes in their game, so coming up with a game plan is something he leaves to coach Duke Roufus, who did all his other fights so he leaves that up to him.


Sergio faces Jeff Curran on June 21 in Milwaukee for RFA 8 at flyweight on AXS.TV.  He looked up to him for years, even as a kid, so it’s weird that he’s now fighting him.  He takes this fight very seriously as this is for the Flyweight championship.  Kenny laughs that every fighter in MMA he’s watched as a kid, since he’s so young.  Bas adds that he knows he’s getting old because Sergio was born a month after Bas began fighting MMA.


There is a third Pettis brother who is six years older than Anthony, and he runs the gym.  It was a very competitive family with a lot of fighting going on all the time.  They show a graphic pointing out that with Sergio undefeated in the first 7 fights of his young career, Anthony was also 7-0 since debuting in January of 2007.

Anthony describes his younger brother as one of those fighters who is good everywhere. Good wrestler, amazing striker, good jiu-jitsu.  For his age his work ethic is crazy.  He works very hard and isn’t trying to love off the Pettis name or anything.  Bas talks about the sports bar they own with Roufus called “Showtime” and the irony that Sergio isn’t old enough to be in the war to watch UFC fights.  Anthony says they have a contract that allows him to be in there but just can’t drink.

Sergio tries to emulate his big brother’s style of doing and trying anything in that cage with his wild kicks.  He calls the cage his playground and Anthony does whatever he wants in there.


Anthony Pettis is the face of the new UFC video game from EA Sports, as his famous showtime kick on Ben Henderson is graphically re-created in slow-mo for the new promotional video.


Sergio started as a successful young Tae Kwon Doe fighter and once Anthony started, Sergio started kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling as a junior to prepare for a MMA career.


Brett Atchley Banned!


All-female MMA group, Invicta FC, recently banned fight manager Brett Atchley from its events, based on accusations of improper sexual advances to female fighters including former clients of his.  Atchley released a statement refuted these accusations and categorically denied the accusations and looked forward to an opportunity to clear his name.


Shannon Knapp (the Dixie Carter of MMA) also spoke with IMMA via phone and stated the “advances” came in the form of text messages, and email, and since some of the “misconduct” took place at their events, they will stand firm in their stance that Atchley will not be allowed at any future events.


UFC veteran Waylon Lowe is suing a Philadelphia Sex Shop for gel that allegedly damaged his penis.


They didn’t give any more information other than that, it was just one of the news headline scrolls and I thought that simply awesome.


Friday Finishes


They show highlight clips from around the world:

--CFFC in Atlantic City, Derrick Kennington beat Jonathan Delbrugge with a jab uppercut combo for the finsh. 

--RUFF 9 from China swa Liu Lianjie over Liu Pingyuan with a series of punches to the chin putting him out.

--New England Fights from Lewiston, ME saw Nick Spencher over Steve Sobel with a beautiful kick right to the chin which knocked Sobel out, and when he took the bump it seemed to wake him up again and he didn’t seem to remember getting knocked out.

--U of MMA in Los Angeles saw Ryan Lilley (coached by Bas Rutten) over Hugo Lopez with a punch to the jaw.


Matt Serra retires


Earlier this week Serra announced his retirement due to various health issues and complications from a rib injury.


It’s tough for him to say the “r” word, so he doesn’t want to say “retired” so he says if there is a show within a year at MSG, he challenges Matt Hughes.  He had complications from a rib digging into his clavicle which was causing blood clots and if things weren’t addressed sooner, the clots could’ve gone to his heart or brain and his life would’ve been threatened.  He is very thankful things are turning out the way it is because of that.


Kenny adds no one will be fighting in MSG within a year, so no need to worry about another Serra-Hughes fight.


MMA Supports Oklahoma


Primarily due to the strong connections to Oklahoma through the wrestling programs, many fighters were vocal in their support for the tornado victims this week including Randy Couture, Daniel Cormier, and Shane Roller, Cormier is actually raising funds for victims through his Twitter.


Prospect Watch:  Henry Sejudo


When Olympic Gold medallist wrestler, Henry Sejudo, was on IMMA earlier this year and said he wanted to fight a lot, he was not exaggerating.  Sejudo has had 4 MMA bouts since March, and finished all four opponents (Miguelito Marti, Anthony Sessions, Sean Henry Barnett, and Michael Poe) via TKO or submission.


Breakdown with Bas


Bas breaks down and describes Vitor Belfort’s testosterone-fueled spinning back kick on Luke Rockhold with slo-mo, freeze frame, and graphics, which leads us to …


Ron Kruck with Dana White on TRT


Kenny describes one of the issues with TRT is sometimes the fighters aren’t even aware they’re facing someone with a TRT until after the fight, although Vitor’s TRT was known in advance.  Bas repeats his position that as long as a fighter’s testosterone level on TRT is under 850, which is considered average, than he won’t consider that cheating.


Dana tells Ron Kruck that he doesn’t like TRT, but Vitor was tested during training and the week of the fight, and while the results haven’t come back yet he is confident he will be within the levels allowed.  What he doesn’t like is how you can get all jacked up on TRT for training, and then come down during test week and test clean yet you still got all the benefits from the testosterone.  He can honestly say that Vitor Belfort has not done that, and testosterone didn’t throw that spinning back kick (no, it just made it look that much more awesome).


Kruck asks Dana if it’s fair that a fighter like Vitor can receive a TRT exemption since he was suspended for PED use in the past.  Dana says that is a fair question, but a question for the commission.  Dana says the truth is the reason guys are even on TRT is because their bodies can’t produce enough testosterone now because they used banned substances back in the day.  He clarifies that some of his statements against TRT weren’t meant for or targeting Vitor Belfort, like some said, he was addressing everybody.  If you have to use TRT, maybe you’re too old to fight or compete.  He also points out that TRT is used in a lot of sports. 


Dana also points out that Vitor is hardly the only fighter on TRT, but he gets singled out because he looks better than everyone else with his physique. Kruck questions that Vitor might be getting singled out more because he keeps fighting in Brazil where their “new” commission keeps giving him TRT exemptions.  Dana defends them saying they’re the same people who stopped the Gustaffson fight for a cut which he didn’t like.  They are not new and are a legitimate commission.  Dana also adds Vitor isn’t fighting in Brazil to get a TRT exemption, he’s fighting in Brazil because he’s such a huge draw in Brazil and the people there love him.


Kruck closes the piece pointing out that Keith Kizer told him that the commission met back in March and TRT exemptions were discussed but no changes were made to their current policy.  No one at Zuffa has approaching them to change anything either.  They’re meeting next week, but marijuana as a banned substance will be the primary issue discussed.  Only 6 fighters in Nevada history have every received a TRT exemption.  He points out that no one on the UFC 160 card has applied for a TRT exemption.




They show a clip they found of Justin Saikaley grappling with his girlfriend in a jiu-jitsu gym, and as they were rolling he reaches out his hand under the ropes and someone hands him a foreign object out of her eyesight.  Then the match continues and he has her locked up in a triangle, pulls her face closer to his and reveals to her that foreign object--an engagement ring.



Upcoming AXS TV shows

--May 31 Legacy FC

--June 7 Titan Fighting Championships (Bobby Lashley)

--June 21 RFA 8 (Sergio Pettis-Jeff Curran)


So like Bas always says, Godspeed and party on!

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