Hector Garza passes away from lung cancer at 43

Hector Garza, one of Mexico's top pro wrestlers over the past two decades, passed away Sunday after a battle with lung cancer. Garza was 43.

Garza's career ended in October when he was diagnosed with the cancer. He had wrestled all over the world during his career, including as a headliner for both CMLL and AAA for years.

He also worked for WCW, and was headed for a major push in TNA before being arrested on a steroid violation and not allowed back in the country.  He had worked in Japan and was even on the 1997 WWF Royal Rumble show.

In recent years, he was the No. 2 man behind Perro Aguayo Jr. in Los Perros Del Mal, during the last big heyday of CMLL, where he frequently headlined major shows all over the country.  Eventually the entire group left CMLL and was working with AAA, and he had split from the group when he got ill.

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