ROH TV report - Strong vs. Ishimori

5/25/2013 ROH TV Report

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino introduce this week’s show from the Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto, Ontario. They preview tonight’s main event of Roderick Strong vs Taiiji Ishimori.

Colin Delaney comes to the ring followed by his opponent Mark Briscoe. They shake hands to start and then circle each other. Delaney kicks Mark in the stomach and starts punching him. Briscoe hits Delaney with a shoulder-block off the ropes. Briscoe takes Delaney to the mat. They criss-cross and Delaney attempts a hurracanrana but Briscoe catches him with a powerbomb. Delaney rolls outside as Corino says that he plans to insert a member of SCUM into the main event at Best In The World. Briscoe hits Delaney with a dropkick through the ropes and then gives him a vertical suplex on the apron. Briscoe rolls Delaney back inside and gives him a vertical suplex and attempts a pin. Delaney gives Briscoe a back elbow and the in throws him in the air and kicks him in the face. Delaney follows up with a reverse neckbreaker and then hits Briscoe with elbows in the corner. Briscoe elbows a charging Delaney but Delaney then hits a leg lariat. Briscoe fights back with a headbutt to the gut but Delaney continues with punches. Delaney attempts a vertical suplex but Mark floats over and fights back with chops. Delaney rolls to the ring apron and kicks Mark in the head. Delaney then “skins the cat” over the ropes and drops an elbow on Briscoe. Delaney rubs a knee into Mark’s throat. Delaney whips Mark into the corner but Mark headbutts him in the gut. Mark starts using his redneck kung fu including chops and kicks. Delaney kicks a charging Briscoe in the face but Mark comes back and hits a death valley driver. Mark climbs to the top rope and hits a frog elbow and pins Delaney to win the match.

Nigel McGuinness and Jay Briscoe come out and join Mark Briscoe in the ring. Nigel makes the Jay Briscoe vs Mark Briscoe match for the ROH World Title official for June 22. The American Wolves music hits and Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards hit the ring. Richards says it will be brother vs brother at Best In The World but it will be Richards vs Edwards. Richards says they didn’t come out to pick a fight, that they have fought the Briscoes plenty of times and that they would do it again and it has always been man-to-man. Richards says that when it comes to Best In The World he and Edwards are the two that made it famous. Steve Corino gets up from the commentary table and says he has no beef with the Wolves or the Briscoes but he does with Nigel. Corino says Nigel had the opportunity to make something up to him and to re-right a wrong. Corino says that Nigel put his hands on Corino at Border Wars and shouldn’t’ have. Corino says that he could have called HR but he didn’t. Corino says that whoever is champ after Best In The World will have to defend the title against Corino’s best friend Matt Hardy. Jay Briscoe attempts to punch Corino but gets Richards instead and a brawl starts between the Briscoes and Richards and Edwards. Nigel calls out referees to pull them apart. Michael Elgin is shown watching from the entrance.

After a commercial break Veda Scott gives an interview noting that usually she is the one asking the questions but tonight she is here with answers about MsChif. She says that MsChif spit in her face and tried to blind her and she did so because she thinks she can, that Veda would never fight back. Veda says she knows MsChif thinks that Veda’s inexperience is a weakness, that there is a target on her back and that she is nobody. Veda tells MsChif all that means is that she has nothing to lose and everything to prove. Veda says she will never stop fighting and MsChif has to decide who has a target on her back.   Veda tells Nigel McGuinness that he knows that Veda can do this and is more than just a journalist and is a wrestler. She asks Nigel to let her prove herself and to put her in the ring with MsChif and show her that honor lives in Veda Scott and no one will ever underestimate her again.

Cherry Bomb (from Toronto) faces MsChif in a Women Of Honor match. Kelly notes that MsChif is currently undefeated in ROH. They shake hands but MsChif punches Cherry Bomb in the stomach and hits her with chops. Cherry Bomb hits a flying headscissors and followed by a leg-trip and a roll-up. Cherry Bomb rolls up MsChif twice and then hits armdrags but MsChif takes Cherry Bomb to the mat and headbutts her. MsChif clotheslines Cherry Bomb twice and then ties her up in a camel clutch in the ropes. MsChif chokes Cherry Bomb and knees her in the gut. MsChif hits a chokeslam powerbomb but Cherry Bomb hits a chinbuster. MsChif drives Cherry Bomb face-first into the mat. They trade chops and MsChif puts Cherry Bomb in a chinlock/leg submission combination and then gives her a gutbuster. Cherry Bomb comes back and applies Cattle Mutilation to MsChif who breaks it by getting to the ropes b. Cherry Bomb hits a big clothesline in the ropes. Cherry Bomb misses a charge in the corner and then MsChif kicks her and charges her with a knee to the head. MsChif gives Cherry Bomb a low blow kick and hits her with forearms. Veda Scott is on the apron and distracts MsChif. Cherry Bomb hits MsChif with a missile dropkick and a death valley driver and pins her to win the match.

On “Inside Ring Of Honor” Kevin Kelly previews the June 1 ROH debut in San Antonio, Texas with: ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe vs Davey Richards for the title; Michael Elgin and BJ Whitmer vs Two members of SCUM in a Texas Tornado match; and ACH vs Jay Lethal. ACH is interviewed regarding wrestling in his home town against his hero Jay Lethal. ACH says that not only will he get to show Lethal why ACH is what he is and why ACH is pure motivation.

Kelly says that next week will be all about Best In The World on June 22. Nigel McGuinness is interviewed and starts to talk about the ROH World Title match but is interrupted by Kevin Steen that asks when he will get his re-match. Nigel reminds Steen about Border Wars where it was Steen not holding up his end of the bargain that made sure that SCUM got their title match before him.   Steen says he is not entirely sure that Steen’s head is in the right place and that he is not entirely sure that Steen is not still with SCUM. Steen asks if Nigel thinks he is still with SCUM and says that Nigel can put every single SCUM member in the ring with him one-on-one over the next few months and he will show Nigel that he is not with them and that he deserves his title re-match. Nigel agrees and says that if Steen gets the job done with SCUM he can get his title match.

After the commercial break Roderick Strong is interviewed and says that for months he has been asking Nigel for competition and that this is exactly what he has given him. Strong says that in international superstar Ishimori that is what he has gotten and that Ishimori is just the challenge he has been looking for. Strong says that they have faced each other many times in Japan but this is the first time in North America that Ishimori steps into an ROH ring and he faces “Mr. Ring Of Honor” Roderick Strong. He says “Thank You” to Nigel McGuinness.

Nigel joins the commentary table as Corino had walked off and Roderick Strong comes to the ring followed by Taiiji Ishimori from Pro Wrestling NOAH. They shake hands to start and then tie up wand trade wristlocks. Ishimori gets a hammerlock but Strong gets out and applies a headlock. They criss-cross and Ishimori hits an armdrag and a dropkick. Strong rolls outside and Ishimori fakes a dive and then dropkicks Strong off of the apron. Strong avoids a baseball dropkick and Ishimori slides outside and trades chops with Strong. Ishimori gets thrown to the ring apron by Strong and gives him a back-kick and then goes for a moonsault. Strong cuts him off and chops him, hits an enzuiguri and gives him a back suplex on the ring apron. Strong chops Ishimori on the floor as the match goes to commercials. After the break they’re inside and Strong run his shoulder into Ishimori’s stomach in the corner. Strong gives Ishimori a backbreaker and attempts a pin. Strong applies a headlock and Ishimori fights out with elbows and hits the ropes where Strong knees him in the gut. Strong ties him up on the mat and Ishimori fights out with punches but Strong takes him to the corner and hits his own punches. Strong sits Ishimori on the second rope and runs his shoulder into Ishimori’s gut. Strong applies a waist-lock to Ishimori who fights out with elbows. Strong picks up Ishimori in a bodyslam position and gives him backbreakers over his knee several times and then drives him into the corner. Ishimori kicks out of a pin attempt and Strong continues to work him over with chops. Strong charges Ishimori in the corner and then attempts to powerbomb him but Ishimori counters with a DDT. Ishimori does a handspring into a spin-kick and Strong rolls outside where Ishimori hits him with a tope con giro. They return to the ring and Ishimori hits double knees on Strong. Ishimori does a headstand on the top rope into a double stomp on Strong. Ishimori goes back to the top rope but Strong hits him with an enzuiguri. Ishimori hits double knees off the tope rope. Strong hits knees and gives Ishimori a backbreaker. Strong knees Ishimori in the corner and then gives him a back suplex. Ishimori spins out of a backbreaker attempt and rolls up Strong with a crucifix for a pin attempt. Ishimori does a handspring right into a backbreaker from Strong. Ishimori ends up in a Boston Crab from Strong but Ishimori gets to the ropes. Ishimori grabs Strong and hits a death valley driver that drives Strong’s head into the mat. They both try to hit a tombstone and do several reversals with Ishimori eventually falling back and driving his knees into Strong’s face. Ishimori hits a shining wizard but misses a 450 splash attempt and lands on his feet. Strong hits an enzuiguri and a double-knee gutbuster for a pin attempt. Strong attempts a powerbomb but Ishimori reverses into a hurracanrana driving Strong’s head into the mat for a two-count. They trade elbows and forearms. Strong hits a knee-strike and attempts his suplex into double knees but Ishimori gets out of it. Ishimori hits back-kicks and attempts a pin. Strong cuts off another 450 splash attempt but Ishimori drops Strong into a gutbuster across the ropes. Ishimori then hits the 450 splash to pin Strong and win the match.

The show was quite good this week. Delaney looked good in his match against Mark Briscoe and should be brought in more. The Cherry Bomb upset over MsChif was fun and Ishimori vs Strong was a really good match that went over really strong with the crowd.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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